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  1. It is a Thursday. Also thinking of maybe getting a day room at SFO. If we can't make a 1200n we just want to crash somewhere and rest. Not looking to do any touring,
  2. We are sailing on the Miracle RT from San Francisco. On the return the ship docks at 8am and is the only ship in port that day. Is it possible to make a 12:05p flight from SFO. We will be checking luggage on the ship and need to check luggage at SFO. We will take Uber to SFO and have TSA precheck . I appreciate the help.
  3. I would like to make a reservation for the steakhouse on the Miracle, I understand we now need to prepay this reservation. Can anyone tell me if we have to cancel this cruise (we will have insurance) or decide to cancel the reservation, is it refundable.
  4. We will be traveling on the Miracle and the first night of the cruise is our anniversary. I have read they have a free wine offer for the first night of the cruise (this is a 5 day), can I make a reservation now and get the wine or do you have to wait til we get on board?
  5. Thank you for all the information. I have never used Google Maps but will give it a try. I love cruise critic because everyone is so willing to share information. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you both for your help. I will check out all the Seattle hotels you gave me. We are going to be in Vancouver on the 8th of May. I don't think the YMCA would be something we are interested in. As far as the sandwiches are concerned just thought there maybe a store or cafe we could purchase them at the day before and hopefully the room would have a small fridge. I was looking at the Hampton Inn on Robson street...Is that a safe area and do you know if there are any restaurants within walking distance. We may need accessible room depending on the shower and I alway
  7. Our cruise is arriving in Vancouver on a Fri AM. We are planning on spending a night in Vancouver and taking the early train to Seattle. We could use some help with Hotels in Vancouver, we need one that has a restaurant on property or within a couple of doors away as husband uses a walker. It would be great if we could pick up some sandwiches for the train. We can take a cab to train station as we will be checking luggage on train. Hotel maybe between 150 to 200 per night. On arrival in Seattle we are going to rent a car for a few days before we fly home. We have been to Seattle before s
  8. I have posted on the disabled site as well but it is not as active as this board. We are looking at cruising on Oosterdam or Eurodam but need an accessible cabin which I know will have a walk in or roll in shower. My question is does the balcony cabin also have a seating area like a mini sofa? Holland America reservations said they do not show that in the deck plan. I am looking a cabin 6049 on the Oosterdam right now but can change cabin or ship to get the right fit for what we need. Thank you.
  9. We are looking at the Oosterdam or the Eurodam ships. We need an accessible cabin with walk in shower but want to make sure we have a seating area and balcony. Can anyone tell me if the accessible cabins on these ships have walk in or roll in shower and a sitting area in the cabin, like a mini sofa? We sailed on the Eurodam in a regular balcony and I think it had a tub/shower which will not work for my husband.
  10. mcfrs - thank you for the information. We will be sailing on the royal in an aft balcony on Baja deck, can you tell me if you had any problems with soot? Can you tell me what deck you were on as well?
  11. We have asked for wheelchair assistance for an upcoming cruise on the Royal Princess from San Pedro. Can anyone tell us where we go on arriving at the terminal to obtain the wheelchair and the pushers? This would be our first time using this assistance and using medallion so any information is appreciated. Since we will have medallion do you still need to go to a check in counter or how is the boarding handled. We are princess platinum members. One last question - When they take you on board with the wheelchair do they just take you inside of the ship or do that take you to your cabin. We w
  12. We have not sailed on the Royal before and have a question about boarding. We have requested wheelchair assistance to board. Can anyone tell me where we go for wheelchair assist? Also we want to try to get space at the sanctuary one day during our trip and have never done this. Where do you go onboard to sign up for the sanctuary? I understand it is first come, first serve. We should be receiving our medallions any day, do still have to go to a check in line or just wait til they call for boarding? They used to give you a boarding number or letter and then you would board.
  13. My husband and I are traveling on the Royal in September. I have completed the Ocean Ready app (said medallions will be mailed) on my android phone. I also have an IPad - can I download this app to my IPad? We are interested in being able to be in touch with each other and one of us would use the phone and the other the IPad. How do I make this happen and do we need to download another app. Will this allow us to somehow communicate with each other...sorry we are not really tech savvy.
  14. I think we will book the 230P flight...that’s for all the info
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