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  1. I appreciated that there was a kilogram to pound conversion chart posted on the wall by the free weights on Jupiter. Saved me having to do calculations.
  2. Just a note on the port maps. Most days they are available (at customer relations on deck 1) the evening prior to arriving in the port. I liked to pick one up so we could look at it over cocktails after dinner.
  3. Hi Whatwasthat. It was AA 8975, operated by Finnair as AY 001. It was a relatively new service that started in March, running 3 days a week (I think). We took it on a Sunday and it was a good connection for us. Just remember, as I did not, that there is a one hour time change between Bergen and Helsinki!
  4. Last month we were off the ship at 8:15 in Bergen for a 10:45am flight to Helsinki (then LAX, and on to Phoenix) so not a really early departure. Had plenty of time for room service breakfast and enjoying the ship for a few more moments. My in-laws chose to fly to Amsterdam and stay at an airport hotel for one night before continuing to Philadelphia. They reported a very relaxed trip home.
  5. I can confirm what others have said above - you can buy the package after being onboard a few days but it will not be prorated. As wine drinkers ourselves, I can say that the package was worth it just for the upgraded wines at meals and, of course, availability of wines outside of mealtimes.
  6. I hear you flashfearless. We just left the Jupiter yesterday in Bergen. I had been so focused on this trip for so many months that I'm having trouble re-entering the real world. Time to start thinking about where to go next!
  7. We just disembarked Jupiter yesterday and tipped our stewards in Euros. My thinking was that they get to European ports occasionally. I talked to other folks who used US dollars. I'm sure either is appreciated.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to write this up and post it. Will be on Jupiter in just over a month - our first VO cruise!
  9. Fairly winding in my experience - from Dubrovnik south to Kotor, and north to Split. But nothing outrageous. Speed is not too fast and there are vistas to focus on, which for some people helps. Hope you enjoy your trip!
  10. Hi stretchcruz - no I did not, to answer your question. I only worked directly with Viking and did not shop around.
  11. I booked a June 2019 Viking Ocean cruise some months ago, working directly with Viking. They requested final payment 18 months before sailing, but when I asked if that could be changed the agent agreed to final payment 6 months before sailing. My in-laws just decided to join us and booked a week ago. They were also able, upon request, to get a final payment date 6 months prior to sailing. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. I am thoroughly enjoying your review and looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for taking the time to post.
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