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  1. Oh, my bad, I meant 1200. Sorry but that would have been a better deal!
  2. Well, I tried again and got some! I got $600 worth so that saved $90. That's something!!
  3. We have Embark, port, port, port, sea day. Surely it's not the 4th day which is a sea day? We don't normally go on 5 day cruises and I always assumed it was on the 2nd night like longer cruises.
  4. We were looking for the least expensive way to visit Atlantis too. I honestly do not want to do the water park but just look around. While looking at booking directly with them, did you notice any tours like that? Thanks!
  5. I just sailed the Breeze in October and it was perfect. It's my second time and my favorite ship. Just go an have a great time!
  6. How many of you went with Jiffy Jeff and do they have a website? We have never had trouble with SAS but I don't mind checking out other vendors. SAS has actually been early every time they've gotten us which is fine. I learned the hard way that I needed to be ready!
  7. We always stay in Fort Lauderdale and take SAS to POM. If you go to the SAS website, it will give you a list of the hotels they pick up at. I would start there. We always stay at the Embassy Suites on 17th but they have many more choices than that.
  8. Agree. Ours is in May and the same goes for that time of year. I love sailing then! We did just sail in October and it was a little rougher but we were on the Breeze (much bigger) and in the very front in a spa balcony. A little more movement in that area but still not bad. I can suck it up for 5 days haha. First world problems!
  9. That's exactly the type of cabins we book and I don't know if I can deal with an aft balcony. My husband isn't a fan so I'm anxious to see how they are from someone who is used to the type I usually get. When is your cruise? Maybe you can let me know how it was
  10. It was refurbished and they added some balconies. From what I can tell, they are very small.
  11. Thank you guys for your input! I will admit that I am spoiled by having a balcony on the bigger ships and need a quiet room. We have cruised enough that I have gotten room locations down pat, but not on the fantasy class ships. This ship didn't even have balconies back when we sailed on it. If I have to do an ocean view, I want to make sure there is nothing above (like deck chairs being dragged) or below (like night clubs or galley) that will cause noise. I swore I would never sail a smaller ship again, but we didn't pick this one. Oh well, any day on a cruise is better than being at work, no matter what the ship!! If anyone has a picture of a balcony room up close or one with an obstructed view, I would appreciate it. Thanks again
  12. Any room advice for the Sensation? It's been years since we've been on it and we prefer the bigger ships but are going with friends this time. I can't decide between an ocean view and balcony. I want quiet and a good price! I always get a balcony on the bigger ships but am not sure it's worth it for this one. I absolutely will not do an inside. Been there, done that :)
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