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  1. Rka......... Found the answer from my baker friend. What is Baker's cheese? Basically cottage cheese with some of the moisture drained off. Bakers' cheese has a texture similar to that of fresh ricotta, but with a slightly tangier flavor. It typically isn't available to consumers—most of it is sold for commercial preparations such as blintzes, cheesecakes, pastries and pies. There is the answer...
  2. Maybe but also it can be different since the first night is very busy and you hope they produce good quality. By the other nights they have settled down in the kitchen. Also the hustle and bustle of new passengers boarding. I always gauge the sailing from day 2 on.
  3. Red on Port and Green on Starboard..... I remember standing by the Port (Red) light on the QE2 departing the harbor...
  4. Oh how I remember A&S store. The 8th Floor at Christmas Time. We use to come downtown by train. We either stores for lunch at the Chuck Full of Nuts for the Date Nut Bread & Cream Cheese Sandwiches. Or the Frank Stay on the corner with a Orangeade Drink. Further towards Gage's the Horn and Hardart Automat.
  5. Also the area around the Williamsburg Bridge by Peter Lugers has really changed with all the closed stores into cafes and restaurants. We use to like to smell the spice factory when we went Lugers. Now gone and turned into Condo's.
  6. We were one of the few that ate there before it closed. It was very sad. It was like one of the funerals that were held there by the many families that held the tradition to come after the local burial rites. So sad that it was because of the family dispute that ended it's wonderful life. I am so blessed to have a copy of one of the menus. We also use to buy the stollen they sold at Christmas Time as a tradition.
  7. Muster drills must unfortunately be done in person. But it is play out and repeated on the in cabin TV. Yes app would be a good reference after the initial drill before departure on embarkation day.
  8. How about Bow, Forward, Aft, Stern another set of terms.
  9. Was just at Zum two sundays ago for a delightful meal as they always make. Jagerschnitzel and a Pilsner was great. Strudel to top it all. Afterwards we did some shopping in their store next door. We even before it closed went to Niederstein as a primary German cuisine.
  10. Those that have the opportunity to stay in Brooklyn are very lucky now a days. With Court and Smith Street, Montague St., 5th & 7th Avenue, a lot of cafes, boutiques, restaurants are popping up. The yuppies have moved in and brought up the area. I see a lot of them in Whole Foods and type of foods they buy. If you come across on a TA on the QM2, you can easy spend your time around the Court and Smith St area and easily return to the ship happy.
  11. You selected the greatest city to visit. So much to see and do. Especially the restaurants of the city are so numerous. So many other activities to see to tour and visit.
  12. Looking forward to them open for a September 2022 sailing New England / Canada
  13. I remember that Port and Starboard in to fashions. Port is Left Starboard is Right Also I remember it this way. Power Steering........ P first Port and S is second Starboard....... Power (Port) - Steering (Starboard)..
  14. We personally enjoy the traditional sailing on a Cunard Line vessel. Yes much different then other lines but you do experience the Old World Charm. But the ship still has many activities to take part in but will not be like any of those Mega Ship styles.
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