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  1. My July cruise was canceled and decided to take the FCC because I had used gift cards to pay for a majority of our two cabins. My PVP took care of the deposits with his supervisor because he didn’t want me to put any more money down. I paid a combination of GC and credit card. I’m not sure which took longer to credit, but within 2 weeks both GC and credit card were put towards our new cruise for next year. My husband and I had purchased 2 drink packages and I had booked a spa using gift cards and still waiting on those. It’s been about 3 weeks, but I’m not too stressed because my next cruise isn’t until next summer. My PVP did mention that credits are taking a long time because they’re swamped. He also thanked me for not yelling at him. I guess he had a full day with unhappy customers, but honestly-I don’t feel like he is responsible-not really his fault. Hope this helps.
  2. Well....just received my email that my July 27th cruise on Sunrise out of NY is canceled 😥
  3. I completely understand how you feel. I am actually booked for a cruise in July under Early Saver rate. My husband in 1 cabin with sons and I in another with daughter. Both cabins have my VIFP number. I check rates every morning and each evening, but always use my number. My husband received an email from Carnival last week and rates were unbelievably low. He had me check our existing cruise and rate was over $200 per person with one code and close to $200 per person difference with the ES code when using the VIFP number in the email. For a family of 5-BIG difference. I was so excited when I calculated the totals and immediately emailed my PVP. Sadly, happiness didn’t last too long... I guess my husband has 2 VIFP numbers in the system. The number showing his cruise history didn’t have any special prices. The VIFP with those amazing rates was a blue level with no history. I’m assuming they are sending rates out to try and get newer customers? We cruise yearly and usually book 3-4 cabins and I NEVER receive any special rates. I didn’t know they existed until that email. Sorry for MY long story OP. 😁. Just trying to make you feel better. I totally understand your frustration. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to adjust our cabin prices to those amazing email rates. I immediately felt that those with a blue level are getting better rates than my gold level. I chalked it up to maybe will get better offers at next level? It’s all good...I still have a pretty great rate compared to when I originally booked!!
  4. We have 2 cabins booked under ES rate for July 27th sailing. I asked my PVP about moving my final payment date, but was told he couldn’t change it because it only applies to new bookings. I planned on buying gift cards to pay off the cruise, but think I should wait.
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