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  1. Jennie, Thank you for your kind words. Having traveled with seniors, my parents taught me common sense and making the right decision. As mentioned, we have used Manhattan in the past before the restoration and thought that work would have made the process more streamlined in it's operation. Doesn't sound like it did. Within the last month there had been a accident with a cruise ship crashing into one of berth disabling it. Hope they fix it by the time next cruise season starts up. It effected the ship's berth and the parking lot next to it. Can't see it happening that quick. Great you'll be coming out of Brooklyn with Princess. As mentioned, Cunard has sailings out of Brooklyn besides Trans Atlantic crossing. We are going on a 4th of July sailing that's been fun besides Caribbean and NE/CANADA.. Whatever you select, please start and end the sailing with the relax full rest you've are looking for.
  2. Dear Jennie, You truly have my sympathy. I would not have allowed my parents to have to experience your tale. We sail on Cunard out of Brooklyn and find it a true pleasure even though some do find fault but not like those experienced in Manhattan. We have never had a problem in our six years of sailing out of Brooklyn. I know Princess sails out of Brooklyn but have not experienced that line. We had in the past had to use the terminal in Manhattan before it was restored and found it a lot of work to take a cruise and also returning from one. I know of your experiences even as far back to those days in the 80's and 90's. Yes as far back to then. The rushing, disorganization, yelling and struggle one experience coming off a relaxing cruise.. Best Wishes on your Future Cruise Planning may be out of Brooklyn....
  3. From past experience, on the upper deck (not the parking outside deck) there were always rest rooms in the inner lobby before entering the double doors to the pier and to security. They were under the seating area which you would take the stairs up. There should be a Female and Male Rest Room on each side. I too use to hit the John after traveling to the pier. I did also remember rest rooms within the pier itself near the Pier Workers Changing Rooms. Hope this helps you.. Bon Voyage!
  4. Best to be on board at least a half hour before departing when tied up to a pier when touring. Also tendering back to the ship from a tendering port, you would really take the second to the last tender back to the ship (about 3/4 - 1 hour) before departing. We have witnessed from the upper decks with many other passengers, watching passengers running to the ship when we hear the gangway being pulled on board from below. We are all yelling to them to "Run, Run, Run.. and they make it in time with Cheers... But that's too close. You don't want to be one of those people that is video taped running or standing on the pier while the ship is well backed away from the pier. You Tube is filled with many, many, many videos of dozens of people missing the ship and they have to make their way to the next port on their own. "Best To Be Safe Then Sorry! :(:(:(:o
  5. Philsmum, Sorry for my interpretation but I always thought it was humorous. Nothing to compare to I Spy or James Bond Sagas.
  6. Dear Eric, Welcome to Brooklyn! Being a Brooklynite and Cunarder, we find it a pleasure to embark at the BCT over previous experiences in Manhattan. To answer your second question, The first boarding are normally those with Platinum/Diamond Cunard World Club Members and those booked in Grill Cabins beside those that are disabled (ex. wheelchair passengers). Those passengers after checking in at a Priority Check In Desk are directed to a private lounge for their waiting time which is typically 12 Noon when the doors open to board. And yes there are Rest Rooms available in the terminal but never needed to use them till on board. There are very little seating in the Front Lobby as they want to keep the Check In process flowing. When you arrive in front of the terminal, porters will be available to take bags being checked in. Your check in process thru many previous experiences are pretty fast. You will be next directed to the lobby where you will go thru a pre document check process. Have your passport and tickets ready to be viewed by the Pier Security. Next you will be directed to the Security/Scanner Section to check your carry on luggage or bags. Your baggage will be put thru the Scanner and you will walk thru the Frame. Once passed thru Security you will be next directed to either the Priority or General Check In lines. When you arrive at the Check In Desk you will present your passports, tickets and credit card for on board purchases. At completion you will be directed to the General Passenger Waiting Lounge and given a numbered ticket. Passengers will be called by that number given when to proceed on board the ship unless you were directed to the Club/Grill Lounge. We have personally been satisfied with our 6 previous sailings out of Brooklyn with the organized way we have been serviced. Except for waiting to board we moved pretty fast. Of course the General Check In lines do have quite a number of people waiting but there are usually quite a number of Cunard Line Staff at Check In Desk to process embarkations. Bon Voyage!
  7. Each time we visit Newport RI we always go to The Red Parrot on Thames Street. Have are always satisified with the quality and service with a variety on the menu. We are booked on a sailing next year and will do some updated research but keeping The Red Parrot as first choice.
  8. We always use USD in all ports with tour leaders and drivers and they very much appreciate it. That is in Canada and also sailing in the Caribbean. We appreciate their efforts in leading the tours and giving us interesting information. Unfortunately we do view others on the tour leaving the bus or vehicle without showing their appreciation.
  9. We have used Dial 7 many times for personal reasons thru out the five boros and never have been disappointed with their drivers, vehicles or service. They are always available and even there waiting for us before our needed time. And many of the drivers are very skilled on handling the traffic situations and never got stuck. City Cabs in heavy traffic have a never ending meter counting while standing still or stuck in traffic. Dial 7 has a set price from the onset. They are a very organized group. After one is assigned to you, they are dedicated to you needs without having to search for a ride. Dial 7 would be my number one choice over Uber who I really haven't heard favorable reviews from those who used them and never went back to calling them. I know others have individual opinions of suggestions or experiences. Bon Voyage!
  10. Luv2Crus40, Cunard does accommodate Roll Calls on board but an Original CC'er must start the Roll Call. With contact with Cunard, they will make room for the Meet & Greets that is usually in the Commodore Club of the ship. The Original CC'er must keep the welcoming and information flowing to make the group interested to participate with interaction. Granted I have seen some sailings with low numbers of participates and some with quite a number of people. The number grows over the period of time while more book the sailing. I have in the past ran a number of Roll Calls with an average of 23 to 40 people participating. Out of those, about 20 - 30 actually show up at a Meet & Greet usually during the first day at sea in the afternoon. Some people do forget or get caught up with the activities on the daily programme which can be expected and miss attending. But the fun is the interaction during the countdown to the embarkation to say hello and exchange information, comments and ideas and answer questions especially to newcomers to Cunard and/or QM2. Sign up for the Roll Call of your cruise and be an active participate. Others may follow with other thoughts....
  11. Dear John, Thank you for your information. This is much clearer seeing Portland added. Brings a Smile. BTW, do you know as accurate the times for the 2019 sailing next year which Newport was added. Trying to verify that. I have one set of times but not sure if can rely on it. Would appreciate... E.S.S.
  12. Hi John, Yes I saw that too! Portland was not included as mentioned in the past. Being one that have taken the 4th July sailings in the past and next year, I was interested in seeing 2020 and it's description. I was shocked to see Boston and Halifax repeated day after day in this sailing. Having been on this sailing several times, I was looking for Portland or another port added like Newport added for next year. That's what caught our eye with the additional day at Sea. Having been on this sailing several times, I personally have seen Boston & Halifax enough times to stay on the ship or find another cruise. Don't know what Cunard was thinking about this port lineup. Hope the error if any is corrected in future printings and postings.
  13. Congratulations as a lucky one. Neighbor familiar with Cape Liberty went on Anthem in July took about 3/4 hours. Depends on line. At BCT with Cunard in Diamond/Grill Lvl boards one can board in less than 10 minute. If delay, a Grill Lounge is there to accommodate your needs till boarding. BCT also in one building with Gangway to ship compared to Cape Liberty spread out on the their pier to get to ship side. Each company has their own IT system to handle boarding with Status Level. Each passenger appreciates their lines systems.. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  14. JamesCC I do agree with you about the experience of Manhattan Cruise Terminal. We have experienced Manhattan many times in the past with Cunard and HAL and were not thrilled. Though we never as of yet used Cape Liberty, not too thrilled from those friends telling us of their use age. Using BCT for Cunard - QM2 ongoingly now, we very much like the setup and accessibility living only 12 minutes in Brooklyn to BCT. Yes, Cunard and Princess are the dedicated lines to BCT. If you would like to use BCT, try a Cunard or Princess ship..
  15. Hi Jeffrey, WOW, our minds think the same. I too take duct tape for repairs after one of our bags zipper broke. After that always. We too take those zip plastic wire ties in case. We secure our hangers in a suitor secure. Of course a small tube super glue or gorilla glue. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  16. BRAVO! I too don't think the ship has enough kitchen sinks. But there some thinks (small and electronic) items that do add to the convenience during sailings. Ex..small thermometer to tell the temp on the balcony in the morn. Some snack items per say....to name a few... Beautiful sentiment in your use of your online name. Where in NJ? Bklynboy is my hometown name like the Boro I reside in. Make a good list and Bon Voyage! Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  17. I remember being on the QE2 and the Celeb on board was Robert Vaughn, Movie Star and Actor on The Man From UNCLE sitcom. He acted very suave and personable with the Eileen the Social Hostess during a Q&A in the Qxs Room.. Well we as others on board passed him during the Evening and he was so rude and socially negative in his response and contact. Just wanted to acknowledge his acting accomplishments but really was turned off by him.. We have seen others like Patti Lupone, Nell Carter to name a few and they were beautiful and truly down to earth. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  18. Thank you for posting.... Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  19. Jeffrey, Making a list of essential items to take on a cruise is a very common task.. best not to leave without something that may not be able to be obtained in another location. Yes and I to take items that may not be regularly used on a sailing but believe it is essential for our particular need. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  20. QM2 2019 Independence Roll Call (6/30-7/7) NYC-NYC Including Halifax & Newport RI Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  21. We too are going on this 2019 Independence Sailing and are preparing for One Gala Night till further information is announced. We sailed in 2017 the same cruise and for the five day trip only had one. This years had only One Gala also after speaking to those on board. We will know in good time to prep for this sailing.. We have a Roll Call for this cruise and invite you to join it. Past Roll Calls for this cruise have gathered special people and good exchange of information. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  22. Patsy's Italian Restaurant on 236 W 56th Street is a very popular and famous Italian Restaurant. Frank Sinatra marked this restaurant as his favorite stomping grounds. Has extensive menu of Italian Favorites and has good ratings. From 6th & 37th, you can walk thru quite a bit of the area ex. Columbus Circle, Central Park, Times Square, Herald Square, Bryant Park to walk off all that great Italian food. Enjoy your trip and NYC!!
  23. Thank you for the correction. I'm glad I sail out of Brooklyn....Much easier then dealing with Manhattan....
  24. Hi Kitkat, Yes the NCL line does dock at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, so the Dawn will be there. The pier is assigned that morning and you will see the ship while your approach to the complex. Typically the passenger drop off and luggage drop is on the second level in front of the door of the pier the ship is docked. Then you will be directed to the end of the pier roadway to a ramp that will lead you to the Upper Deck. Once up there you will see the Cashier Booth to pay your intended parking. The agent will guide you to the dock and parking intended for your ship. Once you secure your car, there is a stairway by the roadway you came up on that you can take the escalator down to Passenger Lounge area. Bon Voyage...
  25. Hi, Yes this was on Port Side approaching the Pier from the cabin railing. She is actually gliding in at this point to a stop before she thrutter to the starboard angle.
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