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  1. Hi imacruizer, I am so glad you brought this posting up again. I wish it can be placed in the sticky notes of this board to always be a reminder and available to be gotten too. I was the one that used it in 2017 during the Independence Day Cruise and was happy to have added 15 new entries from those CC’ers attending the Meet & Greet. The attendees were happy I brought it and they were able to add their comments to the book. Of course, I brought it back to the Library for safekeeping. I am so happy that it safe & sound. We were supposed to have sailed earlier this month and were once again bringing it to that M&G. Missed the opportunity to have 6 new CC’ers and add their segments. I always have it always on my list at home to bring it to the Meet & Greets and post that it was used as a reminder. Will remember it for the next time. Thank you!
  2. We enjoy a personal tour of the Galley each time we sail. We appreciate the time they offer to us. It is interesting to see and talk to the staff in the different station areas about their choices and methods of preparation. You may want to inquire at the Pursers Desk if a tour will be offered during your sailing. We find it always one of the high lights of a cruise. Mangia!
  3. Unfortunately we have several boxes of these types of keepsakes from the QE2 & QM2. We enjoy taking them out before a sailing to bring back memories. We would never think of giving them away and let those in the future that will make a decision to care for them after our departure. I can't tell you what memories programmes, menus, those rare menu covers, handouts, items left for us in our cabin etc.... bring back those sailings. I can even remember when these items were handed to us. Yes, we have not intentions to separate these memories at this time.
  4. Ditto, Totally Agree... We still to this day love to repeat stories of the QE2 and differences to the Mary 2.... Certain Magic with each Sailing.
  5. The Flambe's in the Britannia Club Restaurant with Tableside Preparation and Service.
  6. Have attended the shows on the QE2 and QM2.... Singers, Piano Players, Dancing, Poems, Comedy to name a few of the talents held in the Queens Room.. It was memorable to see some very talented passengers. One performance on the QE2 that will stay with me was a UK fellow singing with the trio accompanying the "White Cliffs of Dover". He brought the house down with all standing and clapping. He was excellent. I don't ever remember anyone that wasn't good, all very good!
  7. Keeping in mind for the next opportunity...
  8. Caviar everyday or every other day, table side Caesar Salad Langostines Scampi or Dover Sole w Meuniere Sauce Steak Diane or Chateaubriand for Two with accompaniments or Beef Wellington. Enjoyed different styles of Crepes as desserts. Items may be offered but we ordered these on the off days (items not interested in on menu)
  9. We are extremely pleased with the choice of Club Britannia till we one day experience a Grill stay like we once did on the QE2. The design and offerings of the Club Cabins, their perks and dining in the Club Britannia Restaurant (Deck 2 - Aft). We always look forward to dine in the imitate and set aside setting of the Club Restaurant like the other Grill Restaurants on Deck 7. Enjoying the three meals during the day there and able to select the time we wish to dine during the evening meals (630PM - 900PM ). Also the exemplary service by the staff and the special requests prepared at the table side which are treats to us. Yes we have in the past experienced the Britannia Restaurant & Class but now enjoy the Club Experience..
  10. Diito david, We have seen people entering thru those doors as they are also close to the A Elevator Bank (Forward) and are around the corner from them. We've experienced these being used especially when attending the Catholic Mass daily or Saturday/Sunday when Mass is held. Though there are blackout curtains there too, I think the people that use those doors knowing at that particular time they are not interfering with a presentation, movie or planetarium showing.
  11. Princess Suites Midships High Deck 10 P1 Forward High Deck 10 P2 per Cunard 2019 Deck Plan
  12. Sounds like the move we would try after all the years of heading automatically to the (old/new) Kings Court. Normally wait till another day, but Golden Lion maybe the ticket.
  13. In recent days talking to friends, we are still very disappointed that Cunard does not have a dedicated World Cruise Club tab. We miss the voyage log of the past that you could easily refer to all the sailings from day 1 that we did on all the Cunard vessels. It was very informative with dates, days sailing, type of cruise and etc.... Never thought that would be removed from the new website. I would think they would even enhance it on the new site with FAQ's, special request submissions and on board bookings (ex Dining Room Table Location Preferences etc..). In this world technology, I would think Cunard would want to offer more available services to their passengers as part of the WC....
  14. Ditto......Our favorite choice even within city transportation needs..
  15. My Great Nephew loved the Charlie Bear I got him in 2017. We'll see which bear we will get him this year..
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