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  1. I live in Pennsylvania. Companies were forced to over-react, or lose their business licenses. The crushing result was the same either way. I may need to move to South Carolina.
  2. I wanted to know for sure that balconies are covered on Royal class mini-suite balconies. And, mostly, why the links for the reviews aren't working at all.
  3. Looking ahead and trying to research mini-suites on Royal class. None of the links work for cabin reviews. Any ideas? Or any other way to access this info? I am logged in, working on Chrome.
  4. I cancelled my Azamara cruise when the airlines stopped flying Americans to Europe- it ended up costing me $150 for the booking because I hadn't waited for the line to cancel. It was a policy I knew when I booked- if I had paid in full, then they cancelled, it wouldn't have cost me anything. I just didn't want so much tied up in refunds. Since Celebrity and Azamara are both RCCL, I suspect the policy was similar.
  5. Princess did that to us once on a 27-day cruise i.e. "upgraded"/moved the cabin we had booked(and marked no-upgrades). Told me over and over there was nothing they could do about it. Our TA eventually got us our cabin back, but it took nearly a month and numerous phone calls - and left a really bad taste. I'm tired of the pandemic being used as an excuse for bad customer service. This kind of thing shouldn't happen, and certainly not a year+ out.
  6. I do love the Carnival product - the food, the comedy shows, the ships, the crew etc. but the problems that led me to move to other lines had everything to do with recent passengers. I'll be happy if the brawlers and the people who watch videos on their phones during dinner, find another way to travel. As long as Carnival can still fill their ships/make a profit. I'd be happy to come back to Carnival.
  7. Different opinions don't necessarily mean that one person is more or less informed than another. The same information can lead to different opinions. Someone can refuse a vaccine based on information(or lack of), just as someone else will choose the vaccine based on their own conclusions. The risk of Covid is greater for my parents, than whatever side effects the vaccine is likely to have. So they will get it as soon as they are able. I think the risk of the virus is low for me and, knowing the problems that the H1N1 vaccine roll-out had, I will wait and see. Or have to
  8. WADR - Facts do lead to different opinions. Otherwise CruiseCritic would have no point. I show up at 10:00 to check in for a cruise and the place is a madhouse FACT I think, wow I shouldn't come at 10:00 next time I cruise with this line. Someone else thinks, incompetence, there should be more people working to keep the lines down. I will not cruise with this company again. Both are valid opinions based on the same fact, leading to different conclusions. The opinions that result from a set of facts can be opposites. Doesn't make one right or wrong. They'r
  9. In 2002 we did the Baltic on the Norwegian Dream. Dottie was the cruise director and her husband(don't remember his name) was the comedian. His shows were still the funniest I've ever experienced on a ship. I remember he did the regular G-rated, and then an adult show one or two nights. About 30 cruises later, Dottie is one of only 2 cruise directors whose names I remember(the other is John Heald).
  10. Doesn't the CDC have jurisdiction over airports? I don't understand why those are open but cruiseports are closed. I flew to Cancun in September just to sit on the beach, didn't pretend otherwise. It was tourism.
  11. New Zealand is surrounded by water. The United States shares (porous) borders with 2 countries. New Zealand is the size of Colorado. New Zealand has just under 5 million people. The US? Nearly 330 million people. Facts. Plop New Zealand anywhere else in the world, surround it with large numbers of people from other countries, and watch the same exact problems develop(as it has everywhere that isn't an island nation). Oh, and multiply the population by nearly 70. This virus doesn't know who the leadership is, or who the party in power is.
  12. FWIW(since my opinion means no more than anyone else's) I wouldn't book anything out of a US port. The more these cruise lines are jerked around by the CDC, as they are set apart from all other means of transportation, the more likely the lines will move elsewhere. It's far too expensive to put openings into action, under truly oppressive guidelines, only to have the whole thing closed down again. And again, and again. Or not. Who knows? I would leave the US, if I was trying to run a huge business that a country(or at least one very powerful agency) was actively trying
  13. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-abcs-david-muir-shut-country-prevent-spread/story?id=72519690
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