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  1. Best I like is those locals. Bklyn Brewery. There others they offer in a Food Market called Whole Foods are local and the country private breweries. Really great their fresh smash hamburger. Especially with their Great Onion Rings
  2. Best are home made like mine w fresh herbs and spices. Their light as a feather.
  3. The. Best HD's are those when the skin snaps. Also my dad's baked bean recipe is to die for homemade with pork belly in side with Pork Belly..But Alternative is B&M w the Brown Sugar.
  4. Smoked, Smoked Scottish Salmon and Gravlax were true memories of the QE2 in the Princess Grill on the Trolley tableside.
  5. Adding many topics to this board in the past I think I forgot about the world wide Beverage - Beer..... When sailing on our favorite line Cunard, the Pub offers many beers. I personally like Guinness, Boddington to name a few but their Draughts freshly poured are great too!
  6. Not on board.....Some cruise ships do hand out Mc Donald type Hash Browns out that are very crispy. But not as a dish w Apple Sauce &/or Sour Cream..
  7. We have learned from the past as a flip cover phone how handy and useful a smartphone can connect you to the world. From ordering food, communication with pharmacies, mapping while traveling on roadway with traffic reports to smartphone home shopping. With that they will also kept in touch of when items will be delivered. We did know that in the past smartphones will be used on cruise ships in the future. We have gone away recently and many ways it is used as a contactless use to view dining menus, daily activity programs instead having printed ones. A smartphone is an important point of contact and information device and expect to use it on our next sailing.
  8. We make SP's at home and enjoy them. Use to order German Pancake at the famous German Restaurant in NYC called Luchow's during the old days. Use to be made table side. We also use to like SP's and others at the Old Chain called International House of Pancakes not around anymore.
  9. LR, we are great. Other parts of the 5 boros were effected and serious work to repair. We are lucky to be located by the VZ Bridge and are somewhat sheltered from floods and serious run off. Worst was NJ. My DW hears that Fl has also got alot of rain from a work related friend. BTW we are going to get one of the first cruise ships back in NY Harbor very soon. Means we will return seeing the return of the Cruise Ship Parade in and out of the harbor each weekend. Thk U, Ed......
  10. I too enjoy cream of asparagus along with broccoli, mushroom, potato to name of few homemade.
  11. One thing we enjoy when we go around and stay in INNS or B&B's, they make great casseroles. Instead of the basic breakfast menu items they make something easy to share with all. They are very creative and the tastes are great. Sorry ships don't think of this as a item to share and introduce to passengers as a different experience.
  12. Also while away in the future on a trip will continue to enjoy new drinks being created with Herbs. Yes enjoyed drinks with Rosemary, Thyme etc....Thought first it was weird but got to enjoy the experience. Will share the drinks on our return and their contents.
  13. Going to be away later this month to a favorite location we like to go to and will be experiencing some cooking demos. One of the topics will be pickling items for the fall. Experienced it once before but will be more of interested this year.
  14. We very much like Cream of Mushroom Soup we have tried in many restaurants and even ships. I personally make several styles with different types of mushrooms. Even add a wine, sherry, cream even without cream to name optional items. Even a starch like potatoes to thicken instead of cream since my DW can't have cream. Can't tell the difference. If you don't mind but God and Nature has blessed us with so many types of mushrooms with such flavors to enjoy. I home in like a target on a menu when I look at soups and try new ones.
  15. Don't know if I mention this in the past but the two times we were on the HAL ships we visited the Pinnacle. Enjoyed the great Over Sized Washington Potato w lots of good butter. But SC w chives even better. Also the Sauteed Mushrooms were great to dress the Rib Eye done just right.
  16. Went last month to land based B&B for breakfast and was served pile of pancakes with whip cream and blueberries compote. Of course asked for it removed and just go old maple syrup from Vermont on it. Don't care for cakes and waffles with toppings.
  17. I agree the dinner satisfactory since they always rushed the meal and needed time to turn around for the second seating. I too ????? the umbrellas on a ship. Didn't impress me. Lucky we didn't get one. We did have first seating. French, entrecôte is a premium cut of beef used for steaks. A traditional entrecôte comes from the rib area corresponding to the steaks known in different parts of the English-speaking world as rib, rib eye, Scotch fillet, club, or Delmonico. "What Intern did they have working there. Big different Liver and Beef."
  18. I have heard that it's the in thing the movie stars like very much. Many have it to start their day.ha It's got all the good things needed. We make it when we get the right avocados that is at the right ripeness. Enjoy! We learn a lot of good things offered on board ships that we like to remember and copy at home.
  19. We too was once there on the QE2 and was not impressed. When you don't remember the experience where is the memory. I believe it was re-designed and called the Caronia later on. The dinners were rushed due to the next seating had to be prepped asap.
  20. I use to see them served with steaks and also with certain breakfast plates.
  21. We have been on Cunard for both birthdays and anniversaries and celebrated but at a regular evening dinner with regular selection. We arranged and notified the staff on board at one of the first nights after boarding at dinner. They arranged to have a stock cake bought to the table with script on it noting the occasion. Of course all the close waiters and Asst Captains came over and sang.
  22. Made a Caesar tonight......yes.....with Anchovies!
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