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  1. I canceled Cruise Planner items on May 28th when I did a lift and shift and got 4 separate refunds, the last coming August 21st. Keep track and make sure they all add up. If after 45 days you don't have all of it I would call them, that was the time they told me it was taking to get processed.
  2. 3% false positive rate. Some healthy people would be denied boarding.
  3. yes, you can always cancel and re-buy at a lower price or cancel and get a refund.
  4. i think it will take a vaccine and documentation of vaccination
  5. We prefer deck 8. Bar and Park cafe for food and drink and walking through central park is the fastest way to get from one end of the ship to the other.
  6. Just missed Coco Cay for the second time and wondering what the track record is. Thought I would post details and others could add to see how often it is missed. Allure 11/16/19 Missed it got an extra sea day and a $100 future cruise credit. Allure 02/22/20 Missed it got a day at Labadee instead , no compensation
  7. In November there were National Guard umbrellas A4C3F559-2D15-4F1C-A9CB-C6FAAAF92628.heic
  8. Can you use this OBC in the casino with no surcharge?
  9. Thanks, that will definitley change the packing strategy
  10. Going on Allure, first time as D+, is there a free bag of laundry at this level? If yes is it per cabin or per member?
  11. read the book "I may be homeless but you should see my yacht"
  12. Are there chairs and umbrellas to rent at Trunk bay? If yes how much are they?
  13. You can rent chairs, lounge chairs and umbrellas at Megans. Rental fee plus deposit that you get back. Have extra cash if you want them to drag chairs and set-up the umbrella. they do it for tips.
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