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  1. Thank you. October 10, the Amsterdam will not dock in Manta Ecuador, due to unrest in the country.
  2. We also get the card for convenience as RuthC said. Our first few cruises I had receipts everywhere. Now everything is neat and organized
  3. I just received an e-mail re my CCL stock application to a future cruise. This is the information in the e-mail. World Cruise Reservations Holland America Line Phone: 800-522-3399 Fax: 206-270-6080 world_cruise_reservations@hollandamerica.com
  4. Have cruised to Alaska in May, all I can say is the pool was never crowded. The temperature is usually to chilly for swimming. But it’s also hit and miss with the weather
  5. Had it on the Rotterdam last year, and it was well worth it for me.
  6. I have used both my desktop, and iPad using either safari or chrome this week and have had no problem accessing my up coming cruise.
  7. After 28 cruises with HAL, we have never wiped down anything in our cabin on Embarkation day, but I do in hotel rooms and also sanitize my seat, and tray in airplanes. And as Carlos always said wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands
  8. I don’t blame them for not attending. I have been at M & G on many HAL cruises, and there is always a bad apple in the group that feels this is the time to start complaining.
  9. The distance between Niagara Falls and Quebec City is approximately 933km (580 miles), via ON-401 East.
  10. I have had parcels delivered to my good friend who worked on a ship. Have to send them to the Port Agent who in turn delivered it to her. Doubt they will want to be lugging water and Diet Coke
  11. Does anyone know who the Officers are on the Amsterdam sailing starting September 23.
  12. Depends what time you sail. If you sail at 4, then the Safety Drill is at 3
  13. You are correct.Then on Sept 30 there are people embarking in San Diego. I think it’s a great way to explore the Amsterdam.
  14. Whatever you are most comfortable wearing.
  15. The only paperwork I print off are our “boarding passes” that in 28 HAL cruises have only been asked once if we had it. One copy of the map, and our luggage tags. Saving trees, one little branch at a time.
  16. I’ve never purchased the drink package, but am interested in doing so for our September cruise. I have read that both people in the cabin need to buy one. What happens if one person does not consume alcohol? Can I still buy the package?
  17. Yes you can I get them all the time
  18. Our adult daughter, suffers from anaphylaxis to legumes, which are all beans, and nuts. Also to fresh, salt water and shellfish. She contacted Ship Services prior to our family cruise on the Rotterdam last year. Once on board she spoke with the DRM and also contacted the Pinnacle grill as soon as we boarded the ship.
  19. To add to the list : see you later....,sampai jumpa lagi
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