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  1. Kathleen, Seven Days to go and My Wife and I wish you a Very Happy Bon Voyage! Yes I truly understand, I was in Emergency Medicine/Administration many times during the Lobster Shift. Out of the blue a lonely phone ringing down the half lite hallway... Ed & Bev
  2. We enjoy booking the Club Britannia and experience the Pre Grill experience, dine whenever instead of a set time, same table for the three meals with extra al carte menu w Flambés and a decently nice cabin. We really don't care to experience a dedicated out door sunning area as we really aren't SUN People. If course if a upgrade from the Upgrade Fairy is offered we would like to experience that class of accommodations.
  3. We too like to stop in the G32 to and see the other NightOwls tearing up the rug and being so alive in the Midnite hours. How can one not stop at the Kings Court to get that one last bite before dreaming of the Morning Breakfast hours away and seeing the New Risen Sun on the horizon. I always like to walk the ship before bedtime and oh how silent it is unless you are passing a late night bar or the Casino with the coins dropping or cheers for a win at the Tables. But walking in the more isolated areas with it's silences, another experience of it's own. I work in the hospital and how interesting it's to experience the wards, floors and corridors around 3 to 5AM, again another experience from the hustle and bustle of the day. Bon Voyage and Enjoy your experiences with Good Cheer!
  4. I think lately they like to use a Queen's Name and keep the name short exc. for Elizabeth. We would like Queen Anne. Caronia's name is enjoying a well deserved retirement. She was a pleasure to have sailed on her.
  5. We took guidance from our travel agent which we have used for several years with a possible guarantee cabin last year. She thought with our sailing history and CWC status we would be upgrade (for sure) instead of settling for a particular cabin. Well that was not the case. Yes we did stay in the Club Britannia Class cabin on Deck 13 and enjoyed the brand new look and feel of that addition from the previous refit. But the uncertain feeling over the period did come true with remaining in that grade and not really happy with the location. Cabin was too far forward and the restaurant (Club Britannia) was too far aft of the ship. We would have been happier to pick a Club Cabin on 12 which is what we did for next years sailing. BTW....Once we were guided to try guarantee on the QE2 with a possible Deck 4 cabin with upgrade. When we got to the pier we were extremely happy when we were informed we were bumped up to Queens Grill Cabin.....Upgrade Fairys Do Sometimes Reside At Check In Desks.
  6. Ditto Lanky, We too have one being considered being sort of not to long because of personally reasons related to a family member's health. But we miss the old fashion days like when we were on the QE2 with Caribbean Cruises were being offered other then the now a days during November, December or World Cruise. Wish they would consider bring back the old types of cruise lineup.
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    Thank You PJ Hoping the Cabin setup is the same next year for our sailing... Thank you
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    Ray, Things must have changed for Club Britannia Cabins. We did have powder creamer and hot chocolate in our cabin beverage tray with the kettle on the QM2 two years ago in Club Britannia Cabin. The tubes are oversized about 4 inch in length. Both sugar, alternate sugar, powder creamer. Sometimes we did bring liquid cream or milk from the buffet area. The Belgian Choc Hot Chocolate is Options from the Switzerland thru the UK. Package is mixed with 200ml hot water for delicious hot chocolate. We did get extra from the Kings Court but the Stewardess left extra for us without asking after see saw us using it. Please check it out the next time.
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    In Club Britannia, the stewardess supplied us thru out our sailing bottled water for the specific use with the kettle. We were instructed to avoid using the bathroom faucet water because it can cause a problem with the bottom of the kettle and they would have boil it out. These are the instructions we were advised and all worked out well. It does give a cleaner taste to the hot beverage. The bottled water was not for drinking. We were advised about purchasing water for drinking off the beverage purchase list.
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    On the tray in the cabin to add, they have regular & decaf coffee tubes, tea bags with sugar & powder creamer and hot chocolate packages. Hot chocolate is very good! We also had several packages of cookies and biscuits on the beverage tray that is also supplied. We also took additional supplies from the Kings Court Beverage Area to keep on hand in the cabin. Our room also supplied a large bottle of water to use in the kettle. Not to use the cabin water from the bathroom tap. Bon Voyage
  11. Hi LadyVol (Janet), Sorry for the lateness of the information. Had a family emergency to take care of. Hope you can still use it. Sounds like you will be boarding towards the end of the boarding lineup, possibly for a lower cabin. The terminal does have a parking lot that they can park while they visit with you. I will post the link for Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Parking System for you. The lot is right across from the Terminal Entrance and next to the ship's dock. The terminal does a small lobby that you all can meet. The rest of the terminal is only for the passengers only. ex. security checking your documents before proceeding to security and the Cunard Check In Desk. In believe the ship typically leaves after the Shipboard Lifeboat Drill that takes place around 430PM. Would be great if they can see you off when the ship would leave around 5PM. They can give you a Bon Voyage Wave. Don't know whatever else I can advise you. But any other questions would be glad to assist you. Jealous of your voyage, we have to wait to next year. Bon Voyage BROOKLYN CRUISE TERMINAL - PARKING https://www.nycruise.com/brooklyn-terminal/parking/
  12. My wife has used the Sea Bands and saw relief with them. They are place on the wrists with the inside bead against the inner wrist. They come with us on each cruise.
  13. Seen that too even by tug at Barbados.....Best be on the side of Cheering.....
  14. bluemarble, Thank you for including the 2019 listing too!
  15. Only twice did I experience sea sickness thru our 30+ years of sailing. The first time was on the QE2 and our cabin stewardess handed me a little brown envelope with Phenergan tablets. US medication suggested by our primary physician over the counter at a drugstore are Dramamine and Bonine. Being one that suffers from Inner Ear problems and Dizziness from Sinus Problems I was advised I can also use my prescription medication meclizine (Antivert). For quite a number of years I have been able to enjoy sailing without any thoughts of use medication.
  16. Thank you for your input for future reference.... I was stating the rest rooms were in the housing below the sitting area you mentioned.
  17. We've sailed on the 4th of July on the Cunard QM2 to the Black Falcon Terminal many times and always had shuttle buses available to us and they took us directly to Boston's Faneuil Hall Area. This was also the pickup point to take the bus back to the pier. Hope it's setup for all cruise lines to transport their passengers to the Midtown Area. It was very convenient and great service to rely on. Bon Voyage and Enjoy Boston!
  18. Will answer soon. Thank you.. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  19. I am speaking of past experience hoping they kept the previous design accessible to passengers in the Main Lobby of the Upper Terminal for Rest Room usage for Passengers and Non Passengers. I never mentioned in my description about the street level rest rooms I am not aware of them. I am aware of your extensive use of the terminal and latest information from your detailed experiences. Cruise Critics do attempt to assist each other with their experiences.
  20. Jennie, Thank you for your kind words. Having traveled with seniors, my parents taught me common sense and making the right decision. As mentioned, we have used Manhattan in the past before the restoration and thought that work would have made the process more streamlined in it's operation. Doesn't sound like it did. Within the last month there had been a accident with a cruise ship crashing into one of berth disabling it. Hope they fix it by the time next cruise season starts up. It effected the ship's berth and the parking lot next to it. Can't see it happening that quick. Great you'll be coming out of Brooklyn with Princess. As mentioned, Cunard has sailings out of Brooklyn besides Trans Atlantic crossing. We are going on a 4th of July sailing that's been fun besides Caribbean and NE/CANADA.. Whatever you select, please start and end the sailing with the relax full rest you've are looking for.
  21. Dear Jennie, You truly have my sympathy. I would not have allowed my parents to have to experience your tale. We sail on Cunard out of Brooklyn and find it a true pleasure even though some do find fault but not like those experienced in Manhattan. We have never had a problem in our six years of sailing out of Brooklyn. I know Princess sails out of Brooklyn but have not experienced that line. We had in the past had to use the terminal in Manhattan before it was restored and found it a lot of work to take a cruise and also returning from one. I know of your experiences even as far back to those days in the 80's and 90's. Yes as far back to then. The rushing, disorganization, yelling and struggle one experience coming off a relaxing cruise.. Best Wishes on your Future Cruise Planning may be out of Brooklyn....
  22. From past experience, on the upper deck (not the parking outside deck) there were always rest rooms in the inner lobby before entering the double doors to the pier and to security. They were under the seating area which you would take the stairs up. There should be a Female and Male Rest Room on each side. I too use to hit the John after traveling to the pier. I did also remember rest rooms within the pier itself near the Pier Workers Changing Rooms. Hope this helps you.. Bon Voyage!
  23. Best to be on board at least a half hour before departing when tied up to a pier when touring. Also tendering back to the ship from a tendering port, you would really take the second to the last tender back to the ship (about 3/4 - 1 hour) before departing. We have witnessed from the upper decks with many other passengers, watching passengers running to the ship when we hear the gangway being pulled on board from below. We are all yelling to them to "Run, Run, Run.. and they make it in time with Cheers... But that's too close. You don't want to be one of those people that is video taped running or standing on the pier while the ship is well backed away from the pier. You Tube is filled with many, many, many videos of dozens of people missing the ship and they have to make their way to the next port on their own. "Best To Be Safe Then Sorry! :(:(:(:o
  24. Philsmum, Sorry for my interpretation but I always thought it was humorous. Nothing to compare to I Spy or James Bond Sagas.
  25. Dear Eric, Welcome to Brooklyn! Being a Brooklynite and Cunarder, we find it a pleasure to embark at the BCT over previous experiences in Manhattan. To answer your second question, The first boarding are normally those with Platinum/Diamond Cunard World Club Members and those booked in Grill Cabins beside those that are disabled (ex. wheelchair passengers). Those passengers after checking in at a Priority Check In Desk are directed to a private lounge for their waiting time which is typically 12 Noon when the doors open to board. And yes there are Rest Rooms available in the terminal but never needed to use them till on board. There are very little seating in the Front Lobby as they want to keep the Check In process flowing. When you arrive in front of the terminal, porters will be available to take bags being checked in. Your check in process thru many previous experiences are pretty fast. You will be next directed to the lobby where you will go thru a pre document check process. Have your passport and tickets ready to be viewed by the Pier Security. Next you will be directed to the Security/Scanner Section to check your carry on luggage or bags. Your baggage will be put thru the Scanner and you will walk thru the Frame. Once passed thru Security you will be next directed to either the Priority or General Check In lines. When you arrive at the Check In Desk you will present your passports, tickets and credit card for on board purchases. At completion you will be directed to the General Passenger Waiting Lounge and given a numbered ticket. Passengers will be called by that number given when to proceed on board the ship unless you were directed to the Club/Grill Lounge. We have personally been satisfied with our 6 previous sailings out of Brooklyn with the organized way we have been serviced. Except for waiting to board we moved pretty fast. Of course the General Check In lines do have quite a number of people waiting but there are usually quite a number of Cunard Line Staff at Check In Desk to process embarkations. Bon Voyage!
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