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  1. Hi Bee-ess I've attached a screenshot of dates. According to this if, higher tier is 31st July or 2nd August for the rest 😘
  2. Hi Bee-ess Whenever we've done 3 weeks we've been able to book the outbound flights at 14 weeks and the inbound the following week, as they would be open for the 2 week st Lucia - st Lucia, even though our b2b was only one week was at the end if you get what I mean 😁 So I would think the following week but dont take my word for it 😂 There is a copy of the seat booking dates by cruise no. on one of the FB groups. I think one of the TA posted it. If you don't use this I can check for you unless someone else can tell you where to find them.
  3. We met a great couple on Azura in 2013 who have become good friends, they refer to it as 'The Swillery' and it's sort of stuck with us 😂🙊 😂
  4. I'm pretty sure (99%) it's 7am -9am port days 7.30am. - 9.30am sea days
  5. Yes it's open disembarkation day, we always get a last photo.😍 I think it closes at 9am same as other port days
  6. I didn't know this and none of the waiters have ever told us 😮 Do you have to ask? No, we didn't have to ask - the waiting staff just told us what the special of the day was. It is different every day, but seemed to tie in with the special of the day in the MDR. Michele That's great to know, we have never been offered a special of the day, we usually do 3 weeks over Xmas and would be nice to have an extra choice. I'm going to ask this year 💯 I also like smoked salmon and scrambled egg on Sundays 😍 thanks Michelle
  7. I didn't know this and none of the waiters have ever told us 😮 Do you have to ask?
  8. Thanks for the reassurance Selbourne, I'm sure we'll enjoy it but will check regularly in case anothe aft becomes available 😎
  9. Hello Selbourne. Thanks for the detailed info on this suite. We had a D suite 739? and this was a simliar layout to F so regarding the plumbing we heard a suction noise but it wasn't too much of a problem, but it seems you had more of a problem on F, but maybe it was just something loose that needed fixing? We go to bed around 10 - 11pm so I'm a bit worried about how long the live music goes on until? Not too worried about the soot, we know it's there but it doesn't seem to be as bad in the Caribbean for some reason? Good news about the smoking though 👍🏼 I think I'll keep checking to see if anyone cancels in the next 20 months 😁 We had a side suite last year and although there was hardly any vibration the balconies were a huge disappointment and we like to use the balcony a lot especially sea days.
  10. Please let us know as we've booked this for Xmas 2020 and worried now about noise from Live lounge and smoking drifting from the smoking area below. We've had starboard last time D & E deck and they were fabulous, F730 was the only aft available and bookings only just opened 😲
  11. We went twice in December, booked pre cruise for one and had seats in front row, booked on board for the other night and had seats in middle, still good, imo👍🏼 we were told by one of the waiters that we became friendly with that seats are allocated in advance and you get the better ones the earlier you book
  12. Hi Pat So sorry to hear about this news. I'm sure the cruise it's the last thing you want to be dealing with now. I hope you manage to find a solution. Thinking of you and your family and hope things improve for you all [emoji170] Sent from my SM-G960F using Forums mobile app
  13. Thanks for this information. I'll have a look at options. Look forward to hearing what you think after February [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G960F using Forums mobile app
  14. We love the sun loungers on the balcony especially sea days. We usually go for an aft suite but couldn't get one this time so we booked midship on Britannia this time and I'm gutted to find out the balcony doesn't have sunloungers or a full size table for dinner on the balcony [emoji45] Sent from my SM-G960F using Forums mobile app
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