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  1. Margarita actually tooted. Thanks Scrapnana, Lou & Dave, and fellow addicts. Take care until next time. Roy
  2. I think I’ll keep the webcam up for MSC. Roy
  3. Sadly, I must admit I wouldn't have gotten that without Dr. Google. Veendam coming onto the Port Everglades webcam. Roy
  4. A town in the Northeast of the Netherlands. Roy
  5. I wonder, will Margarita need to back out to the basin? Roy
  6. I hope we can get a good look at Nieuw Amsterdam before Veendam leaves. Roy
  7. Looks like quite a lot of white truck activity in Aruba. Roy
  8. Deneb J is just moving from berth 33C to 32. I also wonder how many freight companies also run cruise ships. I know of MSC and I guess Hurtigruten, and while NYK has spun off Crystal they still run Asuka2 in the Japanese market. Any others? Roy
  9. Green Fast looks tiny but Margarita looks like it might even be neoPanamax (40 meter beam).
  10. If Veendam gets off on or close to schedule the 2 sailaways should follow each other pretty nicely. Roy