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  1. Maybe they found the message in a bottle from the 80's..........
  2. So feel welcome to complain or comment ....but please no venting.....this often comes across like anger management issues. Venting is not an excuse to use CC. Find an intelligent way to make your point or discuss your issue or ask a question.
  3. Many of us have joined for that same noble cause. Unfortunately, the Holland Board is diluted with excess confirmation bias and that makes it counter-productive. Some of the port discussion forums here on CC implement the rule of consideration which asks members to only respond to a post if you have taken the tour or have a relevant point to make. That single rule applied to this forum would be a major step forward.
  4. Lets go with this definition just for ships and giggles.
  5. This is really the best advice for the OP especially since you are planning well in advance.. Stay in Rome 3 days and forget Civitavecchia. We stayed in the historic center as suggested and it paid off. We walked to the ancient city at sunrise before the crowds and heat. Our hotel was 2 blocks from Termini and had a Metro station on the corner so if you are Metro smart you can see alot in Rome and get back to your hotel quickly when need be. We also took the express train from Termini to Civitavecchia on the morning of our cruise and were among the early boarders. It just doesn't make sense to spend part of day 2 preparing for another hotel in Civitavecchia when there is just so much more to see in Rome.
  6. How about a good old Happy Birthday Card..... ............stuffed with lottery scratchers to match his age....
  7. This is cornball to use this quote here. Sorry. Try something from a Simon and Garfunkel song like Mrs. Robinson.
  8. The Marriot Marquis SD Marina is the best choice from this thread. It's location can't be beat. Nice views to the bay or across the street from the Gaslamp, down the street from Kansas City BBQ, and if traveling lightly you could walk with your rollerbag from the hotel to your ship at the Embarcadero along the seawalk. Best of all, it has the best x-large resort lagoon style pool around and serves decent poolside fare. We live locally but we enjoy staying here and going to ballgames across the street. A great place to start or end your cruise. Easy parking too for rental cars, not cheap but ok. Easy Trolley stop in front works great with regional day pass to get around. The Hotel Del is fine and classy but it retains a cape-code feel and you're stuck there. The Zoo and Balboa Park are just a few blocks up Park Blvd. Horton Plaza fizzled out years ago and Seaport Village is on its way out, avoid the recommendations for those two old, old points of interest remnants from 1990. The Trolley gets you to and thru Little Italy and Old Town and we'd much rather visit those places then stay there compared to the Marriott but still they are both definitely worth seeing.
  9. They need to try this again.....with the Rolling Stone Rock Room thing...
  10. Part of a sensible and diversified strategic plan accounts for this segment as normal and/or unusual attrition... It could be they are just riding the old gravy train until they can sell off the old smaller vessels. Good whitepaper subject.
  11. Bonzai !!! SRF-San......Bonzai !!! Miyagi say Akita Mojo like sourdough......keep a little and it keep getting better each batch.... Miyagi also say....First find balance....eat,sleep,play,work,...then Akita happy, everybody happy and all is good... ....someday Miyagi travel to Odate Japan....to see great Akita museum.
  12. We were just there three days ago Sunday. We stumbled into it midway while strolling down Las Rambla. We fell for the chilled fruit smoothies, a free sampling of chocolate covered almonds, and a couple of emplenadas just to keep us going through the show. Esta la madre de los todos de mercados! But there is so much much more to it. If you are on a cruise and can get to the Statue of Columbus...then it is an easy walk and it'll be on your left.
  13. Us too, and then we re-discover the joy of owning the American Akita. We have two.
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