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  1. Tracking Medallion#, time, location would be amazingly simple and likely one of the first things they did. The data is useful for so many things.
  2. Knowing that it will not change a single mind, nor with that intent... Princess is offering a SHARED vacation experience where Princess establishes the atmosphere and expectations each passenger can expect. Princess is clear about standards of dress and behavior that every passenger is expected to maintain so that every passenger gets the atmosphere and experiences promised. If you can't abide by the standards Princess publishes up front then perhaps this sort of shared vacation experience may not be for you. By way of a examples: The ships smoking policy
  3. Thanks, I knew HIPPA was wrong, but couldn't remember and was too lazy to look up the correct acronym, which says I'm getting old because back in the 90's I was a compliance officer responsible for implementing my health services company's systems and procedures. I could quibble about the history but it doesn't matter for this topic, nor really at all any more. 😉
  4. HIPPA Laws makes it illegal for Princess to reveal identifying information. HIPPA was created during the HIV/AIDS outbreak where people were discriminated against for having the virus which is why medical information now is ridiculously private. It's obvious when the HIPPA laws were created they weren't thinking about a pandemic as we are in now. Now, it seems pretty important to know who tested positive so that we know our risk. It's frustrating and likely making things worse.
  5. We are on the same cruise. We also have no flights involved. We are waiting for the cruise or the cancellation. If the former, we will have a grand time. If the latter, we will have a different grand time, then cruise as soon as practicable. I want to believe that even if the ship is way under booked that Princess, if they are cruising after the moratorium, won't cancel a cruise because of bookings. It would muck up their message that cruising is a go.
  6. Since my cruise is out of neither of those places, I'm in the clear. Thanks for the support. I can't grasp why hoping Princess works things out tweaks some people to such an extent. Misery loves company, but it won't be mine.
  7. Wow. Some people's children, am I right? There are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Here is more reality: Princess has yet to cancel the cruise; Princess seems intent on resuming cruising after the 60 day moratorium. During the moratorium, Princess has not been sitting about doing nothing. Princess has put in place new boarding procedures, new ship cleaning and serving procedures, preparation for if/when things go wrong. Canada has closed ports, in fact USA & Canada have closed the border. So has US
  8. If you have FCC, or a cruise in waiting, your (my) wagon is hitched to Princess. Worrying now, particularly if you have no recourse, is wasted. If you have recourse, then you have options: Get a cash refund or join the rest of us. Sadly, if too many ask for too much cash, everyone may be screwed. It's a crap shoot right now.
  9. Our May 2020 cruise has yet to be cancelled, and I have a fair hope it won't be. Whatever transpires in May, we are planning another mutli-week in 2021 or 2022 (depending on destination, NOT current circumstances). Honestly, I don't see current events impacting future plans dramatically, or at all really. Life goes on.
  10. Curious. Why does it bunch up your shorts that I retain hope? How does my hope harm you? I find in interesting, as if my hope threatens you somehow.
  11. Princess seems to be intent on resuming cruising in May. We're hoping they do.
  12. Our cruise to AK on 16 May 2020 has yet to be cancelled. I'm not vexing one way or t'other. As I've indicated elsewhere: If Princess cruises, we do.
  13. It seems hotels would be better suited as they are near hospitals. Critical care is an ambulance away. By every metric a better choice than cruise ships.
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