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  1. Harpy3, Sorry you experienced your room not ready with the stewardess/steward still tidying up your cabin. Could have been one of those times that there was a delay of the previous sailing disembarking or an inspection upon arrival throwing off the turn-around of the ship. We have been blessed each time we have boarded with the cabin ready and even the stewardess/steward greeting us with our baggage there waiting for us.
  2. Hi harpy3, Ditto... Yes, why not start the vacation on the right foot by entrusting your check-in baggages to the handlers at the street side of the terminal. We start our sailing with peace of mind at the sidewalk outside the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and giving our baggage in and knowing we will next see them in our cabin on board. Why drag those bags thru the terminal, onto a elevator or escalator, up the Gangway and thru the ship. Relieving ourselves of the stresses from the very beginning is the whole point of looking forward to the Wonderful Sailing Experience on the Queen Mary 2.
  3. From Cunard Site for Club Britannia.... Luxury awaits from the moment you arrive in your Club Balcony stateroom to find a chilled bottle of sparkling wine. It features all the hallmarks of Cunard style and comfort from the king-sized bed, 24-hour room service, luxurious bathroom with shower, bathrobe and slippers, nightly turndown service with chocolate, lounge area, and satellite TV. You’ll also benefit from a nine-pillow concierge menu, a private balcony, and the choice to dine when you wish in the intimate, single-seating Britannia Club restaurant. Since we are already Diamond Level we have perks already. But for Club Britannia one of the personal preference is the Open single sitting dining times away from early/late times and a pre-set table for the entire sailing of the trips. Additional A la Carte Menu (Pre Grill Experience) besides Britannia Menu. Our Maitre d even accommodated special requests. We also like being on an upper deck like Deck 12, not Deck 13 as experienced in the past. IOHO.....We have preferred this cabin classification since the first time we experienced it. Some like inside, outside, balcony, sheltered, etc.... This is our booking choice...
  4. Thank you bluemarble....reliable as always!
  5. Delmos, We do understand your circumstances and reasoning but I suggest you should give the "Queen of the Seas" a try. After the QE2, she is one of a kind to experience that we love to return each and every time. We've tried other lines in the past on and off but always return to the QM2. Mega & Party Ships are not for us. We too are not rich, posh but traditional. We enjoy the traditional style of sailing with all it's features of the historical liners of the past. You may even feel the history through it's service on board. BTW...we do offer a tip when our Room Service orders are delivered to cabin. Showing our appreciation for the efficient service we received. Always on time each and every time. And we do also show our appreciate to our cabin steward/stewardess at the conclusion of our journey in person to thank them for the professional care they showed us and upkeep of the cabin. They do appreciate hearing it in person.
  6. Example of the Ship waiting for a ship's tour, we were at Cornerbrook on the QE2 quite a number of years over a decade. It was it's Maiden Sailing into that port. Our ship tour was a 5-6 hour tour that was quite extensive and went inland. Also the first time this tour was used by the QE2 Tour Staff. Well it was beautiful and picturesque with a delicious Fish Chowder and Fish & Chips lunch. Part of the tour was touring the newly developed National Park that was still being built. It was quite a surprise to the bus driver the shape of the roads we had to drive on. Well we had to do a major re-routing with took us out of the way and time was drawing late. Well we finally got on our way the departure time was drawing nearer. One key feature of this tour in our favor, we had two of the tour staff with us on the buses. Well it's 530PM with a 5PM departure time. Well about 540PM we are rounding a turn and we saw the glorious sight of the QE2 and the smoke stack billowing. We approached the pier and we saw everyone on board out on the decks. And the QE2 Horns saluted our arrival. We all exited the buses and you heard the largest roar and cheers from the decks above while we headed for the gangway. As soon as the last person hit the gangway it was brought on board. In minutes we high tailed out of the port...Glad we were a group and 2 tour staff with us....
  7. Just2guys, The last time we were on board we found no movement at all since he weather and seas were in our favor compared to other times we sailed the same route. Except for the expected fog at times on the sailing we enjoyed the complete experience. Occupying the cabin below the new walking/observation deck on Deck 14 we were not disturbed with the walking above us due to the surface they applied. It is used while entering and departing ports of call which attracts quite group of people. We only really hear people up there if they talked quite loud and it was noticeable. Otherwise we felt comfortable occupying the cabin.
  8. nybumpkin, Hi from one New Yorker to another..... We are booked for the July 4th and awaiting for their release. I know according to cruise documents Pre Cruise Documentation is due around 4/30/19 date. We just passed Final Payment so I believe things are going to start to move faster. So hoping for end of April beginning of May..... Enjoy the Good Weather...
  9. We rarely book private excursions when sailing. Not saying it's not a good alternate choice if you are accustom to doing so with past experience. We like selecting the excursions offered by shipboard after careful analysis of the contents. We really don't like to also take those excursions that take up the entire day offered in port (4-6 hours). With that analysis, we were happy with any previous tours we have taken. The tour guides are well versed with informing us with information related to our location and keeping the group together. And we have to credit the drivers which are like the Captains of the bus with their professional handling of the vehicle and our safety. They also watch our personal possession while away from the bus. The one important factor is that they keep us on time to return to the ship leaving time to add shopping but also to return before the ship departure from the port. You really don't want to be part of a You Tube recording missing the ship and all on board waving Aloha.... But if we wish to just leisurely see the scenes, we just plan a walking tours for sightseeing and shopping and stretching our legs. We are waiting for our excursion listing to be released and do our thing with looking it over. Bon Voyage.
  10. Hi Just2guys, First, Bon Voyage to your future sailing. We too sailed the Britannia Cabin & Restaurant but haven't Princess on the QM2. On a previous and the upcoming sailing we were and will be on Deck 12 A1 Britannia Club Cabin. 12052 first sailing and next in the 12060's. We were on the last sailing in 13002 on Deck 13 the newly refit added portion. Very New Interior, Glass Balcony Railing, Glass Shower Door & Vanity. We booked the cabin on the upcoming trip by Elevator B since is is much closer to the route to the Club Britannia. The previous distance and location was very tiring traveling to and from the Club restaurant at the far end of the ship and quite a number of decks below. We are looking forward to this years cabin like the first time. The Club Britannia Restaurant is also one of the key features to the Club Class we are attracted to till we experience one of the other Grill Restaurants. We enjoy the dining times instead of those in Britannia. The set table for each meal instead of only dinner. The menu with the several daily specials and added A La Carte Menu which we used quite often in the past. And the Flambe's available each night and even on special request. We were happy our Maitre D did special requested entrees. Till a booking higher or a visit from the Upgrade Fairy, we enjoy Club Britannia without any interference. Cabins near the Elevator B and the Pavilion Indoor Pool never bothered us since they are blocked by the elevators and several corridor doors.
  11. Though we didn't try the Corinthian Lounge till we needed to get off at our second port of call during our sailing, the findings was great. Rushing to depart at Boston at Noon for the day, the Kings Court was like a zoo. So after finding many of the special plates going fast with other passengers that came ahead of us, I ventured in the back of the Court and looked over the Lounge's offerings. Well I grab several great items and brought them to our table. Very well made starters, entrees and especially desserts were great. We were well satisfied during our day in Boston. We are going to definitely make our way to the Lounge during our upcoming cruise in July. One thing to keep in mind, the Court & Lounge does not offer food trays to carry your selections. If you dine in the either the KIng's or Corinthian Lounge, you should obtain a table in those rooms instead of carrying the food back and forth.. Bon Voyage
  12. Hi Christine, True the location is close to all the activities and even a good way to keep slim walking the staircases up and down. You'll enjoy the lovely maritime pictures along the way on the walls. Yes we like the glass balconies not having to look thru the metal bars out to the sea...
  13. We prefer to stand with the basic Tuxedo w Vest and Bow Tie. Everyone has their personal taste in fashion.
  14. Hi Christine, Being on Deck 12 Club Britannia Mid Ship we know that we may experience the setup of the Sun Deck for Morning Sunning but we were around that same area in the past and it didn't bother us with the above chair movement. We were even leaving for breakfast around that time and spent most of the time around the ship the rest of the day. I know once being on the HAL we had fellow passengers that happened to have cabins unfortunately under the Lido/Buffet area and before breakfast, lunch and dinner time hearing the food trucks moving around on top of them. So I know well your concern. BTW..glad you weren't visited by the Congo Line heading down your hallway and passing your cabin from the Deck Party....lol...
  15. Hi Christine, We had a friend that also had a shelter last year on 5 and thought it was different. They normally cruise on Disney Line. It took them to awhile to get use to the enclosed portion and not getting that amount of sun inside the cabin itself. Our first sailing on the QM2 was on Deck 11 (Cabin 11147) and we like it but learned there was a overhang towards the rear on the ship. If you ever accept our invitation to return to the USA via TA and want to book a Deck 11 cabin, remember that from Elevator Bank A to B (Front half of the ship) the balcony is open to the Sun all day. Elevator Bank B to Deck D (Back half) has a overhang from Deck 12 from above. We learned that when we booked a cabin in the forward portion of the ship. We too are on the Upgrade List but know Cunard is a hard line to get upgrades that often. But always hoping the Upgrade Fairy will pay a visit.
  16. The only Upgrade we experienced with Cunard was on the QE2 Caribbean Cruise. From a Outside (No Balcony) Cabin to Queen Grill on the Boat Deck. We were surprised to find out while checking in at the Manhattan Pier Deck. Yes, we were surprised and extremely happy. This was after about 5 sailings. This will be our 19th Cunard sailing coming up and nothing since then.
  17. We like Salty's and will be returning there in about 3-4 months on our next sailing. We were very satisfied the last time and convinced to return. We like the Fish & Chips, Lobster and also Manhattan Clam Chowder since we are from NYC. The service was very professional and we were able to converse with the server about Halifax and any recommendations to see after dining.
  18. Unfortunately I am not accustomed to post copies of receipts. If this particular sailing stewardesses were informed to direct passengers to do so, I am only following the directions of the ships staff. As I said in other topics, we were charged for smaller size bottle packages for drinking and were charged. True, there maybe certain circumstances that staff directs passengers to follow directions forwarded to them. True the next upcoming sailing maybe different as you said. Reviewing the receipt, the ship did pickup the water for the kettles during our previous 6 day sailing in the particular section of Club Britannia cabins. Thank you Hattie..
  19. BklynBoy8


    We apply our on board credit to do the laundry and it works out fine. DW uses the laundry just to touch up pressing early in the day on Formal Nights.
  20. Unfortunately you are not at all correct in this matter. The large bottles of water were free of charge thru out the cruise and not charged to us for the use of the kettle. We were informed by the stewardess to use this bottled water instead of the ship's water so the kettles do not have to be re-boiled. This was in the Club Britannia class cabin. Sorry........
  21. When we sailed in 17, we too had the kettle, tea & coffee packets and some cookies & crackers. Our stewardess also supplied us two large bottles of water to use specifically for the kettle which was refreshed as needed. We even brought other items from the Kings Court to use ex. Hot Chocolate and other varieties of teas. Very handy for a late nite snack. We too had the robes and slippers. Weren't in the cabinet as of yet but the stewardess did bring it. We love bringing the slippers home and continue to use them. The toiletries are really great. My wife likes to bring her own I continue to use those on board. I even enjoy bring rest home instead of putting it in the garbage. One thing always in need is hangers. Sometimes the help does have extra's from previous passengers. They do supply a hair dryer in the desk drawer but again with personal preference my wife brings her own travel dryer. Hope this helps, Bon Voyage..🚢
  22. Maybe a Caribbean or the Independence Cruise to Portland. We'll see what in the Stars...
  23. UK GirlyUSA It's really a matter of personal opinion with use of ship made water. We do at times detect an chorine odor in the bathroom faucet. And sometimes we even see a discoloration which we have to run the tap quite long sometimes. We are accustom to drinking NYC tap water. But my wife does detect a slight taste of chorine in the shipboard water and prefers to use bottle water for drinking and certain bathroom needs ex. dental rinsing. We even arrange it with the Wine Steward to have bottle available for her table use during dining room meals. And get a small bottle for use if we dine in the Kings Court. So it's personal preference and personal tastes to make the person comfort.
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