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  1. rafinmd

    Koningsdam single cabins

    I was in one in 2017 and was pleased with it. I found it quite roomy for one person and thought the location pretty convenient. Be aware that they are near the pointy end of the ship and they get a bit smaller as you move forward. A couple of them have photos in that site we cannot name on Cruise Critic (Google HAL cabins). I did not encounter any really rough seas on my cruise so am not sure what to tell you if you are prone to sea sickness. Roy
  2. rafinmd

    Prinsendam in Charlotteville, Tobago?

    No, drydock was shortened when the ship was sold and she is on a 6-day last minute cruise. Roy
  3. rafinmd

    Guarantee room assignment

    I think guarantee assignments used to appear on luggage tags a couple of days before they were listed anywhere else. Is that currently the case? Roy
  4. I guess the departure toot was it. Thanks Kathi, Lou & Dave, and fellow addicts. Roy
  5. Time to turn the webcam back to the Koningsdam. Roy
  6. Answered while I was closing up one of my bags for the Grand South America. Roy
  7. One Canadian flag and some raspy toots. Roy
  8. rafinmd

    Dress Code Question

    Or catcher. Roy
  9. I have a 3PM church meeting, and may miss the sail away if it's on time. Kathi, do you still have power? Roy
  10. And the Veendam with her ugly aft: Roy
  11. Have an absolutely wonderful time at out least visited continent. Roy
  12. That is correct. When the ship was sold the dry dock was shortened and a 6-day cruise to Amber Cove (17), San Juan(18) and Half Moon Cay(20) was added to the schedule. Roy
  13. Koningsdam just left dry dock and is on the way. Roy