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  1. And it made sense for certain cruiselines to raise capital now versus later. They can't recognize any revenue (except for cancellation fees) until they start sailing so it looks like revenues from 2020 sailings (if any) for 2 quarters will be miserable. They are funding their operations from existing customer deposits and prospective future bookings and they are not able to full-fill delivery of their product because of the constraints.
  2. I have given this some thought Doc because you are aBsolutely correct in assessing this challenge. My thinking has to do with a longer term perspective that perhaps (and I say Perhaps) the CDC is really smarter than people think and they are concerned not only with Covid-19 BUT maybe Covid-2x (or some other contagion) that would have to be contained in the case of a FUTURE outbreak. Covid-19 caught the cruiselines off-guard and that has exposed it soft underbelly, (in the proverbial petri-dish metaphor). The CDC and Cruiselines know that the guidelines put forth wil
  3. This is really the right question to ask. We use the largest travel agency in the world as we think they are holding all the aces. In addition to the estimated 8-10% benefits mentioned, and whatever cashback you get from the credit card you purchase with, we also get: a) 5k, 10k, or 15k airline FF miles (sometimes x 2 when the bonus is lit) b) always get the wine or house bubbly c) access to "Exclusive Rates" that you have to ask for by name or you miss it d) access to the commonly used cruise-booking engine to sort by p
  4. it would be something further down the road, I'm not stuck in the present. Besides, the environmental lobby is not out to end the cruising industry, some may deplore cruising more than others but the point being missed here is the CO2 emissions would be reduced. Did you not see that benefit? The cruiselines and CLIA at some point need to yield to 'sustainability' best practices and and if there is even the slightest decrease in C02 from future proposed legislation then it betters the chance for passage. Maybe not now, maybe later. I'm not really
  5. Thank you for the perfect description of the carbon footprint differential, sort of. So a Cruise that goes from Hawaii to San Diego would produce less CO2 than.... a Cruise that goes from Hawaii to Ensenada to San Diego (to be PVSA compliant) conclusion----PVSA compliance produces a carbon footprint differential or more importantly, look at the 'opportunity cost' if some Vancouver sailings offload to Seattle. So a Cruise from LA to Seattle would produce less CO2 than.... A Cruise that goes from LA to Vancouver because it is a shorter
  6. Then you are describing a Red Herring, And are you suggesting that the cruiselines and Alaskan politicians are in cahoots just to help the cruiseline keep the sailings afloat ?.....I don't think so...... A more likely scenario is that Canada re-opens it ports as soon as the bill starts getting traction on the floor and Lucy once again yanks the football from Charlie Brown's FGA. If Alaskan politicians or Travel Juneau or their support staff are reading this then they should consider introducing the carbon footprint differential then squeeze the act into the next w
  7. The California Indians where I live were able to live in balance with nature for 12,000 years, until the missionaries came. The essence of their lives and how they stayed in balance with nature was captured in the poetry and songs around 1900 or so, If I remember correctly and you can research these poems and songs to interpret how they lived. . I'll tell you that we can ride our bikes down to the harbor from where we live.
  8. NBT Your keen insight is always appreciated from abroad. Let me know what you think of this posting which is not directed at your thoughts, but is more back on topic. I mentioned Oprah because she is a guest interviewer on 60 minutes occasionally and she is very highly respected for many reasons. I also mentioned the argument for whether the PVSA is good or bad for cruising should be made with honor so I am going to softly say: For CC readers who are 'on the fence' about whether PVSA is a good thing or a bad thing that needs fixing for cruising, you may find th
  9. I fell in love with the Lavazza coffee on Celebrity too. I order it online from the big river website and I drink it twice a day. They have a few different varieties but I use the Crema de Gusto classic, which is actually an expresso blend.
  10. That's why I prefaced it with "after the pandemic" How about Ellen DeGenerous or Jon Bon Jovi...
  11. There are always alternatives... One alternative would be to get the HAL folks to solicit Oprah Winfrey to do a 60 minutes investigative segment and get to the heart of the matter. The could probably muster up enough on-line attention to get her involved right here on CC too! After the pandemic of course. But can you think of a better 'Ambassador" than Oprah to tackle the status quo. I'd let her Business Manager sort out the details. There are always alternatives.....
  12. A very good explanation for the granted waivers requested under 'national security' reasons under this new bill. Thank you. I'm glad our country passes an annual National Defense Bill every year to adapt to changes. In all likelihood, it would probably be non-military request. (economic or cruiseline resumption of service). I'm curious if the request and apparent denial which was made by Alaskan legislative representatives was made word-of-mouth and not really 'official' or thru the official EO order process, and Reason I'm curious is that it coul
  13. Indeed. We got uber lucky on the Millennium just around Icy Straights Point just a couple of years ago. The Captain woke us with a shipwide announcement near midnight (which was highly irregular in itself) and many people took to their balconies to watch the slip-shapy emerald spirits waving against the mountain-range star-lit backdrop. Surreal fits the description. I have a picture somewhere in our digital domain. It does not look like much though because we only saw a sliver of what some people have seen. It was early September too.
  14. Normally what happens on Cruise Critic stays on Cruise Critic.....right But One Fine Day.....I witnessed the HAL PR CC member come down from the clouds and put the clamper on some innuendo. I wanted to get a comment from them but just like that they were gone and I have not seen from them again. They are out there.
  15. The other 2/3 of LA County is still waking up from last nights party so they haven't seen the news. Later today, they will be celebrating in the streets like it is 1999 ! (I'm just joking.......nobody will be celebrating in the streets like it is 1999)
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