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  1. As a Travel Agent, Lift and Shift has been a nightmare. Not one of them was done correctly. I have gotten several "Balance due $0" confirmations and then there was a balance due a few weeks later. One (and I am being conservative here) then showed a $800 balance due. It required two dozen calls, at the beginning with hold times over an hour. Just today, we finally straightened it out. Well, I thought it was...the Agent copy of the confirmation is correct and the Guest copy isn't. In the future, I will strongly suggest that my Clients take the FCC instead. The reason to L&F is to
  2. I have re-booked my clients on Carnival as the soonest Grand could sail again is 3/29 ( 3/22 hasn't been taken off sale but is within the 14 day quarantine period).
  3. Is Carnival making inroads to what has been Princess territory?
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