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  1. We are supposed to be on the Pride on 3/22. If port is closed that means they will have to cancel the cruise, right? And that would mean a refund rather than a future credit, right? Fingers crossed!!
  2. Thank you so much! Finally figured out how to find the "Cancel" button! So if I'm not ready to book my next cruise and I just hit that cancel button, will there be a credit in my account ... so I can call back at a later time, when it's less of a ***** show, and have it applied to my new booking? I'm really just trying to avoid the 2+ hour hold times right now.
  3. Hello. We sail on 3/22 out of Baltimore and I still haven't received the cancellation email yet. I booked in early January directly on Carnival website. I actually got an email yesterday from them saying it's 12 days till we sail and they're excited to see me. We are not regular cruisers, and I think we'd like to cancel and take the future credit. We're torn and not afraid of the virus, but I am afraid of cancelled ports of call and any type of quarantine situation. So, my question is ... is there any way for me to cancel this cruise other than waiting on hold for two hours? It seems the emai
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