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  1. So what? Let's see, she got off the ship on the 2nd and had until the 8th had felt well. Covid-19 has an incubation period of between 5 and 11 days... So she absolutely could have caught it somewhere on the cruise or in New Orleans. And considering that she was Hancock counties first positive case it's pretty likely it didn't come from the community. And considering that my family boarded the Wonder on the 2nd there certainly was a level of concern. There was no news on the Wonder until they debarked in CA and reported all clean so until that time and until our own 14 day check came clean it was valid to be concerned. It's not adding to panic and anxiety, but if it makes you feel better to label it as such then so be it.
  2. So what happens to Super Mario during this time? I'm assuming that he had to debark as well?
  3. Note that there's no indication that she had it while on the cruise, just that she has it now. https://www.sunherald.com/news/coronavirus/article241226526.html
  4. Yes, most likely. We just got off of the Wonder and they showed "Onward" in the Disney Theater at at midnight last Thursday.
  5. We just got off of the Wonder and beers were pretty much $7 for a mug refill regardless of bar. We have mugs from a decade ago that were still accepted. 😀 If you're asking about particular brands then it was Abita heavy as she was sailing from New Orleans. Cove bar had Longboard, mid-ship pool bar had Stella, New Orleans bar was all Abita, Cadillac Lounge had Kronenbourg, and pub had Newcastle. That's pretty much what I remember. There was also a good selection of domestics and IPAs.
  6. By 9 A.M. last Saturday the line for Flight of Passage was already 105 minutes. The gates typically open 45 minutes before park opening and Pandora itself 15 to 30 minutes before. Last Saturday we queued at the gates at 7:45 A.M. and were near the front of the line. The gates opened at 8:15 and we were again near the front of the staging area by Tiffin's. They walked us Flight of Passage around 8:40 and we were done by 9:00. By which time the line was 105 minutes. Arrival of the Harmony that morning is 6:00 A.M. and the ship should be cleared by 7. So if you plan well you can be off by 7:30. If you were on the road by 7:30 the earliest you could expect to be at Yacht Club (or DAK for that matter) is 8:30. Basically, if you're not at DAK and in line at the gates by 8:00 you're probably out of luck.
  7. Royal Caribbean’s policy allows for decorations, but states that nothing can be used “which may be deemed by ship management as inappropriate.” And, as stated above, in general you should not use anything that would damage the door. Magnets work great on the stateroom doors.
  8. My experience in Cozumel is that they don't. But the vendors there may have changed since the last time I did a dive excursion there.
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