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  1. Hi, after watching the pricing craziness of my 2/2 Bliss cruise (and condolences on all the cancelled cruises) a "tool" like this will be even more valuable in deciding when to book after cruising starts up again - pricing models are likely to be crazy for a while. In trying to figure out how to best count them up myself I find that one can "copy" (select) the column with the room numbers displayed for a category, then paste it into either an Excel or Google sheet and seeing the number of rows that are taken up, and divide by two. At least better that going 1-2-3...
  2. If you have traveled to China recently and are cruising soon you may want to check your email for what I just received - cut and pasted below: Dear Valued Guest, Due to the growing concern regarding coronavirus infections in China, we will be denying boarding to any guest who has visited mainland China in the last 30 days. These guests will receive a refund for their cruise provided they provide proof of travel in the form of airline tickets or similar. Please note that mainland China does not include Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. In addition, we are impleme
  3. Yeah, personally I found it hard to believe too, including the steep price reduction that I looked at with envy booking over a year in advance. But I have not seen even a few cabins listed when I check, so I’m just wondering where they are hiding them. Maybe for a lot of people over-bidding for upgrades?
  4. For the 2/2 sailing they have been “sold out” for weeks, and aside from the occasional price tracker email, the only cabin listing I have seen was a post by somebody from Casinos at Sea. Personally, I think they just reduced the price too low to sell out early, and then as cabins become available they just jack up the price to take advantage of whatever demand is there.
  5. On my upcoming bliss 14 day nyc cruise, the BA category dropped $650 pp between final payment date and one month later when I was able to beg (they were just offering upgrades) a $325 obc for the cabin. Then the price went up for about another month to above what I paid until sellout. All the balcony and mini suite categories dipped as well. Next time I might just wait to book..
  6. You maybe able to book them in advance the cruise via the online cruise planner as well of there are advance reservations remaining
  7. Thanks in advance from those leaving on the cruise on Feb 2nd - always like to tweak the plans and which reservations I may want to change (not that everything will be repeated on the same day).
  8. As this is a bit old, just asking if it is currently possible to drive up and drop off someone giving luggage directly to a porter while I circle around to a nearby (ha!) parking lot (yes, I know the pier parking will be so much more convenient)? My main interest is that my wife not have to handle the bags, just wait until porter takes them. Also, for NCL, can that person typically wait in the line to check in saving a place for me to come back to after I park the car?
  9. If you want something to look at, or have some extra time, I would recommend any of the name brand hotels in Jersey City near the hudson, as you get nice views from several or just walking along the river is scenic. Or you can hop on the Path train to get in and out of the city. Best for those just flying in as parking there is still expensive. Short Uber/car service ride to the port from there.
  10. I'm wondering if any of the posters saying the speed will be half of what you would get otherwise based that on actual experience on a ship? I could imagine if multiple people use it the throughput may go down but even just one device? And any experience paying the extra money for the better service?
  11. For some good background on the history behind the show, the below seems to sum it up well http://www.playbill.com/article/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-real-queens-of-the-six-musical
  12. Neat map - is this what you are able to get out of just using Google Earth? I'll probably play around with it myself, but did you use any particular setting?
  13. There could even be a calculation of how many cabins to hold back for the bidding process as I'm sure there are a few passengers every cruise that really overbid.
  14. for a 1am departure definitely rent a car - we were able to rent one being picked up at the port and then dropping it off at the airport. Did the swap market at the stadium (already did the memorial and PCC before the cruise) and headed back to the airport as we had an earlier flight. You could also see if buying access to one of the airport lounges was worth it. Check out the below guide: https://www.sleepinginairports.net/guides/honolulu-airport-guide.htm
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