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  1. The big problem is like a baby ruth bar floating around in the pool, Ipee. People aren't sure if it is real, fake or safe. Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water. my programmer instincts are telling me that if everybody used the same software to distribute the vaccines worldwide then it would eliminate or mitigate alot of communication issues, and still retain national or local ownership. Can you see how this might be a solution that could be alpha and beta'd in North America first (Canada, Mexico and US) and then globally.
  2. Planning for cruises. That's the name of the game. It can be done gracefully too as displayed in the preceding posts. I agree that cruisers need to plan and that is really difficult right now causing frustration everywhere.
  3. For the do-it-yourselfers, velcro is the way to go. It can do anything. Velcro and bluetooth earbuds, especially if you're short-handed. (smart phone needed too) Make a fashion statement when you answer your phone. Tack on a bungy cord just in case and it will never fall in the water or get ripped off (except when you use it)
  4. If only we could figure out a way to get Motley Crue vaccinated anonymously. How do you get a Rock Star vaccinated anonynously ? How do you give anything anonymously? They have to ask for it if they know it remains confidential. Use one of those Las Vegas re-mailing services? It can't be anything that is illegal or void where prohibited. It would be easier if the vax were in pill format.
  5. Problem C -- 'Breakout Cases" from fully vaxxed (see previous post by @LewiLewi) Causes -- unknown, emerging issue. Thought to be rare but too soon to tell. Problem D --- The Delta Variant Causes - increased difficulties for containment. Not getting better. Problem E - The Un-Vaccinated and what to do Causes - Increased difficulty to achieve herd immunity (Problems A and B were the communication vax issues for Canadian) At this point, just shouting out to the un-vaccinated here on CC may not be
  6. We have experts on board who can give you a better answer, I will pass the shoe. Not to be argumentative but it seems like Problem A to me. No need to make more problems if they don't really exist I say. This might help some of your fellow countrymen manage their plans so thanks in advance for contributing.
  7. Causing what exactly? Not being finicky, just keeping the same plane of thought. (if the effect is the same as in Problem A, then it is Problem A and not a new Problem C)
  8. Here is how I comprehend the cruise and travel issues for Canadians. Problem A----Over 1 Million Canadians have a Mixed Vaccine per the papers. Causing---cannot travel or cruise where the Mixed Vaccine is not yet approved. Problem B--an unknown number of Canadians may have an elapsed interval in their vax. Causing---cannot travel or cruise where the interval has lapsed invalidating mfg. requirements. How big is the number of Problem B individuals? Much of Canadian travel is paralyzed except for those who qualify. That is the reality a
  9. Great first look and pictures. Outstanding photography work too, let others know your smartphone brand and version but you really selected the nice spots on the ship to give people an idea. (this could save some cruisers from lugging their nikon gear around).
  10. The eagles always save the day, one way or another. Those guys are out way out of my league. I would have to be John Grisham to even have a chance. FWIW I made a prediction based on gut feeling, and the underlying legal basis was a lesser known principle (farfetched idea) that tax attorneys use in court. So far its holding up but my gut feeling changed after Surfrider. (it is interesting to note that the language in the most recent ruling DOES make reference to the word "INJURIOUS", and that leads me to believe eventual damages will be claimed by the state of F
  11. that is true, but some of us don't read all of other lines post. Plus, the existing threads are obsolete. Might as well have a fresh one and just keep to the new facts.
  12. Boy, maybe somebody here can explain it. But it sure would be nice to know if that the CSO is now only a recommendation, doesn't that mean that the cruiselines, could, (void where prohibited), now offer Back to Back cruises, or is that still a limitation of the 7 day thing which, is only a recommendation. I've always felt this back to back market has been suppressed by market barriers, and if those barriers are down then just maybe.... Does anybody know the actual status of booking these B2B? as food for thought? Isn't this a good thing for all cr
  13. I also use history alot in my lectures because we should be learning. For example: If Gold was found at the summit of WhitePass, would Canada require us to carry with us 2 tons of supplies to make the trek? We have to learn from the history side of things too and this is part of trying to manage expectations.
  14. No of course you did not. You are a very well respected poster. Post #207 can be taken either way, in fact, I am not sure which way to take it myself. Like everybody else, I was following the Molson and CC advice, but we had an excess of 805 on hand and that is a first gen pilsner micro brew from Central Cali with a pedigree to boot. (Firestone) It's outside the scope of CC right now to drill down into the science and politics which makes it hard to discuss supporting talking points and I am not used to that whether it is in a laboratory or a studio or presen
  15. Bennybear, the US is sending large amount of raw materials to India right now so India they can manufacturer their vaxxes. The plan your public health department put into play failed to manage the communication plan, that is all that happened. The US did not create your problem, it was just human error. The US is here to help and this shall pass, it is not every country for themselves. The world can't change the rules for Canada just because they knocked the puck into their own net, with respect to vax acceptability, and Canadians need to under
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