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  1. we did a 5 day out of Miami in sept on the sensation to Nassau half moon cay a grand turk great weather and warm water and inexpensive we did it for our 35 anniversary.
  2. we just did it on the fascination in sept and it was 69$ when I was on the magic it was 99$ still worth it
  3. We had it in Miami last month and boarded at 10:45 walked right on our arrival time was 11:30
  4. NOT sure what you mean about WISH I KNEW BEFORE?
  5. We are back !!! Well let me say Uber was the way we did it and it was ALSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! Got our luggage made the call, waited 5 min picked up, 40min later setting in front of our hotel 47$ with tip didn't touch luggage after baggage claim have ridden the tri rail before and it is cheaper by far but luggage is a mess and a 90min + ride not so nice. then had to get to hotel, would do it again in a heart break Had a great Cruise also Ubered back to FLL from port of Miami 35 min ride 49$ with tip. no shared rides, no trains, no shuttles, no headaches Tom
  6. My apologies buohunter I did read your post the same as you intended I may be a little thick a little late but thanks for your support good luck this year in bou season
  7. what good does your statement have in this post? do we all need reminded by the site police what policies are ? statements like yours and mr BLUE are not necessary .
  8. I like to support local folks anyway lets compare when we are back
  9. I plan on reporting our journey when we return
  10. That's it ive decided after reading every post on how to get from FLL to Miami hotel I'm taking LYFT. I don't see any reason to spend my vacation trying to save a dime and have all the headaches of finding a train or renting a car and then where to drop off said car and where to get off the train and wait for a shuttle. So if your going from FLL to MIAMI the day before a cruise TAKE UBER OR LYFT and be done with it Just saying Now enjoy the journey Tom
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