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  1. We like Embassy also but its booked Nov 23rd so we have Hyatt Place for a ridiculous almost $300 one night price as backup. Was wanting to see if there are any other hotels near similar shopping centers
  2. Hi All! I am looking for some recommendations of good hotel that is walking distance to shopping. I'd like it to be located in the in Ft Lauderdale not to far from Port Everglades. Since we are staying just one night and getting in half way though the day. I wanted to avoid the hassles with renting and return a car. We usually stay at the Embassy on 17th but its booked for the one night we are looking in November. We may stay at the Hyatt Place that is near by but wanted to see if anyone else had some different suggestions on hotels with similar shopping. We love that the Total Wine and grocery are right in the shopping center easily walkable. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  3. Looks like he has raised his rates as my quotes are much higher. I don't mind paying a bit more but it's almost double the price of Lyft plus and another shuttle company quoted me $90
  4. This is what they sent me. Its double the price of other car services so Likely we will lean toward Uber, Lyft or Taxi. You may want to contact them directly to get more accurate rate if you have more or less people/bags than we do. Good luck! Hello and thank you for your inquiry, The rates for the trips described below are as follows, quoted in an SUV Suburban/Escalade From Port Everglades to Port of Miami it's $ 142.50 all inclusive with drivers gratuity and port fee's. From Port of Miami to Fort Lauderdale airport it's $ 138.00 also all inclusive with drivers gratuity and port fee. Kind regards, Larrys Private Car and Limousine
  5. Funny thing is the Uber and Lyft rides I have taken in the past the cars and drivers have been nicer and cleaner than any taxi I've taken.
  6. Thanks for the heads up I reached out to Larry for a quote. I used the Lyft estimator and was quoted $68 for Plus ride and UberXL was $74 so good to know I have options. Also Taxi fare finder is quoting about the same @ $75. Wondering if the pickup with Lyft or Uber is as easy as Taxi. Generally the taxis are lined up just ready to take you. We just wait for Mini Van or SUV to take us to the airport if we are headed home for quick and easy ride.
  7. It’s been a while since we done a back to back cruise but are scheduled for one in May. The first cruise is in Port Everglades and the 2nd Cruise is in Port of Miami. I’ll need a shuttle from port everglades to Miami. There are 2 adults and 2 kids with 3 large bags. I’ve reached out to couple shuttle companies, I’ve used in the past and was quoted $90 to $100 for the trip. Curious if a Cab would be close to this price and if anyone has used a Cab or Uber/Lyft for this transfer? Please feel free to recommend any shuttle companies also, thanks in advance! I like the idea of catching a cab and not waiting for shuttle to find us in all the chaos and shuffling that happens after departing the cruise, especially with 2 kids and all our bags.
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