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  1. Icand1923. Thank you for the information. acwmom pizza alfresco sounds wonderful and plan to do it.
  2. ICand 123 We will be on that cruise in a few weeks. Glad to hear about the "form a table" on longer being used. Curious how many people were on your cruise? I know that tidal conditions can change quickly but were you disappointed in the changes? Was the coffee station open? This is our 3rd Uniworld cruise and can't wait. Thank you for posting.
  3. Well reading this saved us a big mess. Just returned from Walgreen's where I purchased BINAX NOW test but NOT the Ag. I thought the price was very reasonable for the tests. Will return and order correct tests online. Thank you, thank you!!
  4. Thank you for this information. We are traveling on our third Uniworld cruise (Italy) in October. I hope Uniworld keeps the numbers down for safety.
  5. Glad you are back home and had an amazing trip! We have 4 extra days tacked on after the cruise to go to Lake Como area. No hotels booked yet. May change our flight to come home right after the cruise. Debating.
  6. Killin time, Thank you for all the info. We are on this cruise Oct 21 (Milan start) and hoping it is a go. We booked it before "delta" has gotten so bad. This will be our 3rd Uniworld cruise. Curious, do you think covid has diminished your enjoyment?
  7. Thanks for posting these questions. Booked on an October Uniworld.
  8. smartins, Thanks for the information. I agree about the delta variant. Not thinking of canceling right now. We are on the 10/22 cruise that starts in Milan. You?
  9. stmartins......we are on the same cruise in October. Did you get an answer about Milan? Thank you!
  10. Booked on an October Uniworld Cruise starting in Milan/Venice. Just received word yesterday that Uniworld now requires all passengers to have proof of being vaccinated. Happy about that. Have cruised Uniworld twice before and have no plans to cancel....yet.
  11. Thank you for all the information you shared. What would you consider the "highlight" of your trip?
  12. Happy to hear OBC can be used for the covid test. Last cruise I had a massage and bought some jewelry with it but times are different. Thanks for taking one for the team and checking on the candy (won't tell my husband no licorice 😞. ) Grazie!
  13. We are looking so forward to this cruise in October. We were wondering about the candy jars!! They are usually out on a table. My husband loves the licorice in one of them. Glad to hear about the tests too. Think that is a great idea. I am hoping the number of people will be low as well. We usually stay at the same table so that is not an issue for us. Will the test before disembarkation be right on the boat? Curious what the cost will be. Thank you for posting this information. Look forward to reading more.
  14. Are you staying in the Grand Rosa hotel? I've read that the winery lunch is wonderful. Enjoy.
  15. So excited to hear you are in Milan. Anxious to hear about your cruise. Planning on seeing Lake Como after the same cruise in October. Thinking of staying a few nights and would appreciate hearing what you did/thoughts. Ciao!
  16. Bookish, Any word yet on your Venice cruise on Uniworld?
  17. Can you just cancel on American and rebook on another airline? I'm using Delta both ways (through JFK) from Chicago in October.
  18. Did this on a Uniworld cruise. No one dressed up.
  19. Glad to hear that. Booked on the same cruise in October. 🤞
  20. Did you ever get the cruise documents for your cruise from Uniworld?
  21. I go to the library a lot and am an avid reader. It's our son who is the librarian. A young patron called him this many years ago. Always visit and snap pics of libraries when traveling.
  22. Please let us know when you get your cruise documents. Thanks.
  23. Are you flying from AZ? Still have not booked air for October. Glad you were able to get a COVID tested flight. How do you know if a flight is COVID tested? Thank you.
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