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  1. ClipperinSFO, First, pls stay safe in Big Cal these days! When we were assigned the cabin we too had concerns about the location since we were about two cabins away from the bridge but also with the new observation walkway above. Yes during certain times of the sailing ( especially ports-of-call ) passengers do gather there but we did not detect any noise to disturb us. As said before, if the opportunity ever warranted our experiencing Princess Grill than we would have the opportunity to compare the two. We did in the past experience Princess Grill but on the Queen
  2. The only difference btw the Britannia Class on the ship and the Club Britannia located on Deck 12 is the new additions to Deck 13 Forward is those cabins have Glass Shower Doors not Curtains. And the Balcony Doors are Patio Sliding Doors and not the Open Into Room Doors. We experienced Deck 13 on the last sailing. Beautiful additions which we would hope the rest of the Club Britannia Class on 12 would be refitted in the future for all Club passengers to benefit.
  3. Hi T5LHR, That is why we saw what was coming and postponed our sailing on the 4th of July till the same time next year. My DW asked me while we were on with the TA what I wanted to do and my answer was to re-book next 6/30/2021. Same reason as you, to have something to look forward too! Year later, about 444 days now, but something to look forward too! To each of us, Bon Voyage! Oh by the way........Happy 40th! I had one about 25+ years ago..
  4. exlondoner, I agree if the photos posted are real the product. Club Britannia cabins are really lit. The bed and desk/couch area are well lit by the Sliding Door. I think we wouldn't feel comfortable in a bed in that location, void of direct light an advantage of Club Britannia. Those areas get direct light from the Balcony and delightful on a Sunny Morning to awake too and ocean view thru the doors.
  5. Unfortunately we knew what was coming and postponed our 4th of July cruise on the QM2. Last week we transferred our this years cruise, now booked for the same time next June/July with a better location of the cabin and the same Club Britannia catagory we like. With the re-booking our dream lives on and looking forward even more towards next years sailing on the Mary. Disappointing but an extreme safer choice......Counting The Day........445 and counting down....
  6. IOHO....We like very much the Britannia Club booking for the last 5 sailings and the dining feature is the main attractions. We have the set table and location we wish for all three meals when not jogging around to the other dining options around the ship. We are not obligated to a set time to come because of a possible second seating following. We can come when we are ready and enjoy the whole experience. And our past experience with the Britannia Club Menu with the added Ala Carte menu is enough choices for us. We were delighted when our Maitre D' offered to make off the menu items with
  7. The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Redhook Brooklyn NY is a 2500 Temporary Field Hospital with heavy restricted access. Definitely no Cunard or Princess Sailings will arrive or depart from this location.
  8. Yes Trevor33, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Redhook has been converted in a Temporary Field Hospital. It's been upgraded from 1000 beds to 1500 beds. Some of the area around the neighborhood is also secured leading to the pier entrance. Yes, it's going to be awhile...
  9. Would like to do a Caribbean Cruise in the future. Or the NE/Canadian QM2 sailing to Quebec. But we have rescheduled and booked the M020 July 4th Sailing to 2021 M120. Yes less one day and one port but it is still a sailing that we will enjoy and get away. For now, keeping put and staying safe.
  10. My DW and I enjoy the last half dozen times enjoy the pre-grill experience of the Club Britannia. What attracted us also to use the Club status is the convenience of the their Dining Room. The same table for all the seating's and the open timing for one seating dinner serving besides the other perks. One day we will get the opportunity to experience the Princess Grill and all it offers..
  11. Hi tv4 from the east coast..... Take Care & Safe in these stressful times. Everyone has their own opinion but I do miss the Old Kings Court even though it's layout was so spread out. I did have my favorite parts ex. Asian and Chef Gallery which I headed for and enjoyed like my DW loved the Carvery. But I do agree with you in some parts after experiencing the new layout twice after it's refit. I do not agree with this new layout and also the way the several times I experienced it at breakfast and lunch, it was a free for all and never got to enjoy al
  12. My wife purchased a piece of Art at the Art Auction on the HAL Rotterdam quite a while ago and it was delivered to our home. No carry off. The art gallery was a firm located in Florida. It was very well packed when it was delivered.
  13. Won't be able to sail on you this year. But looking to sail on board with you QM2 next year. Re Booked this morning and will count the days to see you! Take Care and God Speed, Queen Mary 2 "Queen of the Seas"...
  14. UPDATE........... Construction on the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is starting for the Temporary Field Hospital Expected to open next week per the NYS Governor Cuomo Will be converted into 750 Bed Space for Non CV19 to relieve the local hospitals.
  15. Ray66, Sorry to say how we are personally experiencing a new type of New York Harbor now a days. As all knows the QM2 is going home to Southampton to take a well rest and will not need to see Brooklyn for awhile. NYC harbor is not what one once knew it to be. Very quiet. NY Staten Island Ferry and the other Consumer Ferries have dramatically cut back schedules. So sad to watch Marine Traffic online and seeing all the Cruise Ships icons missing darting around the Eastern Atlantic coast and waters and wondering where those passengers are going.
  16. Article from Brooklyn Eagle Brooklyn Cruise Terminal - Temporary Field Hospital for Borough of Brooklyn... https://brooklyneagle.com/articles/2020/03/27/cuomo-1000-bed-coronavirus-hospital-coming-to-brooklyn-cruise-terminal/
  17. Brooklyn Cruise Terminal - Brooklyn Home for the Cunard Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner & Princess Line Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Redhook NYC Governor Cuomo of NYS is initializing the use of the Cruise Terminal as a Temporary Field Hospital during the CV19 emergency. US Army Corp Engineers will coming soon to start work on setting up the pier for use Medical Use along with three other sites in other boroughs. According to News Sources... The front entrance will receive Emergency Vehicles Reception/Checkin will be used as Triage The Main Post Cruise Lugga
  18. Hi Esther, We are doing fine like we told you on the phone. Food deliveries were very good with our stores. Out of all the items we requested, only 1 missing and 2 alternative choices. We are blessed with a variety of stores, ethnics flavors and very good suppliers. Even take outs are marvelous with supply and demand. No disappointments as of yet. Even drugstores are delivering prescribed items to our door. So hope MN re-establishes their supply lines. Maybe talk to you later. Just enjoy like us, old movies, computer games and old sitcoms...
  19. Good Morning Chart Room Princess, We too hope that things will resolve and we all Celebrate and Enjoy all this sailing will offer us. We know thru all the news being published that this situation is a challenge to resolve. We look back at all our past pictures an videos and really want to board her.
  20. We are booked but really think that the sailing will not take place. We are thinking and considering rescheduling or cancelling possibly by the end of April. It's a bummer for us but will follow the suggested health restrictions since my wife has pulmonary health risks. We hope and pray to enjoy this sailing that we have done many times under better and safe conditions.
  21. Ditto.... No better in New York City....getting worst....
  22. We hope to see her and board her on June 29th if all goes well with the health crisis we all are experiencing . We remember all the good times we had in the past and we hope to continue to experience good times on her. Praying all will continue to be safe on her thru her journey...
  23. We have so many Jewish Deli's in Brooklyn that fresh made Corned Beef is available. You don't have to wait till the English Pub Restaurants make it for St Patty's Day. Breakfast is typical at 930AM - 10AM...lol. The freezing doesn't affect it but take abit longer to defrost and pan fry it on each side several times. True about Whole Wheat is healthier. The Rye bread was from the Deli that the Corned Beef came from. Oh well, now I have to have it on Saturday Morning.....you got my mouth watering for it...lol
  24. One thing I've never had was Fried Chicken Steak with Country Gravy and Homemade Corn Bread. I know TV Lawyer Matlock ate it as child while listening to the Lone Ranger for breakfast on a Saturdays....
  25. Hi Rkacruiser, I agree the whites must be partially firm to sit well on the patty of hash. I like the creaminess of the yolk on the hash when pierced, and whatever drips off I use a good partially toasted slice of rye bread to dampen it up. Granted catsup is a personally preference. When personally making hash and this has not reasoning to the area of the country one lives, I like green peppers, vadalia onions, Idaho potatoes, fresh parsley, fresh thyme, fresh dill, fresh oregano and olive oil. With some room for various changes if it fits. Having it in t
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