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  1. Sometime we use the gift, often times not, but its appreciated. The small grey cross body bag is useful and we have given away Tervis/metal mugs to lots of people. I would love it if they would give out a nice power bank (not a little one but like a 10000 mah)
  2. I want to send a surprise gift to someone sailing in a few weeks and wanted to get them a massage on the ship. The only option I can find is to book it in advance but I don't want to lock them in to a set time yet as things change. Is there a way to purchase a spa gift card? (don't want to do a generic CCL gift card to apply to S&S) Or if I book in advance can they change when they get on board? Anyone know how to email or reach the spa ahead of time to ask these questions? Thanks
  3. We're on the Breeze on Nov 17. This will be our first Ultra after a half dozen Premier. I have 1 question, are the scheduled events only for Ultra invitees or invitees and guest or everyone who has 100 pts or more like a regular cruise? I know on Premier they include the Invitees guest in the drawings. Thanks
  4. If you get an cash at a table game there is a 3% charge. If you get it on the slots no charge.
  5. Please let us know what the prizes and events are like this year. We're booked for Nov 17 on the Ultra on the Breeze.
  6. Do the Aft cabins (not Havana Aft) have a lounge chai on them? I know the Havana Afts have a chair and a lounger but wasn't sure about the regular aft. Thanks
  7. The dress coed is listed on the Carnival website under FAQS. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1093/~/what-to-wear---evenings short version men can and do wear nice golf length shorts and polo shirts to dinner, they also wear khakis and button downs on cruise casual nights. Cruise elegant ranges from khakis and golf shirt to tuxedos. Relax and enjoy
  8. They change monthly. John Heald usually puts them out on the f book site about the 15th of the month before.
  9. Looking forward to this Ultra cruise. We've done several premier and were on board during an Ultra (not part of the group then). This one worked out perfect for us we were going the week of thanksgiving with 21 people anyway and was able to switch to the Ultra and actually got cheaper rates for everyone than we had. :D
  10. I have 1 if you're interested.
  11. Now that they have secured the rights for the broadcast, they will usually have multiple games on in the sports bar next to the casino
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