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    We are sailing next 4th of July in 2019 on our 7 day / 6 nights in Club Britannia was stated as $200. per cabin (2 passengers). Last years same sailing was same category 6 day / 5 nights in Club Britannia was No OBC and Gratitudes Included. We'll see if our OBC happens to change if ever.
  2. I know sailing on the QE2 in the past I found terms that were verified by crew/staff that we knew that were used. "Niagara, Niagara, Niagara" - A flooding situation on the ship followed by the location "Starlight, Starlight, Starlight" - A Medical Emergency Team to Respond followed by the location We witnessed these terms several times and seeing crew heading to the incident locations. With Luck we have not heard "terms" on board the QM2 during the 5 times we sailed in the past.
  3. This is Lower Manhattan, NYC after 9-11-2001 and before the construction of the new World Trade Center Grounds. Governor Island is in the fore ground. Looks like this picture could have been taken off the QM2 or cruise ship docked at Red Hook, South Brooklyn (Brooklyn Cruise Terminal)
  4. Deck Chair, Thank you for your great first hand experience from another Cunarder. Knowing the experience well, I feel like I am on board and walking with you thru your day. I hope that lady does know where her vest is in case. I am surprise one of the crew on the staircases/stations did ask her where her's was. Oh well. So happy you verified the new name of the Verandah which is a current topic on the CC Forum. One special reason we love the QM2 is the dedicated staff that serves you from cabin to the restaurant. How lucky we are. Looking forward to your posting each day and Day 2 - Formal Evening..
  5. The No. 1 thing that we have always done on our visit is to go to one of the seafood restaurant have a Lobster Roll or a Fresh Lobster prepared to your likely with drawn butter. We have never really never tasted Lobster so sweet like the lobster in Bar Harbor. I wish I could live in Bar Harbor and enjoy it as often as I could. Really no kidding. Also purchases fresh blueberry products that Maine and Bar Harbor are noted for. Jam, Jellies, Syrups are really great. We love Bar Harbor and all it offers and still keeps it quaint atmosphere...
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    Hi kerry, Think we all are hoping our cruises match our wishes on the 2020 schedule. Bon Voyage.... Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  7. Thank U Dover Sole our Favorite. A Good Steak to booth would be great. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  8. BRAVO MCC... The was the first thing the menu that turned us off. Couldn't even figure the names on the menu. Thk U Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
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    So happy to see the change in 2020 with the 4th July Sailing on the QM2 from the flip flopping of Halifax and St John's of the past. Next year change to 7 days and adding Newport attracted us. And now still staying with the 7 days and changing to Portland Maine in 2020 may attract more newbies to try the QM2. Jun 29-Jul 06: New York, Halifax, Portland (Maine), Boston, New York After sailing the QE2 over 12 years ago, this was the type of cruise we used in 2006 to see if we would like the QM2 and now is she is our #1 Ship. Hope others will experience the same feeling and adopt her for their future vacations/holidays.
  10. After reading most of the posts recently, I do hope Cunard makes the right choice to replace the Verandah Restaurant and the menu which will be designed for that dining spot that will last for a longer period of time. Not being a fan of the Todd English I was hoping for a change in that spot. Granted we did twice try it as an amenity to the World Cruise Club. Unfortunately IMHO, I could have taken or leave it. Last year we reviewed the menu before sailing of the Verandah and was not attracted to try it. Sailing next year, I do hope and look forward to a welcoming replacement and menu to that restaurant space. I know we sailed three times on HAL and the Pinnacle Restaurant was interesting with beef (steaks) and seafood very well prepared and enjoyed.
  11. Ditto I agree Slow Foxtrot with the population of the ship even noticed it on the QE2, the adequate space to do certain dances is not there having been a dance performer once. And I do know watching on our sailings there is a good amount of the people on there to have fun while on vacation. Some interesting adlib steps seem to be created While there are those who have waited for the opportunity to take advantage of the Ballroom Orchestra in this Ballroom on the Seas. That is why G32 is available to "Let Your Hair Down" and "Hang Loose".
  12. LewiLewi We too found that sailing on the HAL Noordam once everything was situated on a particular deck from forward of the ship to the aft. Style of the ships being built those days. When we saw this same design it reminded us when the Elizabeth and Victoria was being introduced. But ditto.....QM2 is still our favorite to sail on...
  13. Hello Elaine, So sorry to hear of disappointment from a Chilled Soup Lover. We sailed on Cunard QE2 and now QM2 and in the past HAL and they had Chilled Soups especially on Tropical/Caribbean sailings. They were delicious from fruit to vegetable style soups. Chilled Peach Soup so refreshing. Hope you and I can look forward to seeing it on the menu again.
  14. Unfortunately I found in the past to many passengers moving about below and interfered with a proper photo or video being taken. Last years sailing we all were consider to each other in taking our shots on the platform. Respectfully many wanted the structures of the ship included in their shots to show on their return.. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  15. Ditto tommy k. On the other deck you are either on one side or the other, you're right! Why not the whole picture... Great story and one to remember for a lifetime. Wonder if she sounded the horn for traditional reasons or was it arranged. More interesting if it was arranged. We too will be taking our place next July on the Ob Deck. Cheers!
  16. Dear Bob, Congratulations and we believe you will enjoy the QM2 and all she offers. Having taken two sailings across the Pond, we really experienced the traditional of a Atlantic Crossing. We have too taken the appropiate clothing for daytime and evening wear preferring a Black Tuxedo for the number of Formal Evenings on a TA. Thru our personal experiences, we have seen the traditional Tuxedos and passengers with even very Color Tux's. Yes, even those that brought out their White Tux Jackets. I personally have used my White Jacket on mostly tropical/Caribbean sailings. People like to enjoy celebrating traditionally, colorful and different. Enjoy!
  17. Always departing from our homeport of NYC (Brooklyn Cruise Terminal) we prefer to view the sailaway from the Observation Platform in front of the funnels on Deck 13, back portion of the Sun Deck. The new observation walkway above the Deck 13 cabins has become very popular and crowded. The Observation Platform has become a tradition since the first time we sailed on her. We even find it a great place to gather and first meet some of the Cruise Critics while departing NY Harbor. You actually get a closer look and feel of the roadway of the VZ and the funnel passing under the bridge. Of course hold on to your hats when the thunderous sound of the Queen's Horns sound.
  18. We have found attending the Shows in the Royal Court Theater to arrive as early as you can when the doors open to get the prime seats you are looking to watch the show. It becomes quite crowded within the last half hour before the show starts. If you find it difficult to attend the early show, when attending the late show, best to come when the previous show empties out. We find there will be a bit of time before the next show starts but we find it a good time to enjoy a drink, go over the daily programme for the next day or have a conversation with other passengers. Many times we see passengers we recognize and find time to go over our daily experiences. We always look forward to the showtimes presented on the QM2..
  19. Illuminations which is the name of the theater is an open space where lectures, movies, demonstrations, Catholic Mass on Sundays and once we saw a live stream Opera from the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC. It is also used for the Planetarium Show viewed several times of day which you can obtain tickets in the early morning. You can sit anywhere you wish thru out the events held there from entrances on Deck 2 or 3. This should not be confused with the theaters/showplaces on the other Cunard Ships that have box seats where you can arrange entertainment packages (snacks/beverages) while watching the show.
  20. Not our attraction on cruises. Could have cruised this year but St John's on list and we passed it by.
  21. New waterfront in recent years done. Also the new farmer type market by Pier 21. Enjoy the museum and just walking around the port area.
  22. Robert Vaughn from the Man from Uncle on the QE2
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