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  1. BklynBoy8


    Cindy, Yes you should have no problem storing luggage under the beds in Britannia Club cabins. We also were able to storage the small and medium roller luggage under also to make more walking room in the cabin.
  2. BklynBoy8

    Queen Mary 2 Deck 12

    Two sailings ago we were two cabins away from your cabin number on the port side. We agree how much we too enjoyed our cabin and it's location. No noise from the pool area or Sun Deck above. Also agree with the hike to the Dining Room but after a day or two we found the path we used each time for the next 11-12 days. But yes we too also used B Stairway or Elevator to many of the locations for daily activities around the ship. Now we are back on Deck 12 for this years sailing and looking forward to experiencing the starboard.
  3. BklynBoy8

    Queen Mary 2 video tour

    Looking forward to viewing them now. Great job on the first one!
  4. BklynBoy8


    Which Sailing are you Taking?
  5. BklynBoy8

    NY Pier Upgrades

    Though Brooklyn Cruise Terminal hasn't been upgraded since Hurricane Sandy, we are happy with the terminal and it's operations. Compared to the Manhattan ones and the mad confusion of West Street, traffic and it's triple decker operation. At Brooklyn, it may take a while during the initial arrival crunch (easing later on) but it's Ground Level, easy to move through each processing station and straight on board makes it more convenient . Really not looking to hang out there too long. Besides being bias since it is extreme close to our home, the proximity works for us, not having to travel thru Manhattan and it's distance. Yes, everyplace does eventually needs upgrading and second look to give it a refreshing look and the increase of passenger load. IMHO, my vote is for Brooklyn over Manhattan and Cape Liberty..
  6. BklynBoy8

    Using my complementary 2 hour internet

    Fizzy1, IMHO, thru my personal experience I would always use the computers early in the morning before breakfast and around midnight when the computers are not in demand. I find when many of the terminals are in continuous use during the Daytime in the Computer Center and Library the service besides normally dragging, dragging even more. When the terminals are in less use, there is a chance for a bit more speed but not much. I even found it as far back when Internet Service was introduced on the QE2. Yes, log on as soon as possible and log off when completed. Be organized of what you are going to accomplish. Avoid surfing on these terminals to save time. I am Diamond level with 8 hours and still watch the time equally as careful as you would with 2 hours. I also find difficulty with computer services when the weather is not the greatest outside and even avoid the use totally. Bon Voyage and Cheers.....
  7. BklynBoy8

    Queen Mary 2 video tour

    Congratulations! You didn't rush it which made it just GREAT! Glad you took your time to make it so memorable. I do the same thing to get the most out of all the video I take. If you have more, appreciate your work.
  8. BklynBoy8

    Queen Mary 2 video tour

    Really GREAT job! Getting us excited for our Upcoming Sailing. Thank you...
  9. BklynBoy8

    What food do look forward to on a cruise?

    Looking at the recently posted menus on the Cunard QM2 from recent sailings, I would definitely wait and see what dishes are being offered over what dishes I would like. I very much appreciate the creativity of the Culinary Team developing dishes that are inviting to try.. I do still have favorites to possibly special request.
  10. BklynBoy8

    Cunard Webcams

    Dear bluemarble, As always, thank you for your response. Still problems viewing so I did go to the other sites that I have no problems with any browser with full screen imagine. But again, thank you...
  11. BklynBoy8

    Still trying to decide.

    Dear Jeffrey1950, We are booked for this Independence 2019 cruise as we have done this type of sailing several times in the past. Since this year they have added an additional port (Newport) and sea day it is a port/sea day sailing versus a TA which are all 7 sea days. Next year 2020 they are subbing Portland Maine in place of this years Newport. We like this itinerary for the theme it holds for the Holiday Celebration in the City of Boston, Halifax which is a favorite Canadian City and Newport a port we look forward to when added to a sailing. Of course to enjoy the ship and all it offers all look forward to sea days with a full days program of activities that are offered each day on a TA. We enjoy like on Caribbean sailings, stopping at ports and investigate what they offer even thought we may have visited them in the past. We having booked this sailing numerous times in the past and we have seen months close to the date sales on this sailing and even Flash Sales. Of course the company would like to fill out the ship as much as possible. All our past sailings, IMHO the ship was crowded. We did hear from some friends of the past, that last year sailing was not as filled since St John NF, not a favorite port, was the added port for that year. This was the very first cruise we took on the QM2 to try her out in 2006 after saying Good Bye to our favorite QE2. At that time I remember the Cruise Director describing the cruise a Party Cruise, one that would be used to see if passengers would like her for future booking. Party since it was short and not like traditional Caribbean, TA's, Fjords etc... itineraries. Again in IMHO.. we like this sailing as a break and get away. Being a Diamond Member and over 26 cruises with Cunard we are happy the breaks that are offered to us. Thought this years sailing seems to be going slow, I expect more activity to come in the coming weeks and months to full out the ship. Hope you can make the decision that will satisfy you vacation needs.
  12. BklynBoy8

    Cunard Webcams

    Hattie, Having problems viewing. Could the page be recreated to avoid difficulties. Otherwise will view on other websites the images are available. Thank you...
  13. BklynBoy8

    Recommended Town Car Service

    Hi DarCrav, I know you will be getting ALOT of suggestions in NYC but we personally like, recommend and have used Dial 7 Car Service. You can arrange their service by App and/or calling Dial 7's phone number. Bon Voyage......
  14. BklynBoy8

    Queen Mary 2 Deck 12

    Cindy, Being on Deck 12 near B Elevator, you will have no problem adapting to the Club Britannia location. B Elevators are near two bars Deck 2 the Golden Lion Pub and on Deck 3 Chart Room for pre dinner cocktails. Unless you wish to attend the Commodore Club instead. You will have no trouble to leisure at either bars since you don't have to go to the Club Dining Room till between 6:30 & 9PM. One of the main advantages we very much like Club Britannia category.
  15. BklynBoy8

    Queen Mary 2 Deck 12

    Cindy for Your Collection... Share A Photo Full Ship From A Caribbean 2013 Sailing (Outside of St Thomas, USVI)