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  1. Hi Elephant1151, We too agree with your about the lack of Tech on the VP. The old version of the VP use to show you a lot. History of our Voyages on any Cunard Vessel (in detail) and Current Voyage Data truly accurate. Disappointed so much. And the level Internet Connectivity is so poor. I need to go around 7AM or after Midnight to be able to use the Terminals on board. The rest of the day the strength if swamped with all on board using the system. Heard so much better service on other Cruise Lines. This is an ongoing problem since our first time in 2006. Can't they address this finally on a Refurb shipyard visit.
  2. Missing the opportunity to cruise this coming Monday Afternoon on the QM2 we were happy to see a show on Cruise Ships on TV. Mighty Cruise Ships featured the MSC Divina cruise ship. The hour was packaged full all the activities and adventure while cruising in the Caribbean and the Divina. One that has sailed so many times and now experiencing this current health crisis, so sad not to have the opportunity to cruise at this time. Oh how much we miss cruising at this time. Looks like we have to pull out some old videos and photos of past cruises to help the withdrawal. How fun it was to watch the show.
  3. bab135, There's only one New York and we are Strong and we are Tough and are Bouncing Back...... Come and Enjoy!
  4. It really great to make it at home with your particular seasoning to make it more acceptable. We like to try it at restaurants to see what it is like but at home is great. Also enjoyed it on the QM2. Acceptable.
  5. Germancruiser and PrincessPete, Please, as a current and lifelong resident in NYC, New York sincerely is no way the description the Cruise Critic from NH stated in their posting. Compared to the rest of the Country, our numbers are very, very low in NY with New Jersey and Conn (TriState) neighbors. I would be scared to travel to any of the other states that are rising and soon skyrocket out of control. We are actually monitoring residences entering our state from other Active Rising States ex Arizona, Fla, Carolina's, Texas that may return to Pause or Lockdown. We are in a comfortable Phase 2 and approaching the Final Phase 3 with caution that will continue for the rest of the year. True many activities are being cancelled or postpone like the NY Marathon and 4th July and Theater District. But currently the city returning to a new style but busy as ever and abiding by the CV-19 precautions that got us to the best of all states since March 17th. Many made this possible with Social Distance, Masks and we hope the proper Vaccine will add to assure us with additional protection. So as we are looking forward to our sailing too next year, one needs to wait till that time to estimate the condition of NY along with all the other States and Cities of the Country.
  6. neeuqdrazil, If you get a chance to spend a day in London, we enjoyed our two stays there. It is a really different city to visit away from the US with such interesting sights. So different from seeing on travel logs and pictures. We also enjoyed trying the different restaurants especially a Pub for Fish & Chips with a Pint of Guinness, a Roast Beef dinner in Simpson's in the Strand and High Tea in the Waldorf on the Strand... Enjoy London...
  7. Unfortunately I am not sure when you started to sail on Cunard but the QE2 did in the past sail down the St Lawrence to Quebec City. We had a extremely lovely and interesting cruise to Quebec City in 1983 with a Maiden Stop at Cornerbrook. Our stops in Quebec City and Cornerbrook were welcomed by the Royal Mounted Police & their Band with a Labrador Retriever pierside. As a Souvenir, Cornerbrook put out a special edition newspaper of the QE2 arriving into port on the front page. Each passenger was given a copy on board if they wish.
  8. Babs, WOW, Boston too! Boston is one of our favorite Ports of Call! We were suppose to have left this Monday on the 4th July sailing and Boston was suppose to be our second stop. Coming from NYC, we do experience a different energy in Boston. Very Historical and Beautiful. They also have many good restaurants. Entering into Boston Harbor is always a highlight of the trip. As said in the past, one day we will also attempt that trip too!
  9. Hi PrincessPete, After reading your original posting of your concerns and would like to accomplish and the other suggestions I think making the day as simple is the solution. As I mention earlier on, suggest a ship organized tour ex. New York Insight (Walk/Ride) that varies from 4 or 7.5 hours long, an overview of NYC. Our friend last year from your country, the UK, enjoyed very much. Also ship board tours guarantee back to the ship in plenty of time to board and enjoy the always festive Sailaway out of NY Harbor. As a Native New York'er, there is plenty to see and experience across the River in Lower Manhattan. 9-11 Memorial & Museum, World Financial Center, Federal Hall, Fraunces Tavern, NY Stock Exchange, Historical Trinity Church to' name a few. And since the rebuilding of the World Trade Center there is quite a number of locations for shopping especially in the World Financial Center. As we feel during a cruise/sailing, don't stress over this over this, look forward to the trip and enjoy what you can see and experience in the time you want to a lot to it
  10. Hi Babs, You selected a wonderful sailing. We did this sailing with the QE2 in the past and it was a wonderful trip to remember. The sailing down the St. Lawrence and Montreal is really wonderful to view. I truly enjoyed it and would like to do the 14 days sailing again in the future on the QM2. Please enjoy the anticipation leading to the trip and the research of the trip of sights to view in Montreal. Maybe you can contact the Tourism Board of Canada and Montreal and Google for further information.
  11. Hi All, Well like everyone is mentioning, we too in the USA in NYC the soon to be "Baked Big Apple" is bearing with the heat besides the other situations we are dealing with ex. CVirus-19. We are unfortunately dealing with a AC situation at home. A new AC Unit installed was missing a drain hose when placed in and we are working to have this resolved but it may take time for it to be obtained and installed. So my DW is not happy with this as she has some respiratory concerns. Unfortunately we are disappointed this year since our 4th of July Sailing on the QM2 was cancelled for this upcoming Monday. Oh how we were so looking forward to it since we had medical difficulties last year and missed that sailing. Yes, like many we would so busy now preparing with all that has to be done before a sailing. So many would be traveling to NYC for the sailing. We are blessed that we are only 12 minutes away from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and it easy for us each time from NYC. More news that has been broadcasted this Morning in NYC....The New York Marathon held each November has been cancelled till next year for reasons of the Virus. I know many other Marathons in the Country has also been postponed. The Macy 4th of July Fireworks Celebration is being altered due to the Virus would attract too many speculators. But there will be small displays of Fireworks in each borough each night starting this Monday to Friday for 5 minutes. Then the traditional Macy Fireworks display on the 4th will be held along with the other boroughs but short. And the three Governors of NY, NJ and Conn. have placed a Travel Ban on any Travelers entering from those State with Rising Virus Counts to be Quarantined 14 days. This is being done since the Tri State Area worked so hard to lower the numbers dramatically. USA & NYC is oh so busy....... Keep Cool & Keep Safe......
  12. Dear PrincessPete, As a New Yorker, Welcome to the Big Apple "The City That Never Sleeps". We recently had a couple from the UK that came over on a sailing that also included a BTB. They too wanted to see the Big Apple and they selected the New York Tour - Short Edition which was about 7 hours. It was a Bus Tour with stops at certain location for Walking Tours like the Top of the Rock and Grand Central Stations. Time was given to walk and shop around. Meal was not included. It was 7 hours long but enjoyed all included. They too just wanted to get off the ship to stretch their legs after 7 days at sea. They enjoyed the tour. On the second return they took the tour that included the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. That one was not as liked as the previous one due to the crowds they encountered. Except for certain ports of call, we too like to take the ship's tours since we are assured that we will return to the ship at the right time. When we have exhausted a port of call with interesting tours to take, we then freelance our interest to walking, shopping and even enjoy a meal that features the regional or countries cuisine. One preparation we look forward to when preparing to take a sailing is reviewing the locations and what they offer as sights to see and other activities that will interest us, ship's tour or self organized tour.
  13. Dear Jeaannie, First Welcome to the Cunard Family and a Newbie on the Queen Mary 2, a one of a kind Ocean Liner. As said in the past, once you board her and experience a sailing on her you will easily return back on board. Yes there is many activities mostly during the Day at Sea on board but the Magic starts to develop from 6 PM on. Some nights are Informal Dress but we look forward to the Formal ones. With most Dressed to the Nines. Of course there are (2) Two Evening Showcases in the Royal Court Theater which we always look forward to seeing. Some are Broadway/Show Theme performances like Broadway Rocks. Some evenings there are Musical and Entertainment Performers Some give it a mixed opinions but we appreciate the efforts the Performers display. There is also the other Bar Type Rooms that offer entertainment like the Carinthia Lounge, Chart Room and Golden Lion Pub. Carinthia Lounge (Deck 7) have various entertainers like Harpist, Pianist and Duo as an example. Commodore Club (Deck 9) offers a Pianist during Evening Cocktail/Social Gatherings. Chart Room (Deck 3) offers for your listening pleasure ex Jazz and visiting Quartets. Golden Lion Pub (Deck 2) offers you various entertainment over the days sailing like Trivia, Duos, Quartets, Guess the Melody and even Guest Karaoke. Queens Room (Deck 3) offers various entertainment at different times of the evening on various days. Before the Orchestra, Pre Recorded Tempo Music, Ballroom & Latin or Sequence Dancing selections. There Evening Themes like Black & White Ball, Royal Cunard Ball, Masquerade Ball, Royal Ascot Ball to name a few assigned to sailings. Towards Midnight there is a short period of Recorded Casual Music. And last but not least, the G32 Disco (Deck 3)..which offers music by Disco by the DJ and the Visiting Band like Purple Haze or Vibes as examples. The last selection around Midnight is offered by the DJ to the wee early hours. Of course there is also the Empire Casino to chance your Luck...
  14. Hi Esther, Missed you tonight. I too must try sometimes the Prosecco also someday too! Our neighbor downstairs likes it very much too! So time to try it! We too miss the sailing this year. A week from this Monday we would have been heading to the Brooklyn Pier to board. I found the paperwork from the 17 sailing for the same sailing we first met you and went over each piece of paper we collected. Also this weekend I will be reviewing the photos and videos to bring back Memory Lane. I know you would love to take a Fall NE/CAN sailing but know your daughter maybe interested in our sailing next year. Would be great to see each other once again.
  15. Retired from the Health Care Profession but still well involved, I think Cruise Lines first have to get a handle on fully understanding this Virus. Also, how to handle it when it would occur with the regular Flu season. A regular Noro attack to a sailing ship is disturbing enough to the on board population. I think we as the information being posted, will be wearing masks for quite some time possibly until next spring and possibly summer of 2021. It is the best possible first line of defense. Since certain Viruses and this particular Virus is so unstable still not knowing much about it. The year before last Flu Shot only covered 10% of what was expected. We are still anticipating the effect of the Vaccine for the Virus and how it will interact with the Flu Vaccine. Also how those that were effected by the Virus will need to defend it. Granted being an avid Veteran Cunarder we were not happy when they labeled Cruise Ships Floating Petri Dishes. Having a sailing rebooked from this June to next June 2021, we hope and pray that this situation will be solved and we can return to cruising once again. If precautions must continue, then we will make a decision or have faith in this is the way it will be.
  16. Remember the No Where Cruises in the Early 70's sailing out of the Port of New York. They uses to leave from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal 5PM on Fridays and returned on the Monday Morning at 8AM. We use to sail out of NY to the open sea for Sunbathing, Recreation, Gambling, Swimming, Dining, Great Showtimes and all the other good things during a At Sea Day. Before booking longer and larger sailings, it was a great chance to get the opportunity of what cruising was all about. Once you did a couple of No Where's, you definitely caught the CRUISE BUG....
  17. Congratulation Blue Marble! We don't have room for a puzzle so we play Scrabble and Monopoly.....
  18. Jeff, You are so right about the sight of her. True, it is great to see her along our shore line past the bridge especially when she uses her horn while passing under. Some times we can even hear the cheers from the ship if the wind is just right. But the greatest pix is the one you describe and the first pix I take each time when entering the terminal area and rounding the turn to the entrance. WOW, There She Is! Miss those sights.... I see she is in around Isle of Portland off the UK with tenders down in the water with 4 other ships there.
  19. MCC Hi and we are aware. We have done plenty of the 7 days 3 Ports 4th's in the past. Till time become more available, we are happy with this. More time at sea with this sailing with one port dropped. This is a replacement for this years cancelled... There's always the future to book.....
  20. Hi Esther, Looking forward to the Zoom Call on Sunday. Nice to extend the QM2 CC Friendship to post Cruise Entertainment. So sorry to share the Zoom last night with you and watching together the Cable News Channels in each of our homes. All the stores that were afire and being destroyed that you said you knew of and shopped at. Not sure if anymore will happen tonight but afraid it will take some days to stop this all. Minn will definitely take some time to redevelop and rebuild especially after these days. But you are not alone. We had several groups in Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan beside the other dozen cities around the US. Looking forward to Sun's Zoom.
  21. Figured the Season would not take place with the possible Virus - Flu Season coming together eventually down the line. Glad and Praying and looking forward to our NE/CAN Sailing next year in June 2021 during the 4th of July Celebration holiday. I respect the Canadian Authorities to protect their countrymen and women from Emergency Health Crisis. Looking forward to Sailing into Halifax Harbor
  22. It does and is going to continue to feel weird not seeing the Cruise Ships entering and departing the NY Harbor and going under the VZ Bridge each weekend and some during the week. We do hear Cargo and Freighters on foggy nights with the Fog Horn blaring with that certain sound. Brings to mind when we are on the QM2 and the one full day of fog on a NE/CAN sailing the Horn blaring approx. every 30 seconds. While not able to look thru the Thick Fog so close to the ship.
  23. Hi sswansen, Hello from the East Coast. That's my favorite first breakfast on the QM2. And also the day before or disembarkation morning breakfast. Though your's sounds interesting, I like the traditional Canadian Ham or a NYS Hudson Valley Farm Smoked Ham so tasty..
  24. Well we in NYC are proceeding in our 9th week of Stay Home - Stay Safe. Weather has been very uncertain at times and now we will be facing the rain in the early part of this week from the first tropical system that developed before the official Hurricane Season. A lots of rain and winds here in the Big Apple which is very different from other years. Not a traditional May by no means. DW is waiting to visit the Nursery for her flowers of course under social distancing which will be a first there since is a very popular location and attracts quite a crowd normally. Which makes it very socially entertaining with all talking to each other about our growing experiences. But this will will be a first. But we all doing a lot of walking. Interesting living in the flight path of the three airports, we are lucky to see one helicopter in the air a day when we would see dozens of planes now grounded. Also walking along the shore line of the NYC - Narrows by the VZ Bridge no more viewing the half dozen each weekend Cruise Ships leaving to destinations of pleasure. After 9 weeks, we finally are going to have to move our cars for Alternate Street Cleaning. Streets need the cleaning after all this time except for the heavy rains once in a while. Well it's only 13 months and 2 weeks till our sailing which we truly appreciate and looking forward too!
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