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  1. ME! My favorite ship out of my favorite port. 😪
  2. And my husband just told me that the official posting date on the credit card statement is the April 19th everyone is being told by Royal. It did not show until this morning. We have been checking the account several times a day every day since we requested the refund.
  3. We received our refund today. We were in the second round of cancellations for our sailing on April 11th. I submitted the survey on March 25th (the day after RCCL made the announcement) and requested a full refund. It showed up today as four individual items on the credit card - two equal amounts for the deposits and two equal amounts for the cruise fare, taxes, and port charges. It took 30 days from the time I submitted the request. I didn’t reach out to RCCL in that time. I was giving them the 30 days they had indicated and was going to call next week if I hadn't heard anything. I’m glad I
  4. monorail81

    SpaceX Starlink 6

    Thanks for posting! Couldn’t see it from my driveway in Indian River County this time.
  5. We were cancelled, too, for next month. I’m just editing my post now because I realized you weren’t sailing, either. Sorry!
  6. There are only 3 resorts and the MK. (I’m very sure of this because I used to drive the monorails.) 😊 The walk to the Poly is very easy. The busses to the Springs are supposed to run about every 20 minutes. BUT, it’s not a direct route. You will also stop at the Grand Floridian. If you are meeting family, can they pick you up at the TTC and drop you off? It would save you some time.
  7. When we were on last month, they handed out the tender tickets the morning we got to Grand Cayman. The were distributing them in the Star Lounge. You literally walked up and got the number of tickets you needed for your party. Then, you just waited until they called your number. At that point, you could head down and board the tender. We were in no hurry to get off the ship, so we went to get our tickets after we had breakfast. I think our number was 3 or 4, which surprised us since it was a little later. We waited less than five minutes before they called our number.
  8. They might be coming to their senses on the price. We just ordered the 12 - 1 liter bottles on a cruise in April and it was only $23. Jumped on it before they decide it’s a mistake.
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