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  1. Reason #342 I will never use a travel agent. I know, my loss in some ways and I am sure there are good ones out there, but no thanks. Not for me.
  2. I'm on that Sept. 6 sailing. A guy in our roll call is B2B for the next one on the 13th and that one is gone, but the 9/6 is still there. It's just anyone's guess what it means 😞 What's worse is I'm on a casino deal. I still have the same deal showing up to be booked by July 1st..but what if those go poof for me after that? I'll basically be giving up on the idea of cruising for now. I currently have 3 people in a balcony for $900ish. Not going to touch that price without a casino deal and not so sure I want to get that amount of money wrapped up in it..at regular prices. FWI
  3. We're set to sail on the Freedom on September 6th out of Galveston (my birthday!) If you like the Glory better than Vista (I agree!) you might take a look at that cruise. Freedom is the same class of ship.
  4. Ah. I had stopped in here to check, but hadn't gotten that far yet as to see the official word. Well, at least I have a plan. We knew it was coming anyway. I'm honestly glad to be out of limbo, and glad my cruise was 5/3 and not 5/12 so I'd still be worrying. Honestly wondering if 9/6 is going to be enough time.
  5. Thanks OC. I finally just got brave yesterday and cancelled my current hold. The room was available again within about 3 hours when I checked back. So now I'm good until tomorrow afternoon. HOPEfully by then we'll know something. Also, hope this helps someone else wondering the same thing. I'm doing all I can to avoid calling them. I used to have a PVP but he got pretty put out with me when I booked a cruise on the website once, and his reaction made me uncomfortable to continue using him. Might seek another out one of these days.
  6. Yeah, to "reset" my hold today, I had to log out and open a new browser, but I had originally booked a different cabin and on this second try, spotted my coveted spot. Carnival does NOT make it easy to figure out how to cancel either, but finally have that all worked out. I'm just wondering with that actually being held, how long it will take to release it.
  7. This is very frustrating. I'm am scheduled to sail on the Freedom May 3rd. Even if by some weird twist of foolishness Carnival doesn't cancel this sailing, I would cancel it myself. Yes, I'm holding out for the better deal/possible refund. That said, I DO want to rebook for September (fingers crossed) and have a cruise picked out that is filling up FAST using the same casino deal I booked the current one on. The hold I put on it only covers me to Sunday night, and unfortunately, the cabin I picked is the very last on the deck I very much want to be on. Sigh..I SO wish they'd
  8. I am so worried for all the cruise ship staff. I want to say I believe the cruise lines will do right by them..but...
  9. Well darn. 1st confirmed case in Wyoming tonight. So much for that.
  10. Actually I remember that as well.
  11. I'm just teasing anyway. I have had a couple of my own and have had waaaay past enough internet for the night. It's starting to creep up on me a bit.
  12. *there Couldn't resist <running and ducking...shots fired!> But yeah, I think that's all any of us undecided people can do at this point. Things seem to really be blowing up tonight.
  13. Keeping my holding pattern. How things go over the next three weeks, the next couple of weekends in particular with the ships coming and going, will make my decision. This. Just. Sucks.
  14. Thanks Jim, well deserved 😉 And give me SOME credit..there are at least 5,219 people here!
  15. When I added my sister to our cruise, in order to add her to Cheers, I had to cancel and repurchase. I had to cancel EVERYthing I'd added, which luckily only amounted to cheers and internet. Refunded to my credit card in three days. Wish they'd make it so you can pick and choose a little easier what to cancel.
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