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  1. Robert Vaughn from the Man from Uncle on the QE2
  2. Getting onboard, my wife and I alway feel like we just got off yesterday. But the feeling of first last is not uncommon. You have to realize, you are starting something that will end. As all talk about, where does the time go. So fast time passing bring days faster and end is near. Just Enjoy the cruise...
  3. I always pickup the Barbados Brown Sugar - several bags. Great year round. Oatmeal, saute sweet potatoes, farina etc....
  4. Wife packs but I hate carrying bags to car service...After that....My job is done...
  5. Simple Breakfast since we are 12 minutes away from terminal...
  6. Head to Cabin, Drop off luggage, See Dining Room Assignment - Poss See Table After Lunch - Head for Lido Buffet
  7. Egg Benedict first breakfast and Caviar on first formal night
  8. A Good Beer with the First Lunch.. Blue Moon, Stella or on the QM2 - Draft Strout
  9. Congratulations! Read the manual, do a lot of google-ing, and keep notes of your frequency finds and observations.
  10. Look luck on your search and research. Don't need anything fancy just basic for local traffic and monitoring. Being a Retired Incident Commander 24 years from local jobs to World Trade Center 93 operations and Airport Ops, just being aware of whats happening in the neighborhood is interesting. Friends even use the radio when attending NASCAR events and heard teams exchanges info for the next move. Today we had a very bad set of storms coming thru and monitoring with the right frequencies gave me an idea how extensive the neighborhood was effect and activiate the needed help. Good Hunting......
  11. The u but never had a problem bringing on board. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  12. Yes I use those brands and also Old 1000 channel Rad Shk. Can even use smartphone app with scanner capabilities for scanning. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  13. Had on problem picking up Cunard Vessel operations with ship and on the balcony. Harbor ops always no problem with USCG.... Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  14. When we sailed on Holland America Line in btw the QE2 & QM2 several times we experienced the Pinnacle Grill, their version of Steakhouse/Fish Specialty restaurant. It was very nice and sort of Grill type service. The menu and selection were very special and enjoyable from app to dessert. A once a cruise experience due to the surcharge. Granted a Steakhouse would be different but as mentioned, when we were in Simpsons on the Strand the Prime Rib was exceptional. What a experience. We too did not care for the Todd English or Verandah Restaurant at all. We did try them as a courtesy of being a Diamond WC member for a gratis lunch. We still like the Britannia Restaurant and recently booking Club Britannia the last several times. Good Luck to Cunard picking the right replacement.
  15. Dear latserrof, So great that you are interested in marine operations while cruising. Unfortunately due to Cruise Critic policy I can't suggest a company or model of scanner for your use. I do personally scan during our trips of the ship and even local authorities since being a retired emergency service worker in the past. It is very interesting to listen to the ship operations with are various departments from bridge operations to tour and hotel services. But to hear the communications of the ship to tug boats interesting and how special the handling is so precise. The frequencies can be found thru different websites you can google too. No not all operations are encoded and clearly heard with verbal exchange. I do suggest you to google portable scanners. Frequency range is 156.0 to 157.0 US Coast Guards is 157.0 to 157.175. So you don't have to get scanners that are digital or trunk operated unless you intend additional use in the future. I hope this little information is helpful.. Bon Voyage...
  16. Hi Pat and Lyn, So happy to see your are sailing the Elizabeth. We never got to try her yet but maybe someday. We did sailed her sister the QE2 in the past and enjoyed her. Yes you do have a great set of ports to visit. Coming from Fla you will gathering a great mix of passengers from all around boarding the Elizabeth. NYC is the Big Apple and a Big Bite to handle with so much to see and do. It's a vacation stop alone to investigate. But do your research and see what the ship will offer as tours or what you would personally want to see on the stop over. I know CC'ers are great at giving advise. Imagine we live here and take it all for granted at our footstep. Enjoy...
  17. The processing of city tap water is not the same as on a ship. Certain times we detected a certain chorine taste during our sailings when the city water they take on at ports has been depeated. City water has a more balanced processing. Certain times in NYC when street water pipes are worked on, extra chlorine is added as a precaution. So there are difference that can be detected...
  18. My wife definitely does not like to use the ships water made on board for drinking. I personally don't mind the water made on the ship. We always have several bottles (Evian) in the cabin for drinking and also for dental reasons. She just doesn't care for the scent of chloride in the processed water when it's present. So instead of carrying like others water on board, we purchase it on board thru the room steward since we always have on board credit. IMHO........Luggage is enough to bring onboard.
  19. Hoping the new Cunard Vessel will favor the USA... Disappointed that the Elizabeth and Victoria rarely show their presence in the USA. Maybe we were spoiled with the QE2 sailing for over a decade from NYC with multiple Caribbean sailings in a year. Not like November, December and part of the World Cruise presently scheduled. As always, the new vessel must have the same character all Cunard Ships have that draws many to return.
  20. BON VOYAGE!.....Smooth Sailing....
  21. Isn't that some site Aquaphobic...Always trying to fit the whole ship on the camera view display for a shot.
  22. Living in Brooklyn and sailing out of the terminal, I have visited the terminal and area many times. It is quite a walk to the terminal complex itself thru the streets of Redhook from the hotel location. There is a walk in entrance/gate on Conover and Pioneer Street for passengers and crew member. The final walk is quite a stretch to the terminal building but the pleasure to see the Queen Mary 2 in the distance is worth the walk. You can also get quite a shot/picture of her from that disance. Bon Voyage!
  23. Hi Pat and Lyn, First Welcome as First Timers to Cunard. I hope you enjoy your sailing. Which ship are you booked for. We have had fun with our roll calls and enjoy meeting many wonderful people and are still in touch with many to this date. Last year roll call we gathered about 40 people which was the right amount to get together. We have even cruised with them again and enjoyed their company. I have recently started a roll call for next June 30th, a year from now, the day after booking to get the ball rolling. I have already gained another couple by chance. I really don't expect anyone till the end of the year/beginning of the new year when there maybe sales to join the roll call. It does seem lonely at first but once the roll call gets going there will be alot of conversations, ideas and exchanges of thoughts. Unfortunately we always book ship tours and not private, so can't help you.
  24. The over all problem I believe with parking at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is that Propark (propark.com) runs it. When a ship is expected in, there are representatives to service passengers either picking up or leaving cars in the lot. Yes the lot is being watched by security, well lit and locked but that is by the Port Authority of NJ & NY. Maybe they can answer any questions if you can get thru to them.
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