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  1. mcfrs - thank you for the information. We will be sailing on the royal in an aft balcony on Baja deck, can you tell me if you had any problems with soot? Can you tell me what deck you were on as well?
  2. We have asked for wheelchair assistance for an upcoming cruise on the Royal Princess from San Pedro. Can anyone tell us where we go on arriving at the terminal to obtain the wheelchair and the pushers? This would be our first time using this assistance and using medallion so any information is appreciated. Since we will have medallion do you still need to go to a check in counter or how is the boarding handled. We are princess platinum members. One last question - When they take you on board with the wheelchair do they just take you inside of the ship or do that take you to your cabin. We will also have a rollator with us so we would be fine with just the help from the curb to the ship.
  3. We have not sailed on the Royal before and have a question about boarding. We have requested wheelchair assistance to board. Can anyone tell me where we go for wheelchair assist? Also we want to try to get space at the sanctuary one day during our trip and have never done this. Where do you go onboard to sign up for the sanctuary? I understand it is first come, first serve. We should be receiving our medallions any day, do still have to go to a check in line or just wait til they call for boarding? They used to give you a boarding number or letter and then you would board.
  4. My husband and I are traveling on the Royal in September. I have completed the Ocean Ready app (said medallions will be mailed) on my android phone. I also have an IPad - can I download this app to my IPad? We are interested in being able to be in touch with each other and one of us would use the phone and the other the IPad. How do I make this happen and do we need to download another app. Will this allow us to somehow communicate with each other...sorry we are not really tech savvy.
  5. I think we will book the 230P flight...that’s for all the info
  6. Thank you...we will be flying in on a Sat mid day and flying out of Lax on Friday am. Not sure if we should try to make a 12N back home or relax and take a 230PM. Once thru security is there places to eat? If we arrive at the baggage drop how long do you think we need to allow to get to the gate? We will need to get wheelchair assistance but we do have TSA prechek. We will try to disembark by 9A and plan to use executor private service.
  7. Thank you both for the help. I think we will spend the additional money , take car service to San Pedro. I will look at the hotels you have given us and get out of LAX. My husband does walk but no long distances and he is very slow. I want to make the travel as easy as possible for him. SW has been very good about wheelchair service and he is comfortable with that. We also have priority boarding with Princess. Thank you both for your input.
  8. I started another post asking about flying in and out of LAX on Southwest but have not have any responses so I know that Steve is a great resource. We have not flown into or out of LAX as we have always used Long Beach but due to the aircraft situation with Boeing we find there are not as many flights and the fares are quite high. Can you tell me anything about the SW terminal at LAX, is it a terminal for SW only, we are going to need wheelchair assist to and from the gate. I am little concerned not having traveled to LAX. We also would need an overnight and think we will do that at LAX and go to San Pedro next day. How easy is it to find hotel shuttle. We are sailing on Royal Princess and are not sure how much time (Fri) we need to have to get back to LAX . This is a large ship and we would request wheelchair assist to disembark. We will probably use execucar back to airport. Any information we can get we appreciate. We have not booked flights as we need the above information. I think SW has a 12n and a 230p departure on return. We check the Doubletree Long Beach but very expensive - any other hotels near San Pedro?
  9. We will be sailing on the Royal Princess and usually go to Long Beach Airport but may need to use Southwest to LAX. The situation with the grounding of the Boeing planes has made Long Beach very difficult, not as many flights and very expensive. We have never used LAX and are concerned with the size of the Southwest terminal. We do have TSA precheck so that will help with security. Can anyone tell me about the Southwest terminal - we will fly into the airport on a Sat (cruise is on Sun) and be returning on a Fri.? My husband will need to get wheelchair assistance - I think that flying into LAX will be OK but flying home I am not sure about how long we would need to allow for baggage check in ,TSA and what time we will realistically be off the ship. Is SW the only airline at that terminal? We are also going to need wheelchair assistance off of the ship. We have not sailed on such a large ship so are not sure how long we will need to disembark and travel time to LAX. Do you think we can make a 12n flight out of LAX or should we book the next flight around 2pm? If anyone has sailed on the Royal to/from San Pedro, any information on how you found disembarkation would be appreciated. Also any recommendation for hotel near ship terminal...we have stayed at Doubletree but it is almost 300.00 per night so any other suggestions.
  10. Thank you Martincath, that is exactly what I needed to know....that is what I thought should happen. I just wanted to make sure I can make it as easy for us as possible...we will definitely get a wheelchair....thank you
  11. I am asking about arrival at Vancouver airport. I read that after arriving in Vancouver you are escorted to a waiting room where you wait until you met with Canadian customs. I was concerned with the length of time and this procedure. We have always just gone on our own to customs and to get our luggage. We are overnighting at the Fairmont in the airport and going to the pier the next day. We are saying on NCL Joy which I think is the only ship on port that day.
  12. We will be sailing out of Vancouver on a pacific coastal to Los Angeles. I recently saw something on cruise critic that said you are taken to a room and then have to wait in some area before we proceed to passport security. Can someone explain the procedure to me. We are staying at the hotel in the airport and then going to the cruise terminal the next day. We are not traveling as any group but have made our own arrangements. It sounds like this maybe more than we want to do as my husband has some health issues and will require a wheel chair on arrival. Any information would be appreciated.
  13. We had a cruise booked on the Ruby for May...We are Platnium and we cancelled because of lack of seating in balcony cabin...we have sailed NCL and Holland in balcony cabins with mini sofas...we booked almost same itin with NCL...also both those lines offer more dining options that are not an up charge ...
  14. I was contacted by customer relations today. She said she does not know why it is a problem now when they started this last May. She also did not understand why this was important to us and were we going to spend that much time in the cabin. She also asked if I wanted to upgrade to a cabin with seating. She said Princess is taking all complaints seriously. I explained we do not want to sit on the bed to have room service, read or relax and we should not have to pay more money for a chair.We have booked with another line that offers mini sofa in every balcony. Ruby did not offer any balcony cabins with sofa. It seemed like she really didn’t care , we are only one booking. She said it was not really about safety but about giving us more room in the cabin. Loved the picture...I understand this may not be an issue for a lot of other people but when we vacation we want to be comfortable in our room - even holiday inn express (and similar chains) have a desk chair and arm chair in the room.
  15. I recently contact Customer Service regarding the removal of the barrel chair from balcony cabins on the Ruby. We received calls from two different customer service agents. The first had sent an email directly to the ship and the reply was that the chairs were removed from the cabins. The second said the chairs also had been removed but they would have a few on board on a first come, first serve basis. We are elite with Princess and are very disappointed that in a balcony cabin there will be no seat except for desk chair. We have now cancelled our booking with Princess and have booked with another line with almost the same itinerary. Holland America, Celebrity and NCL all have a mini sofa in the balcony cabin. We don't want to spend our vacation sitting and enjoying room service on the bed.
  16. Thank you for the review...we are sailing on the Ruby in May and have been reading that they have removed the chair and table (leaving only desk chair) in the balcony cabins. Can you tell me what your cabin had for seating? Also I read that on the balcony they no longer have foot stools for the lounge chairs.
  17. Thank you Cruise News...That was exactly what we needed to know...it definitely is less stressful when you know ahead of time what you need to know
  18. Thank you for the information. Do they board you all together or do you wait for your group to board? Also did theytake you right to your cabin?
  19. We will be sailing the Eurodam out of San Diego and requested wheelchair assistance with boarding. We have not needed this before so it would be helpful to have some information on how it works. My husband can not walk long distances or stand for long periods of time. Can anyone tell me where we get the wheelchair...Does someone meet us outside and take us thru security to the checkin desk? Then will they help to board us? Do they take you to your cabin? Also any information about when we disembark would also be helpful. We plan on staying onboard during the cruise.
  20. Thank you all...great information...loved the photos
  21. First time on HAL and we will be going to Cabo. Can you tell me how HAL handles tendering...Do we need to get a tender ticket or do you just go the the deck to disembark? Also it said we are there at 10a - any idea what time we can disembark? Seems every cruise line has a different procedure. Also can you tell me where the tender goes into in Cabo and if there are any benches in the area. I want to do a little shopping but my husband just wants to sit and wait for me. I was not sure where to post this as I needed ship information as well as port information.
  22. First time on HAL...Does the Eurodam have a beverage area on Lido that you can get your own drinks, like coffee, tea and juices. Can you bring you own mug and help your self when you want. We sailed NCL and that is available all the time but want to know what HAL has. Also, can you tell me how they handle the Muster Drill - do you go to a station out on deck and stand? Do you need to bring your life vest with you? Or do they send you to a lounge for the drill? Are you allowed to bring on your own water and soda - can you also get water or soda in port and take it back on the ship?
  23. I read that even with the UBP if the ship is in port you are charge a tax on drinks. Can you tell me is this done on all cruise lines or just on NCL. We have done a lot of cruising but never paid attention to this. Is this charge when they are tied up to a dock only or does it continue on til the ship is a distance from shore?
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