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  1. St Maarten has posted updated travel requirements, dated July 18, 2021. They all start reading the same so it is best that I don't try to interpret it and everyone check it out!
  2. I was in the Novavax trial (who advised we should have EUA by end of April). Didn’t happen. I have since received J&J. Celebrity will not accept non EUA vaccine
  3. DisneyDatKnee: did you tell Walgreens it was for travel or possible “symptoms “ in order for the fast turnaround. Thanks.
  4. Ihsail, thanks for checking. The PCR test timing is the most stressful part of the entire trip!
  5. Daisy sounds great! I am in 8121 in a couple of weeks! my group, 3 cabins, are having heart palpitations because of the anticipation of getting our PCR test back in time (and to print in time]! Any words of wisdom to share!!!
  6. According to today’s webinar you can still pay the per drink upgrade.
  7. Excitedofharpenden I appreciate all your valuable input on the various boards. We can all speculate but that is all it is, speculation. Any CEO, including Mr. Fain, has to maintain a positive outlook even with the unknown in front of us. maureen
  8. Has anyone received any more emails for surveys etc for the Power Up beside the original ones? I am unsure how this progresses.
  9. The Miami Herald, as well as many newspapers, only allows so many free views per month, then it locks you out. I was unable to view the article also.
  10. We are scheduled to port at Ft Lauderdale Tuesday am. We are at sea and the Summit is next to us heading north. The plans are to dock at Nassau tomorrow (?) they advised us this am and there are travelers rearranging their travel plan. Pool is busy and we are “going with the flow”!
  11. Reflection March 13, 10 Night Eastern Caribbean Capt Club: Michael Michaels Club: Adriana (signing off soon) Marina, Vanessa
  12. I was on the cut short February 1 Millie cruise. The cruise ended Feb 10. I just received my refund last night. Celebrity is dealing with an average of 1800-2000 refunds for all the cancelled sailings. This is a time consuming endeavor on their part and I understand the time it takes to address each booking.
  13. I was just in 6133 on Millie and the only covering is over the hot tub and partially the two chairs. The rest of the deck is open to all to view from the decks above and the sun. It was difficult to get out of the sun depending on the ships position
  14. If you stay in the same category that you "moved up" to, you should be able to see available rooms and request to relocate. Normally you can not go from a C3 to C2 as an example.
  15. When I left the Millie on 2/10 these were the officers. Since they won't be starting up for awhile there may be changes: Captain Theocharis Charalampos Chief Engineer Emmanoull Archontakis Staff Capt Spyros Margaritls HD Mihai Olaenu CD Steve Gayda Guest Relations Antoinette F&B Victor Chef Denton Laing CC hostess Jiyhe (recent appt from guest relations) Retreat: Wim, Kathrin, Alexandra no printed spotlight only on TV
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