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  1. read the book "I may be homeless but you should see my yacht"
  2. Are there chairs and umbrellas to rent at Trunk bay? If yes how much are they?
  3. You can rent chairs, lounge chairs and umbrellas at Megans. Rental fee plus deposit that you get back. Have extra cash if you want them to drag chairs and set-up the umbrella. they do it for tips.
  4. Dress codes are no longer relevant. It should be, and is, whatever makes you comfortable and happy. To me formal night means a collar on my shirt.
  5. thanks for the update, agree does not look like a place to hang out. Was hoping for more.
  6. Does Coco Cay now have any suite benefits like Labadee? Separate beach, restaurant or access to water park?
  7. Sent my passport book and card in the last week of December and got an email today that they are printed and mailed with a tracking number showing Next Monday delivery.
  8. My Freedom sailing 12/2/18 is now $42. i bought at $56, then canceled and rebought at $47 then canceled and rebought at $42. I would buy and watch the price easy to rebuy
  9. We always take a hanger out of the closet (one of the ones with the two clips) and hang it on the AC vent in the ceiling dries real quick
  10. Yes, I have southwest from STL with connection through FLL
  11. Do suite guests have a special line for MTD on Freedom or is it just reservation/no reservation?
  12. Looking to make MTD reservations for December Sailing on Freedom and want to know if anyone knows the show times on this sailing.
  13. Trying to figure when to book a dinner on the first night. When will muster be if we sail at 8:30?
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