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  1. We always enjoy the Floral Bouquets thru out the ship during our sailings. Especially the Grand Lobby centerpiece. A place we see many enjoy taking personal photos for their memory album. We also like the Personal Floral Pieces I order for my DW each time we sail. It's a special addition to our cabin thru out the trip.
  2. Possibly the 2022 July 1st on the QM2 to NE/Canada now including Bar Harbor and changing the direction of the sailing over the past years. Now NYC - Bar Harbor - Boston - Halifax then back to NYC. Two days at sea is always welcome on board. Will concern it or one the Sept 2022 Quebec 14th Days NYC - NYC.
  3. Hi rkacruiser, Had an instance while on the way on a land base vacation. We were heading for a vacation in the Hudson Valley in NY when half way up I remembered that I didn't turn off the Clock Radio Alarm. It would go off the next morning and doesn't turn off without touching it. And my neighbor doesn't have a copy of the key. So we turned around and went back home to pull the plug out. No problem since we were only half way there. Imagine if we were on a cruise and the alarm went off the next morning. WOW will the neighbor go crazy with going off. Glad it wasn't
  4. CateW, Ditto.... My wife and I really miss the Caribbean sailings on Cunard of the past. We use to book the 9, 11 and 13 day sailings. Just enjoying the open deep blue waters for three days straight before reaching Barbados our favorite. Each day at one point we would pass islands on the Port Side from a distance and enjoy the experience. The time before last was a 13 day to Panama and back up the Caribbean Chain. I think it's all about the fuel.
  5. ClipperinSFO, Totally agree with the Liner Experience. But glad we are close to the Statue leaving from the Brooklyn Terminal.
  6. Mudhen, I too agree with you with the historical sailing down the Hudson was very memorable. I did it with the QE2 and several other ships. I remember passing it especially after 9-11 which was very sad seeing the "Pit" still smoking. The QE2 over the Promenade Deck speaker played the our anthem with all gathered on deck standing still with honor. The one thing going to Manhattan in the past was the traffic on the West Side Highway. Living in Brooklyn only 10-12 minutes from the Brooklyn Terminal, I do have the edge over others traveling and don't miss the stop and go traffic
  7. Ditto Mickb..... Also not finding Beer Belly Whopping in the Pool and Buckets of Beer beside Sun Deck Lounge Chairs.
  8. We too agree and enjoyed the sailing from the West Side Piers like we experienced with the QE2 in the past. Unfortunately I doubt NYC (Port Authority of NY & NJ) will ever extend those piers since the backside of the QM2 extended too much out of the Hudson River. I remember how either NYPD or US Coast Guard had to patrol the ship when it was docked to avoid a possible incident. That's how Brooklyn Cruise Terminal appeared.
  9. Well there is very little to do on Election Day in NYC and can't keep watching coverage till later on TV later in the evening. So we were going thru our cruise vacation videos of the past. I came across the last time we left NY Harbor to NE/Canada sailing on the QM2. Video is our favorite. Exiting NY Harbor and sailing under the Verrazano Narrow Bridge with it's spectacular close call illusion all love to experience. Since we will not be sailing for quite awhile we were wondering where we would like to book in the future. Imagine you are on Deck 13 - Sun Deck of the QM2
  10. Not talking about Politics on board on an Election Night, we do enjoy talking to our past fellow Cunarder's we continue to keep in contact with. I can imagine the feels of all on a ship at sea with their feels and interactions especially an international crowd. Fellow Americans and our Dear United Kingdom Friends are always interested in the activities happening in our country. Even in these past evenings we have gotten emails from our UK friends with the same anticipated feelings as we are feeling here. We know this evening and in the next few d
  11. Hope you do consider rebooking in the future a North America/Canada sailing. It's one of the sailing we enjoy booking and sailing.. We all will one day return to the High Seas......
  12. We have always looked forward to sailing in Bridgetown in Barbados. Also sailing into San Juan. We remember the first time we sailed in San Juan port on the QE2 in 1985. You were scared to get off the ship. Canadian Port Halifax is always welcoming. As well is Boston in Mass on NE Sailings.
  13. I Vote for Cunarder! I am a Cunarder, I like being a Cunarder, I am a practicing Cunarder, I enjoy being a Cunarder, We enjoying sailing as Cunarder, Introducing myself as a Cunarder, Enjoy welcoming newbie's as Cunarder'. Hello and have a Good Day my Fellow Cunarder's
  14. rkacruiser, Hope all is well. Dad use to like to order Kippers for breakfast on the QE&M2 when he sailed on them. I know the Kippers on board are Scottish and Grilled. I also never saw anyone order the Poached Halibut in Melted Butter all the time we sailed. I personally like the Smoked Salmon plate in the Morn for Breakfast with all the accompaniments. Smoked Salmon with creamed cheese on a bagel with possibly a slice of red onion will definitely hold me to lunch even it is a bit later. Hope you one day do try Kippers.
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