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  1. Roy, I just tried the above link you posted to try it out and was not directed to the wordpress.com site. Appreciate your attention so we can enjoy all you are offering. Ed..
  2. Dear OneManInTheSun, We have in the past sailed for the first time on the newly added Deck 13 (Britannia Club Class Cabin) which wasn't inside but a balcony. We normally book a cabin that is located midship for the stability factor. Sailing took place during the Month of July on a New England/Canada voyage. Yes it delightful to experience this new area added to the QM2 with it's new decor. Some of the additions were a glass door to the shower instead of a curtain, newly designed bathroom interior and sliding door to the balcony instead of the swinging style. This was the first time we sailed on the Mary quite forward on the ship. We experienced a smooth and pleasant sailing with very little movement on each leg of the voyage. Not being a T/A, we can't comment on what you would experience on your sailing. One thing we did have to come accustom to was the distance the restaurants were being on the far end of the ship on the lower decks. It was quite a hike to and from the dining room.
  3. We have always made any requests thru our Cabin Steward/Stewardess. There should be a order slip that you will find on the Cabin Desk for requests of Beverages & Waters.
  4. We were in Britannia Club Class and my DW had to and always brings her own mirror for make up.
  5. Our past experience, per voyage hours are applied to each Cunard World Club Member in the cabin. Example when we sail, myself and my DW each as Diamond Members receive 8 complimenty hours that apply to our Diamond Level. If we do a return sailing, a new 8 complimenty hours are applied to us. Any hours from the previous sailing are not carried over.
  6. Since we don't participate in the trivia games knew from other CC'ers traveled with that they received some sort of stamp, coupon that they can submit for a prize at the end of the sailing. Remember on the last sailing, they were excited in obtaining several items that were being offered. Good luck on your quest.
  7. Ditto, One of my favorite activities on board. I make sure I always take my binoculars with me. Either sitting on an open deck or an our balcony with a hot pot of tea, we can too sit and enjoy the vast open ocean and the view it offers. BTW....we too are sailing on her next July.....
  8. We have never had difficulty finding an activity to keep us busy either on a short or long voyage on the Queen Mary 2. Sometimes you will find difficulty picking an activity with several allotted to the same time spot. But some activities are repeated daily which you can select on another day. Don't forget to check out the Bridge Observation Room (Forward) Deck 12 and see those responsible for gliding this Majesty Ocean Liner on it's journey.
  9. We experienced the same dilemma in the past on another line with improper medical care. On the cruise, my DW experienced an injury on land and try to self-treat it on board for a day. The next day we went to the Medical Center and saw the Doctor/Nurse on duty. They offered very little care but we were at the tail end of the cruise and be home soon. The injury was not improving and was going to address it once off the ship. After disembarking and settling in at home, we went to one of our physicians to seek treatment. Upon examination, she was directed to go directly to the emergency room at the hospital for a case of cellulitis. She was admitted for three days of IV Antibiotic treatment, which improved the injury rapidly and was what the injury needed on the onset (Antibiotics). After settling in at home for a day or two, we contacted the Lines Corporate Offices to lodge a formal complaint on the care we received on the ship during the cruise. We were directed to their Risk Management Department. After many calls and suppling documentation from the doctor and medical center that treated my DW, she received Judaification for the care and cost of the medical treatment she received. Also ensured that the situation was going to be addressed on board the ship. BTW… we too both take certain medication on board and on land based vacations in case of sickness or injuries. Our physicians are happy to write us prescriptions for medications to be filled and take on trip in case they are needed. Some ships do not stock certain meds to handle all cases. Good luck and don’t leave this incident prevent sailing in the future. This incident happened quite a time ago and we have sailed many, many times since then and enjoyed the trips….
  10. T5LHR, I do agree with decorating your cabin with flowers during a sailing adds an extra touch. I always order floral decoration thru Cunard for our cabin like the one below for my wife to wish her Bon Voyage. And she likes it. I do agree with you about the $$ but I prefer leaving it up to the Line to agree to delivery it onboard and leaving one more extra task to do on during embarkation. They do a very good job and it's always in the cabin on arrival. The arrangement always last the entire length of the sailing even a 11 day cruise once on. Give it some thought......
  11. TickleKat1, We are doing the 4th of July 7 day sailing next year that we also have done a number of times in the past. It is in 2020 and goes to Halifax, NS, Portland, Maine and Boston, Mass with some days at Sea. If thinking of NE/Canada, there are the Fall sailings even to Quebec. We did it once and it was a memorable sailing. Good Luck on your choosing a voyage....
  12. TickleKat1, Though some people do have mixed opinions about the Royal Court evening shows, we always look forward to all the shows performed on board. Sometimes even viewing certain ones twice. But what we look forward to especially is the great evenings in the Queens Room. Listening to the QM2 Big Band sound is so stirring. And watching everyone letting their hair down in the G32 Disco. Late at night, the place is jumping. Even cafe type of music in the different bars before settling in for the night is something to look forward to.
  13. Sorry, Next sailing isn't till middle of 2020 and will be a Eastern Coast cruise.... Sorry
  14. There's really no other way to cruise than Sailing on the Queen Mary 2. Our next sailing will be our 27th and 20+ with Cunard. The staff and crews are exceptional with the care and concern to make your sailing a memorable one. We are not those interested in the larger ships that are now a days called Mega Ships. We like to continue to follow the tradition of sailing like we did when we started on the Queen Elizabeth 2. It is an experience like no other. And we have been blessed to have met many, many wonderful people that we are still in contact with and sometime sail with again.
  15. We had the pleasure to have met from days gone by and even on most recent sailings, many celebrity encounters. From the USA and from "Across the Pond". Some did not mine being encountered and had pleasant conversations and even a photo. Some wanted not to be encountered. We respect those that came for R & R like we booked our sailing for.
  16. Sounds like a good trip and experiences. Living in NYC, we use to go to Wong Fats in Chinatown during our younger days. It is on the west side and the wives of Wong Fats workers had their restaurants on the east side in the Bowery. Should get back there to enjoy some good olde chinese food. Never heard of Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Have to give it a try. Especially if they have good Green Tea Ice Cream. We have so many Chinatowns in NYC with ethic changes in the city. NYC lower Manhattan the original, Queens in Flushing on Main Street and several in Brooklyn. Sunset Park, Sheephead Bay and Bensonhurst to name a few. A lot of places to get authentic chinese products for amateur cooks. But we should return to the original in Manhattan.
  17. Our understand from many past sailings and useage...
  18. Steamboats, Thank you for the memories thru your pictures. Each pixs is like a stroll thru the ship on a past and future sailing on the QM2. It makes us look forward more to the next sailing we have booked.
  19. Jonathan, Thought you were longer than that. Being Diamond 2x's we have plenty especially for Beverly's work contacts. Will drop you an updated email..about the future plans. Ed S.
  20. Respectfully disagree...On my Videos, sound was quite clear and audible.....
  21. On our sailing during the 4th of July trip in 2017, we did have Baked Alaska in the Club Britannia as a dessert on the menu. The Maitre D' did accompany the Alaska with table side service with Cherries Jubilee off the Flambe Cart. We haven't seen a Baked Alaska Parade since our days on QE2. With the traditional sparklers and the lights down low with a traditional March being played. Those were the days.
  22. On the Queen Mary 2 we always stop by the Library and don't forget to sign it on each sailing. We even take it to the Meet & Greets each trip and have all add their comments to the logbook. The newbie Cunarders get a kick out of adding their additions to the book that keeps sailing with the ship. They also find it interesting to read all the comments others have added to the book during their trip recognizing a lot of the other CC'ers names. All have to remember to bring it back to the library so the tradition can live on.
  23. After many trips to Boston, we always now take the Shuttle to the middle of the City and then venture around. Quincy Market, Commons, Public Gardens and then a new restaurant for lunch before heading back to the ship. Very convenient way to and from the ship.
  24. Hi imacruizer, I am so glad you brought this posting up again. I wish it can be placed in the sticky notes of this board to always be a reminder and available to be gotten too. I was the one that used it in 2017 during the Independence Day Cruise and was happy to have added 15 new entries from those CC’ers attending the Meet & Greet. The attendees were happy I brought it and they were able to add their comments to the book. Of course, I brought it back to the Library for safekeeping. I am so happy that it safe & sound. We were supposed to have sailed earlier this month and were once again bringing it to that M&G. Missed the opportunity to have 6 new CC’ers and add their segments. I always have it always on my list at home to bring it to the Meet & Greets and post that it was used as a reminder. Will remember it for the next time. Thank you!
  25. We enjoy a personal tour of the Galley each time we sail. We appreciate the time they offer to us. It is interesting to see and talk to the staff in the different station areas about their choices and methods of preparation. You may want to inquire at the Pursers Desk if a tour will be offered during your sailing. We find it always one of the high lights of a cruise. Mangia!
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