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  1. We do this as well. Pro Tip: jam a washcloth at potential contact points for the door they latch open. Last thing you want is to be woken up from constant banging of the door that is "latched" open.
  2. I'm guessing you can imagine what my "shocked-face" looks like
  3. That's what I assumed. It's simply not reflected in their literature, even when booking a stateside cruise.
  4. Disclaimers: 1) I searched "quantum star class" using the forum search and wasn't able to find the answer. 2) I also checked the reviews section with a cursory exam and didn't find the answer. 3) RCI didn't have an answer for me. My mother has asked me to book her a Star Class cabin on the Quantum of the Seas in 2022 when it is sailing out of Australia. None of the "traditional" Star Class cabins advertise themselves as such during the booking process. Is this because the ship was most recently in Asia, and the different "Suite Classes" aren't in use there? Does the
  5. I don't necessarily think that would be a bad thing tbh.
  6. I had 1 cabin on the November Inaugural 4 day sailing in a Star loft. I had 3 cabins on a Spring Break 2022 sailing. 2 Star Lofts, and 1 2br Aquatheater. Based on the emails i can't tell which reservation was moved into the JS Accessible, but the other 3 cabins were moved into Owner suites. In no way, shape or form, is downgrading someone to a JS Accessible from a Star class cabin equitable. Big sad. I'll just be rolling these reservations into other bookings.
  7. Yes I just got off the phone with them, and agree that it is extremely weak. Especially since a full refund was not offered considering the multiple changes. I too was on the 4 day inaugural cruise. - 4 Day to 7 Day - Different day of week start date - Different itinerary - Different stateroom / Loss of Star Class (Downgraded me from a Star Loft to a Junior Suite Accessible) - Different Ship All of these factors to me means they should have offered a refund. For our Spring Break 2022 Cruise we were able to just roll the Deposits as an F
  8. Yeah, I plan on letting them make me an offer of refund or different sail date. We were booked on the Inaugural sailing just for funsies, so i don't really care about that one. We had a 2022 Spring break booked which now won't happen. We went ahead and made a same week booking on the Symphony to protect the rooms we wanted. No stress. I'll just wait and see.
  9. Thanks for the update. This was expected, and my group had backed ourselves up on other cruises in addition to the Allure ones we had booked.
  10. Thanks. I'm good with whatever they decide. I backed myself up on Symphony during Spring Break 2022. The November 2021 was a "just because" i was excited for a 1 hour drive to the cruise port. And it was the inaugural sailing.
  11. I am booked on the first scheduled sailing in November of 2021, and also a spring break sailing in March of 2022. I expect to receive an FCC/Refund for the November 2021 if it comes to it. I have booked a separate cruise for Spring Break 2022 (we have specific cabin desires), and am willing to eat the Change fee for folks in my group if it winds up sailing.
  12. Ah. One of those. I'll dip out. Thanks for playing.
  13. It did go below $20 last week. Or are you talking about again?
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