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  1. We are so lucky when we are in the Club Britannia Dining Room our Captain prepared Crepes, Bananas & Peaches Flambe and Cherries for our Baked Alaska with no problem on the QM2. They do taste better when done at the tableside and not in a group form for many dishes. Personal Prep makes the difference.
  2. Frank, Take Care & Stay Safe. We too are concerned in NYC..... Watching the reports too about the multiple Big T's....
  3. Kindly Beg To Differ from a New Yorker... Ditto, Enjoy your day...
  4. Unfortunately you not as informed as we are. Special email received from City about these two precautionary barriers being installed. Came in as of Friday evening. So we rely the City do what they believe is necessary under the circumstances. Have a good day..
  5. Getting Ready for the Tropical System on Tuesday to Hit NYC.... Winds 65 mph Rain 5 inches or better Rip Currents Heavy Surfs Heavy Flooding - Especially Lower Manhattan New Special Barriers - Designed after Hurricane Sandy...
  6. As a American Bacon lover, made right it's very tasty and look forward to it. We make it right especially for BLT's.... Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich Sorry you had it wrongly prepared..
  7. Hi oskidunker, Yes we too see the Mein in NY Harbor at times of the year. We sailed the Cunard Caronia in August 2001 with numerous German Passengers and it was a challenge. After each PA announcement in English there was one in German. Two different Daily Programmes were printed. Even calling of BINGO's numbers were in English & German. The Social Hostess announcements at Showtime has a German Hostess. Even the Menus were printed in German. We Passed the Test......lol.....
  8. So Sad....... QM2 beached.......She deserves to give joy to the passengers who love her.
  9. Hi All, Well NYC in the last two days and next two keeping up with it's nick name The Big "Baked" Apple. Extremely hot and some streets are empty and unfortunately with the health emergency not that many places to escape too. Phase 4 opened up to certain locations and not too many. Looks like indoor dining will be the last locations to be re-established in the future. Lucky many of the outdoor dining or sidewalk cafes established do have umbrellas to shade the sun. Theses are the kind of days we remembered when boarding a cruise everyone headed t
  10. Hi cgtnormandie, Yes I wanted to see what else other like. We agree with you. We sail the QM2 and first board and drop off our hand bags at the already available cabin. Then we head the crazy Kings Court Buffet. First we find the table then we each go up one holding the table. Granted being on the QM2 don't think we have nice lunches in the Buffet. It's crazy. Next time we are going to try a bar that serves Fish & Chips that to new passengers don't know about and head to the buffet. We too won't eat to much since we board around 1230PM and dinner is
  11. Hi oskidunker again, That's a new one, sweatshirts on Formal Night.... Penalty for that should be walking the Plank! lol..... Honestly really never heard arguing on board... Cunarder's are more understanding. You will see a difference in each line. Yes, they should walk the Plank!
  12. Hi oskidunker, Yes we have seen passengers denied access to the Britannia Restaurant by the Captain/Ass. Captains of the Dining Room. Either at the Main Entrance or side entrances. They were kindly approached to return to their cabin for more appropriate dress to be changed too. Some do enter when the Dining Room when the meal service is in full swing and are not first noticed but were approached. The Staff are very polite with their approach and never saw any debate. The passenger just exited and returned in proper dress for the suggested dress code of the
  13. Hello Camgirl From The USA.... If you Google Mask Patterns you may find many articles or suggestions. At the beginning when the Virus attack started in the USA and cloth masks were suggested, many many articles hit the internet for those that did not want to purchase them. Many articles and suggestions appeared for those willing to make their own.
  14. We enjoyed an Upgrade once and really was a surprise and a treat in Queens Grill. It was at the pier's check-in desk at embarkation. Always hoping that the Upgrade Fairy would do a visit.
  15. I know many are speaking about the suspension of cruising at this time and what are their future plans for either 2021 or 2022 will be. But since rescheduled our sailing to 21, it will be a good opportunity for us to investigate our country more by car. It would be a great chance to see more of the areas we haven't had the chance to see in the past and still in our state.
  16. I like the bagel toasted and soft cream cheese w a slice of red onion. I know on the QM2 they give the lox with a bagel with accompaniments. (chopped red onion, chopped egg whites & yolks, cream cheese).
  17. Well today actually this morning we would have been arriving at home after departing the Queen Mary 2 from the 4th of July NE/CANADA Sailing at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Getting back to the routine of unpacking, sending out the laundry and getting food back into the house, No more Broadwalk Cafe or Kings Court Buffet. No more personally service three times a day in the Club Britannia Restaurant. We always order Pizza from our favorite restaurant while re-settling the house back to normal. Back to making the bed and maintaining the bathroom and house.
  18. Hi Rikacruiser, Great Subject Matter.... For evenings like a cordial in the Royal Court Theater before the show starts. Like to sip a cordial like Sambuca, White Creme de Menthe or Frangelico...All straight up.. Sometimes they drop a coffee bean into the Sambuca and lite it. My favorite wines are Blush Zinfandel and also a nice clean clear Pinot Grigio. Some of the old fashion cocktails will still test Bar T's with are High Balls, Side Cars, Old Fashions, Gibson, Godfather or Godmother. Some don't know a Cape Cod. Also Whiskey Sour. Use to like to sip m
  19. Bet you R Right ! Lyonnaise are potatoes, onions, butter and parlsey...
  20. Hi rakcruiser, I am not sure if you can get a brand called Goya but they have Guava in a quart container size. Also Libby makes Guava in cans.. Do get it if you can...So Delicious
  21. Hi LewiLewi, Happy 4th to you too. Yes NYC will liven up later in the afternoon. Suppose to have Fireworks on the top of the Empire State Building beside the individual communities. In 15 minute will be the famous Nathan's Frankfurter Contest in Coney Island without the crowds this year. Yes we too will have our Hot Dogs around 1-2 PM and Burgers in the Evening. Do look in 2021 for a sailing. We too have been beached this year and miss even seeing the ships sailing the Hudson.
  22. Happy 180th Anniversary to Cunard Line. We remember Celebrating the 150th on the QE2 and what a celebration on board transiting the Panama Canal to the East Coast. The great on deck parties and celebration balls in the Queens Room..
  23. I always like a Manhattan straight up with a twist of lemon. Also if topical like the Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Blue Hawaiian to name a few.
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