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    Love cruising from Galveston because the people really make it a fun ship! Warm! Beach! Ocean!

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  1. That's exactly what I would do. Might also be an interesting experiment to see if you get different results from different places lol
  2. I don't know if it's helpful or not, with the current situation, but Galveston is my favorite port and we always use Uber to get there from HOU. We Uber to the hotel on the Island and have paid between 60-100. HOU to Harbor House is WAY cheaper than we've paid in the past. You could also pre-book an Uber the day before to make it feel a little more solid. We like to get on down to Galveston the night before so no stressing about traffic the day of, and Galveston is a fun little place to be the night before a cruise. Be sure to check out The Spot and Willie G's.
  3. The first time I had DOU, I did not purchase Cheers. I regretted it. I'm not typically a "hit the max" drinker on Cheers, but getting a drink in the casino was a fairly good sized PITA. I didn't necessarily want to spend a ton of time in front of a machine that cruise, so I would typically end up with 1-2 free drinks max in a day. It did not make up for my brunch bloody Mary, my Lido froofies, my dinner wine. DOU is pretty much a non-perk for me and I've always just gotten Cheers anyway since then.
  4. I remember thinking this when they rolled out the "American Table" menus. There is one dish on there, can't think of what it's called, that is basically hamburger helper. I think they really do go as cheaply as possible with the dining room options, and it's a push to frequent the specialty restaurants. I'm actually good with those, because I'll pay to have good food. Kinda sad though. Our last cruise prior to covid was a 14 day B2B and we ended up in the dining room a total of 3 times I think. It just wasn't worth the time investment and I had no problem shelling out for JiJis, which is
  5. I'm listening to you! Just so you know you did indeed reach SOMEone lol
  6. I'll be on the Miracle 8/31, first time to Alaska. I think I'm looking forward to this day of the cruise more than any of the others. It sounds super cool. I watched a youtube vid and they were watching the glacier they were near "calve" and you could hear the boom and crack of the ice splitting off. I'm sure excited for this trip! When are you going?
  7. Thank you SO much for this! I just posted on another thread about how I dislike not having anything in writing about the details of casino deals. I've never had an issue and they've always had my offer/perks in the system when I get on the ship, but I'm the type that likes to have a back up or way to verify just in case. It's always driven me nuts that you don't have that. I don't understand why that can't be on your booking invoice. I will definitely take this advice!
  8. I've got 3 booked, all casino. Probably the best was out of Galveston. Aft balcony for two, $565 (that includes taxes and grats), $1k casino, $400 obc, and drinks everywhere for me. My Alaska has all those perks as well, but just $200 obc since I'm doing it solo. Aft balcony for that one too, which I am betting is going to be amazing for Alaska. Assuming drinks everywhere is basically free Cheers? Anyone know if there are differences? The thing I'm curious about is how they would handle the second person wanting to purchase Cheers. Bet ya they'd still charge for two people.
  9. I've also seen a couple of youtubers talking about it actually being hot. I'm good with the new bread arrangement.
  10. I have no advice over what's been offered, but just wanted to say... This is an irritation for me too, especially in booking casino deals. Currently booked under FVB, which includes "Free drinks anywhere on the ship", $1,000 casino credit, and $200 OBC. Of those, only the OBC shows up in print anywhere. I REALLY wish they'd put in the casino offer details. It always stresses me out that somehow it'll get lost in the system. I want it in writing. I'd also love more details about the terms and conditions of those particular perks! You book a casino deal, and everything kinda j
  11. Big Black Dick's rum in Grand Cayman is tasty! I always get several bottles when we go there. Managed to get 6 home last time, with no casualties! Several flavors, coconut is my favorite. Definitely a conversation starter on your bar shelf. And do be careful how you word your search should you try to Google it 😉
  12. Is the fact I'm planning a cruise, and I'm nearly 100% certain that this one is actually going to SAIL! There's so much crap out there right now, between cell phones and the CDC, but none of it makes me feel like my trip won't happen. Sure, there's that small chance, but....FINALLY! I booked a cruise and am most likely actually getting on the ship! After all the days I spent at work thinking "I should be in Roatan right now, I should be eating a Guy's burger right now, I should be watching the ocean glide by right now", I finally finally feel like I can get excited about my cruise.
  13. This is my sister and I. My son frequently cruises with us though, and we know we'd be in the hole if we didn't get it with him. I'm generally footing the bill, because he helps me a ton throughout the year and is a great travel companion, as well as super handy to have along. My sis and I have one on our own next spring though, and we're definitely not getting it. It won't be a fair comparison though, because I have "drink free anywhere on the ship" and a $400 obc for her to use. One of these days we'll put it to the test.
  14. DenaInWyo

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    Thank you, exactly what I needed to know! And for the record, Alaska has roughly 150k more people than WY. 😉 Much smaller land mass though, I know.
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