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  1. I have not dailed on carnival for more than ten years, so I can't comment on them, but on other lines I have sailed on, the GLBT meet ups have always been in a bar. I also have never seen a teen attend one. Sorry
  2. On the Edge last month we were also able to log into our Netflix account and watch our shows. That was pretty cool.
  3. Last November there were things in the daily paper, but they were not well attended. There was a reason, there was a pied piper group on board with about 700 LBGT guests, so it was a FOD every minute of every day! I do no tbelieve they called them FOD, I think they were a GLBT Gathering in the daily. I also know that the John Heath GLBT group cruises will be on the Equinox the week after thanksgiving and there will be a lot of GLBT on that sailing as well.
  4. That is a good question. Every time someone asks me about the best cruiseline for LGBT cruises, I always say Celebrity Cruises. They are very active in the LGBT Community, there is a LGBT Celebrity FB Group and I know they also perform same sex weddings that are legally recognized on sea days in international waters. My only concern for you on Celebrity is that I do not see many sailings to Key West. There are some, but usually on shorter cruises that celebrity seems to use as fillers. I think Royal Caribbean would be a good option as well. I would look for Western Caribbean sailings and sailing between 4 and 5 days to find them. Good luck and if this is for you, CONGRATS!!
  5. My favorite haunt is the Sunset bar. We can sit there for hours having a great time! We are constantly ordering and our group changes throughout the day. We usually sail with between 10 to 16 people and we all come and go throughout the day. It is our favorite spot where we can usually find at least one of our cruise buddies there! If someone leaves to go on an adventure somewhere else on the ship, then we always make sure to share any open chairs with anyone who would like one. We are going on the Edge in December and I fear that with the smaller venue we will have to find a new location to call our own!
  6. Deck 5 Aft, next to the Tuscan Grill.
  7. We also love Luminae. We also book Royal Suites and above so the Specialty Dining is included, so we generally try to include a lot of those as well, but with the S Class there are so many options..... We are booked on the Edge on Dec 1 and know that we are not going to make it to all the restaurants unless we eat 5 times a day!!! Nah, I think we will just book another cruise to hit the spots we miss!
  8. We have been on both as well, far more on Celebrity for us, but enjoyed both lines. The food and customer service is better on Celebrity, it is why we keep going back!!
  9. I am sure that they do offer the packages on board, probably a bit higher price. If you are flexible, a lot of times they will offer individual specialty restaurants at a discount if they are not completely booked. Yes, the drink package works in the specialty restaurants. Just have to be mindful of the cost per drink depending on the package you have. If you do want to buy a bottle of wine, the package should give you a discount on the wine.
  10. I use a backpack for my medications, cameras and my iPad. I do not carry on anything else. I do wear a swimsuit under my nice shorts in case I decide to get in the pool, other wise I am good to go. If my luggage does not make it to the room before dinner, I just don't stress about it and eat somewhere other than the MDR!
  11. I completely agree with this post. I am a smoker (hopefully soon to be an ex-smoker) but I can not stand the smoke indoors in any restaurant, bar or casino. In 2017 we were on the Freedom of the seas and the casino was unbearable. I did not even have to light up, there was enough smoke for everyone. While I do like RCI, I much prefer the non-smoking casinos, and frankly all smoke free indoor venues, on Celebrity. Edit: I thought I quoted another post where the poster stated that they could not believe that any ships still allow smoking indoors.
  12. Absolutely yes!! We travel with a group of about 20 of us, we will send one or two people to the bar and get everyone a round of shots! They take all 20 cards and have never been denied!
  13. We have seen both Bruce Villanch and Leslie Jordan. Everyone seemed to respect their space as well!!
  14. We find the trivia to be a great time. There are some sailings where the points earned in each session accumulate for a Grand prize at the end of the sailing, it may be a key chain or a pen, but it is great fun!!!
  15. While there is no self serve laundry, take a look at the laundry prices, I find they are fairly reasonable. Doing one or two bags of laundry will not break the bank, especially if you budget for it before hand.
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