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  1. Do you really need to print your excursion tickets or can you just show the receipt/ticket on your phone? Most of the recent tours I've done have not required a paper copy of the ticket, if they asked for anything at all, a screenshot of the barcode receipt on my phone was sufficient.
  2. @slidergirl Thank you so much for testing! I usually use vionic orthotics if I don't use my custom ones (they don't fit in all shoes) and the vionic ones are women's sized and can be cut down. Maybe I'll try the Rothys and report back.
  3. @Anita Latte I read your trip review at least twice, maybe more, it was great and gave us so many ideas but we are not as adventurous as your family. No camping for me! I really enjoyed all the detail and even the clothing tips. We typically do not book ship excursions either but I do always check for pricing and if I'm getting the same product for less, then it seems like a no-brainer to me. I think the only other one we did was a ferry and then bus tour to the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel, it was a long day with lots of transportation logistics and we figured with that much potential for delays it was better to be with the ship. I am super excited for the Alaskan beers on board. Off topic but once a few years ago we were on NCL Star out of Tampa and it was the first Caribbean cruise of the season, they had just come from Alaska and then through the Panama Canal on the previous cruise. They still had some Alaskan Amber on board and I was drinking it and my favorite bartender collected it from all the bars so I'd have a supply at our favorite bar on ship! So I got to drink Alaskan Amber while in Mexico!
  4. Surprisingly better than we/I expected. We are only taking a 1 week trip roundtrip Vancouver so we didn't have too many excursions to book but everything we wanted was available. My husband can't take that long a vacation this summer. When we booked over Memorial Day weekend the first thing we did was book whale watching in Icy Strait Point with Glacier Wind, we got the first 2 spots (out of 6 on Captain Shawn's boat) there were still available spots on Casey's also. Then we booked a rainforest walk and bear excursion in Ketchikan. We were going to book directly with the vendor but the Celebrity excursion was cheaper and it said it was limited to the same amount of people so we booked with the ship, which we never do. AND then the excursion went on sale so we got it for even less. We didn't book an excursion for Juneau, we are going to take the shuttle to Mendenhall and then maybe to the tram and then go to Alaskan Brewing Company, I absolutely love their beer from when I lived in Denver and you can't get it here so I'm kind of obsessed with it and for me, spending part of my day in Juneau at their brewery is important. And the other day I checked on the X website and I still could book the small boat excursion to Hubbard Glacier but I Have not decided yet if we want to do that. I better decide soon or the decision will be made for me, if it isn't already. Even though we've never been to Alaska, we are already talking about this as our FIRST trip and what we want to do next time. Either all land based or a one way cruise. But we have to keep reminding ourselves to get through this one first before starting to plan the next one.
  5. We are the opposite, booked in May, going in August! So we only had to wait about 80 days.
  6. Is there room in Rothys to put a custom orthotic? Or is the footbed removable? I have wanted to try them but I need to put inserts in.
  7. I’m thinking I could use that tiny table as a footstool, maybe with a pillow on top.
  8. We booked a rainforest hike and bear watch for Ketchikan. It’s a small group, no more than 14 people. We go in mid August so hopefully we’ll see bears but if not, the rainforest should be interesting.
  9. @martincath THANK YOU!!! We were thinking a similar itinerary but in reverse. Your points about Granville Island in the morning makes a lot of sense. Also, when I said super late, I meant it! Our flight lands at 1am so nothing will be open by the time we get out of the airport. We also might not wake up as early as I hope on Saturday. But the time change will certainly help.
  10. Really nice photos! Thank you for sharing them. I have a few questions about your taxi to Mendenhall glacier in Juneau. Did you reserve it in advance? Or are their taxis waiting at the port? When you were ready to leave, did you call them to come get you or was the return trip pre-arranged? And, did they drop you off and pick you up close to the visitors center?
  11. Thanks for the itinerary! Since you posted it, I'll tell you what we are thinking for our abbreviated visit to Vancouver....maybe you can help us with the order. Arrive Friday night/Saturday morning and try not to sleep late on Saturday (should be helped by being on east coast time.) We are staying downtown, at the Westin Grand (thank you Marriott points) Dim Sum Fly Over Canada Stanley Park Granville Island Market Gastown Dr. Sun Yat-Sen park If this is too much, we might skip Fly Over Canada or the Chinatown visit. We had thought we wouldn't have time to go to Grouse Mtn/Capilano because it's too far out of town and we would stay close since we basically have 36 hours or less.
  12. We don't have time to go to Richmond, we only have about 36 hours in Vancouver this time so we will check out Kam Wai and the garden! Thanks.
  13. I'm researching what to do in Vancouver on our short time before our Alaska cruise. We land super late Friday night and Cruise on Sunday. I noticed that the annual Vancouver Chinatown Festival is on Saturday. We did want to get dim sum or some good Chinese food while in Vancouver and I'm wondering is this festival going to have authentic food or will it be like street festival food? We avoid street festivals in NYC because they are always touristy and cheesy. Any locals have info about this festival? Thanks!
  14. I’ve been researching all day today and now I’m thinking about the Herring Cove bear viewing walk, or a rainforest walk or a guided photography walk.
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