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  1. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year Hattie..Thank you for your yearly long guidance of the Board! Smooth Sailing in the Future Year 2019
  2. Melissa & Scott, thank you for a wonderful review of your Christmas & New Year Sailing on the QM2. Truly enjoy your voyage, each and everyday and thanks for taking us along for the ride. Merry Christmas!
  3. Wishing You A Happy, Healthy and Blessed Merry Christmas and Boxing Day. Thank you for Guiding our Cruise Critic's Sleigh through out the Year!
  4. Just saw you pass under the VZ Bridge in all her glitter by the shoreline. Bon Voyage Queen Mary 2!
  5. Thank you for your great presentation. Can't wait till our sailing in July in Club Class. This will be our 4th time in Club and looking forward too it again. Of course, hoping maybe the Upgrade Fairy may pay a visit. Once again, Thank you.....
  6. Welcome to NYC - The Big Apple and Bon Voyage later in the day from Redhook on the QM2. Yes we to enjoy Keens but favor Old Homestead on the West Side of Manhattan. Really enjoyed your photos of food and tourist trak thru NYC streets. We saw the QM2 come in this morning and she is ready for your boarding dockside. So enjoy the Sail away. Sorry for not giving you better weather but you do have the Nip of Christmas weather in the air. Enjoy a warming cocktail to take the chill away. Will be watching your departure from our land side balcony... Bon Voyage !!!!
  7. Ditto Older Sister Looks like educational and fun to learn new drinks and tips from professional mixologists. I have to research this on our next sailing and hope it is available and offered..
  8. Board, See The Cabin and leave carry on, go for lunch, short walk around the ship, head to cabin, unpack, look at paperwork/program, enjoy cabin, get lifepreservers, go to muster drill, Top Deck to Say Bon Voyage!
  9. Two Pairs of Dress Shoes and One Pair Sneakers Travel Shoe Polish Kit and Bottle of Sneaker Cleaner/Brush.. Gets me thru the trip
  10. Folkfan13, We use Dial 7 in the city for many different reasons and to & from events and always feel well taken care of. Very confident in the vehicles and we oriented drivers we always relied on. We do feel that the fee charged was well worth the care we received. Though we have not used it to and from the terminal in Brooklyn, but know others that have used them even from Cape Liberty across from Redhook. Do your research and pick the service you will feel confident with. Bon Voyage!
  11. Dear Steve, Thank you for the information. Yes the WTC was important to me as I always loved visiting it when in Manhattan when seeing my wife working in the World Financial Center and playing tourist for the day. The very last day was on 9/7 when we were seeing our friend that was going to run our 25th Anniversary two days later. I did take a picture of the Plaza and Sphere not knowing it was the last time I would see it and take a photo. It was a beautiful day with a Rock Concert in the Plaza at lunch time for the WTC workers. They just was finishing putting in Mums around the Sphere that would not make it thru the Fall. Funny the way we take advantage of what is around us and see everyday and not realize how it can disappear the next day. Experiencing 9/11 that morning, it is still very hard to make our way down there to see it even though everyone else sees it as a tourist site. P.S. I never thought I would experience that day again after also working as a rescue worker at the 1993 WTC attack.
  12. We too enjoyed our experience in the Britannia Club Class on our cruise last year on the QM2. It was our second experience in the Club and like you, enjoyed many of the points you brought up in your review. Our first cabin was on Deck 12 and the last in the new Deck 13 additions from the refit. We prefer the Deck 12 location which we have for next years sailing on the QM2. We especially like the more private pre-grill dining room experience and menu choice. Someday we will make our way into the true Grill restaurants.
  13. mcloaked, So happy to see the new concept of lady dance hostess being added to the Cunard Fleet since our last sailing a year and half ago. I am still blessed to have my DW as my partner but wondered in the past how single men handle the embarrassing task of asking a single lady to participate. So happy this idea was introduced.
  14. Ditto to how steve1young describe the feeling. Being a survivor that morning's attack on 9-11, how beautiful they designed the memorial site. If you get a chance try to include the Museum at the site. It will truly give you a the true meaning and visible results of the attack itself. A true reflection of what was experienced that morning. If you are walking from the Wall Street Ferry/Staten Island Ferry you can walk thru Battery Park and view the Sphere with it's memorial flame that once stood in the middle of the World Trade Center Plaza till that morning. It was moved to that site but was thought to be included in the memorial but space was not available. You will see the damage to it from the falling building debris. Enjoy NYC, the Big Apple.....
  15. I feel sorry we haven't had one onboard since the QE2, on deck party with a Tropical Toast. So tasty!
  16. We like to walk the main shopping streets off the water in St Thomas....Veterans, Main to name a few. Also we like to treat ourselves to a lunch off the ship and experience local cuisine. Greenhouse Restaurant is the best with American/Caribbean Fare. Many of the ships crews go there is how we found it. They also have one on St. Martin's also. You also get the feel of the atmosphere of the buildings and walkways that once was the original ship port of the island.
  17. Dear foodsvcmgr, Welcome back home! Thank you for reliving our trip of last year with your description and experiencing the same cabin location and Club Britannia dining. DW very much liked the Glass Shower Door as a new experience in that location. They did a good job on the refit adding those cabins. The only thing we found with the location of the cabin, one gets to build an appetite and working off the meal walking back and forth. Don't know if you sense that too! lol...... We did enjoy the Table Side Service each evening with special requests being honored with pleasure. We favored the a la carte page too. Flambes each evening was a treat, wish we could have taken it home to enjoy. Have to think of some new requests for our next sailing in the Club DR. Next time we have to try the Carinthia Lounge, we just spoke about that last night. Still not too keen about the KC, probably still have to get use too it. Hope you enjoyed the Pub too. Yes we totally agree Capt. Chris is very personable. We had the opportunity on the last cruise to sit with him socially for about an hour with good stories and social drink. We too were not happy with the change in bar pricing and division in composition of drinks. But still had a good drink that was enjoyed. Once again, thank you for bringing back good memories...
  18. Broberts, Agree! It's in use and it is supplying the information CC'ers are asking and getting the answers to those questions..
  19. BklynBoy8

    Red Hooked

    BTW.....Living not that far from Redhook and enjoying shopping at Fairway, Steve's Original Key Lime Pie and Whole Food Market, Botta di Vino, to name a few. It's a great place to hang out for a Day. Even venturing to the well known neighboring area of Smith and Court Streets with it's cafes, bistros, boutiques is another interesting strolling area favored by many that reside in the Brooklyn Heights. ,
  20. Ditto.... I also don't mine the new format either. Neither the formatting or font size. It was easy to adjust to after the first day. Every upgrade has it's Pro & Cons and Likes & Dislikes. I do miss the Mobile App for Android on my smartphone. During appointments and free time, it was interesting to occupy the time seeing what's new on the boards.
  21. On the Cunard Ships they have a day of Crew Participation what is called the Neptune Club. Some passengers are invited to join in. We even got a Certification about the Crossing. It was quite hot that day I remember.
  22. Hello Katherine, It was so great to have met you on the 2017 July Cruise on the Mary at the M&G in the Commodore Club. It was great we too had Capt. Wells join us. We do also agree that the QM2 is Our Favorite ship. We are not or have been attracted to the Mega Ship of today. We favor the traditional style sailing like we did since the QE2. Yes we did try the HAL Rotterdam twice with old style cruising but was disappointed with the Noordam. That cruise was 50-50. So parts were great/interesting and so not. We happen to sail the year they introduced As You Eat in the Dining Room. The top floor was set table arrangements and the bottom was As You Eat - walk in. Also don't know why the food quality was not great except for one day. Again, so nice to have met you!
  23. Hope This Helps... 2018-2019 List... Download and open pdf It still can be edited next year closer to the sailing day. QM2insights.pdf
  24. So True....They are passengers on the best ship afloat and the Staff will accommodate them so they can remember the sailing as a true lasting experience. Thank you Bell Boy once again!
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