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  1. As I suggested in krb1000's thread my extended absence from Crystal ships is nearing an end. There are actually 4 ships involved: Queen Mary 2 to Southampton departing October 18 Crystal Bach Amsterdam to Basel October 27 Crystal Serenity Barcelona-Lisbon-Ft. Lauderdale on November 5 Crystal Symphony Caribbean Cornucopia on November 24 I started the ball rolling on this way back at the beginning of or even a bit before the 2018 World Cruise while on the Panama Canal Voyage leading to the WC start. The Bach was originally a 14-day cruise but it got shortened first to 10 and then to 7 days. At that time I also booked the Serenity Transatlantic out of Lisbon. Once the River cruise got shortened there was time to add the Barcelona-Lisbon segment in the newly created gap. The QM2 voyage fit in perfectly. At first I was flying the day of QM2's arrival to meet the Bach, something I was willing to do as it started with an overnight. While it's a single booking my Serenity voyage is a bit of a strange animal. I'm in my usual Serenity choice (a C2 cabin) for the transatlantic but the Barcelona-Lisbon is my 25 cruise milestone and I'm in a balcony for that, moving down to my new cabin in Lisbon. The other change was that the Symphony and Serenity were supposed to meet November 24 in Fort Lauderdale. Symphony got moved to Miami so that is no longer such an easy transition, but the 2 ships will still meet 2 days later in Grand Turk. With the policies against having river information on this forum, my reporting will be a bit complicated. My blog with Reflections, menus, more photos, and all will be at one I haven't used for Crystal before: https://getawaysfrom21044.wordpress.com/ I will have a total of 4 Cruise Critic threads for this melange. The one for the entire trip will be on the Maryland Cruisers forum: This is the one for my first segment on Queen Mary 2: I've also established a thread on the River Cruise Board and will post a link to it later. Roy
  2. I'm starting a series of cruises which will include a segment from Amsterdam to Basel on the Crystal Bach (after Eastbound TA on QM2 and returning from Barcelona on Crystal Serenity). I do mostly ocean cruising but have a little river experience. My only European river past is in 2004 on Viking, Budapest to Nuremberg but I've also sailed the Nile and Yangtze (both Uniworld) and upper Amazon, plus several North American rivers, mostly on small ocean ships. I'll mention a couple of other Cruise Critic threads I've set up: I'll cover the entire Journey on the Maryland Cruisers forum: I've also set up a thread on the Cunard forum: And I will create one later on the Crystal Forum. I maintain a blog which has the same content plus things like menus and daily schedules: https://getawaysfrom21044.wordpress.com/ I welcome questions but may be slow to answer. Roy
  3. I board Queen Mary 2 Friday on my way to Europe to start a string of 4 total ships, continuing with Crystal Bach (Amsterdam to Basel), Crystal Serenity (Barcelona to Florida), and finally Crystal Symphony (7-day Caribbean). With the journey divided between 3 Cruise Critic areas I will be posting the journey in 3 separate forums (Cunard, River, and finally Crystal) . I will also cover the entire trip in a single thread on the Maryland Cruisers forum. I'll include a link to that if I can do it within the edit time frame. My companion blog with Daily Programs and menus will be on my usual blog site: http://getawaysfrom21044.wordpress.com This will be my 29th transatlantic, 13th on QM2, and 16th on Cunard (one each QV, QE2, and QE). Roy
  4. She's now pretty well out of camera range. It wasn't much but thanks Kathi, Lou & Dave, and fellow addicts. Just one or 2 sailaways for me before my own. Roy
  5. The port schedule shows her meeting the pilot at 0530. A pre-dawn arrival. Roy
  6. A ship just left Manhattan and no WP there either. Roy
  7. You haven't missed her yet. She just is backing out of the picture, and even with no WP will need to pass through it again. Roy
  8. Sadly, just one night left for these people. Roy
  9. The tug appears to be pushing a little platform. I wonder if they are just wrapping up a bit of maintenance like repainting some scrapes. Roy
  10. Not quite sure what the tug is doing but it appears to be leaving. -- or maybe not Roy
  11. Is that a tug by the Zaandam around the middle lifeboat? Yup, the Florida Roy
  12. It should be all aboard but still about 20 minutes to sailaway.. Roy
  13. I hope you were able to get in some nice port time with your early arrival. Roy
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