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    Arcadia in rough seas

    My parents are on board. It has been very rough, all outside decks and balconies closed. The lifts didnt work and the waves were as big as houses. Sounded truly dreadful but they got through it safely and last i heard they were in the English Channel and back to Southampton tomorrow.
  2. Cabin Review Format Cabin Number: 516 Cruise Ship: Thomson Spirit Date of Cruise: 12/7/14 Bed Formation: 4 berth - two bunks Bath/Shower?: Shower Adjoining Cabin?: No Balcony?: No Comment on the Size of the Cabin: Good size, even for four did not feel cramped Comment on any Noise Issues: Some shuddering, creaking and banging noises but not too intrusive Comment on Storage Space: Good, lots of wardrobes and drawers and underbed for the suitcases Comment on the Bathroom: OK, shower not detachable Any Other Comments?: Had a porthole rather than a window, porthole cover good for blocking out the midnight sun :) Would You Recommend this Cabin?: Yes Link to any Images: Score out of 10: 8
  3. Just got back from the Arctic Affair cruise - what a brilliant cruise that was. Unfortunately on the last morning my son started vomiting profusely and ended up in the medical centre on a drip. The doctor assured me it wasn't norovirus and there were no other cases of vomiting on board. However, on the journey home my daughter started vomiting as well (8 times) and I have also been ill - which to me sounds far more like a virus. My husband says that some other passengers told him that there had been something going around? Just wondered if there were any other reports of illness known, my son was told to go to see his GP on our return which he is doing and I would like to be able to give the fullest clinical picture possible. It is such a shame that this happened as the cruise was fantastic till then, so we are all very grateful it didn't happen mid cruise. Thanks for any information anyone can give.
  4. tiernsee

    Gibraltar -- Ship Tours

    Just got back from cruise which included a stop in Gibraltar. We absolutely loved it. We walked from the Port to the Cable Car station, there are plenty of roadside maps and it is an easy flat walk down the main street. The children loved the street artistes along Main Street and OH enjoyed wandering around Trafalgar Cemetry (worth a visit if you are into military history). It took us around 50 minutes to meander to the cable car station and a return ticket (three adults, one child) came to £34 - they accept credit cards. Queues not too bad and there was a toilet and we got the six minute ride to the top - well worth it. There is a free multimedia tour at the top (leave cruise card or passport as deposit) a cafe, toilet, shop and plenty of Barbary Apes. Also some military ruins up here. Following this we visited the Alameda Botanical gardens next to the cable car station - could have spent a lot longer here. OH then went to the WWII tunnels whilst the children and I met up with a friend and out to Europa Point. Got back to the ship with two minutes to spare but had a brilliant day. Pleased we did our own thing and avoided the Ship's tour and very pleased we did the cable car to the top. Hope you have a good time.
  5. tiernsee

    Island escape revisited

    Interesting, they didn't mention kettles at the safety drill and ours was on open display for the complete two weeks. We even had a supply of the Green Tea with Mint bags from the Beachcomber next to it. We did use it every mornings and some evenings whilst watching the news/Olympics and would have missed it if they had said we couldn't use it. Would really recommend pre-booking a specific cabin. I worked out the middle of the ship and booked the nearest four berth cabin to it on Diamond Deck (6562) - we felt no boat movement at all even on the night when the staff had strategically placed sick bags all round the ship....... This time last week was in Gibraltar, this week at work :( missing my cooked breakfasts and cocktails (but not at the same time)....
  6. tiernsee

    Island escape revisited

    Just got back from a brilliant two weeks on the Island Escape. My review is here: http://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=107141 We really enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend it, particularly for families and those wanting the informal cruise experience. Our last cruise was on Ocean Village and was disappointed when the cruise ship went to Australia but Island Escape gave us a very similar experience.
  7. tiernsee

    Roll Call 31/07/2012 Souks & Sangria

    Also on from 24th July to 7th August - son 15 and daughter 7. Certainly seems to be quite a large number of teenage boys going.
  8. tiernsee

    Electricity and other questions...

    We're flying from Exeter. When we went on the OV we checked our luggage in at the airport and didn't see it again till the cabin - is this how IE works or do we have to collect at Palma? So far have the 24" suitcase and the garment carrier, am considering the travel bag next though son wants messenger bag for his laptop. Still thinking about excursions, not sure whether to prebook or wait till we are on the ship. See you on the 24th!!
  9. tiernsee

    Electricity and other questions...

    Thanks so much for the replies - better start looking for the travel adaptors, my BB comes with a very nifty plug that you can change the back and slot in the European pins, also works for the Kindle. However other items will need an adaptor. Been out shopping today, got daughter clothes and shoes for the cruise, also got some of the Tesco luggage offer they are doing - still quite expensive even with the vouchers but certainly better quality than my usual suitcases - now worried that we will be surrounded by a sea of Wenger cases and not able to identify ours! Getting quite excited now - just over two weeks to go :D
  10. Thought I'd better start getting things together and realised there are a few things I don't know, over to you seasoned IErs for some advice please: Electricity - is it standard 3-pin plugs or do I need to take a travel adaptor? Are there kettles in the cabin? Morocco - we are stopping in Tangiers, sorted out Euros but then realised, of course, that Morocco has a different currency. Does anyone know if Euros are accepted or if I should get some Moroccan currency? Does the ship have currency exchange facilities? Any advice re children's club - my 7 year old loved the children's club on Ocean Village so we are hoping IE is just as good. Can you drink the water in the cabin or is bottled water better? Think that is it for now, thanks for any advice prople can give.
  11. tiernsee

    Cruising 24th July - 31st July 2012

    Also going on the 24th for two weeks, second time on Island Escape with a 15 year old (boy) and seven year old (girl) - was pregnant last time on board so looking forward to the drinks package this time :D I've done my passport info on site and just started looking at the excursions. Has anyone booked any of these yet, any recommendations? I am particularly concerned about Rome, doing it on my own, and not getting back in time for the ship so despite the jaw-dropping price will probably book an excursion here. Not sure about the other ports of call - any recommendations or ones to avoid? Look forward to seeing you all on board.
  12. tiernsee

    Excursion / Children's ages

    Thanks for the replies. I'm also on the Island Escape 24th July with a 15 year old so maybe we'll see you there! I do agree regarding doing things yourself and definitely will in Gibraltar. However, in Rome I would be looking to do an organised excursion given that the ship will be a long way from the port. We went on Island escape in 2004 and since then have been on Ocean Village (sadly no more), looking forward to going back on IE
  13. tiernsee

    Excursion / Children's ages

    Sorry computer problems means I seem to have posted the same question twice. Can't see how to edit the post or delete the thread but just wanted to apologise. If one of the threads can be deleted I'd be grateful. Thanks
  14. Just booked two weeks next summer on the Island Escape. I would be interested to know what age range they classify as children for exursions. My two are 15 and 7 (or will be when we go next year), whilst I am sure the 7 year old will be counted as a child on an excursion I am not so sure about the 15 year old? If anyone knows I'd be very grateful. Thanks
  15. tiernsee

    Excursion / Children's ages

    Just booked my summer holiday - two weeks on the Island Escape. Really excited about the itinerary, some really interesting places and chances to explore. I was having a look at the excursions Thomson's offer and wondered if anyone could advise what age they class as children? My two will be 15 and 7, the 7 will be a child but I'm not sure if the 15 year old will be classed as an adult or child for excursions? Can anyone advise please? Many thanks