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  1. I have seen folks say that the pricing without logging in is sometimes different than the price if you do log in. My cruise is too far out to get any flight info while logged in, so I have been doing a sample booking for earlier cruises that flights are available just to gauge prices.. but I am not seeing the great deals people are talking about with eZAiR. Often the prices is higher! (This is for flights from US to/from Europe.) Is this because I am not logged in to my booking? Thanks! Brad
  2. Do EpiPen's require a prescription? If so, then how is she getting a prescription without being tested? Just curious.....
  3. Can anyone confirmed if there is a snack shack outside the waterpark? Is it the same menu as the one shown? Thanks! Brad
  4. I believe you are thinking of the Allure.. they had donuts on the boardwalk two years ago. Not sure if they still do.
  5. Any rumors on when Symphony/POM Terminal A will get Luggage Valet? How about any rumors when the Royal App chat feature will expand to Symphony? Thanks! Brad
  6. Is the beach to the "left" of the future Coco Beach Club and to the right of the Wacky Seagull bar an extension of what Royal is calling Chill Island? (There does not appear to be a name for this beach on the map above,) Last time (a few years ago) this is where we headed to get away from the crowds. I believe there was some natural shade so we didn't need to rent an umbrella. Has anyone been recently? Is there shade? Thanks! Brad
  7. Glad you are enjoying Nachi! Where did you go in Costa Maya?
  8. I dont remember tipping the taxi driver last time.. or other guests tipping him either. Dont know why I assume Maya Chan included a tip when they pay him. What do other folks do about tipping the taxi drivers? Thanks! Brad
  9. Which beach on Coco Cay is this? Thanks! Brad
  10. Also, does anyone know what snacks they are offering at the Snack Shack?
  11. I think they need to do laser tag on ice skates! (Would this require a second waiver?)
  12. We are doing that same B2B. See you onboard!
  13. Ah Ok. I thought you were on our cruise. So you are in St Kitts on April 30th.
  14. By the way, are you on the May 18th sailing? We are on that sailing and I see 8-5 not 9-6 listed on the itinerary.
  15. I am sure someone will be around to correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is St. Kiits is Atlantic Standard Time but does not have Daylight Savings Time. So Atlantic Standard Time is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, but is the same as Eastern Daylight Time, if that makes sense.
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