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  1. We board Vista next Saturday the 12th, I hope it is working and I will give it a try, but if not I will still have fun... I will give ropes course a try too.
  2. Single digits!!!! 9 days to Vista. Technically vacation starts in 7 days 🙂
  3. Seems to be a lot of discontent about the Vista. We will be trying the Vista out for first time Oct 12th so I guess we will see. I have friends that have been on her and from what they said there was nothing that discouraged us from booking this cruise. I don't care about theatre size or layout since we rarely go to shows. All ships are crowded somewhat but our time frame always seems to be contrary to the crowd so never an issue. Hard to tell about the lobby until I get there but interested in seeing the difference and if I will miss the glass elevators and over the top decor. My guess is I will probably like it since so many others don't I tend to be a contrarian LOL.
  4. At the end of last week got reservations for Steak house for our Oct 12th cruise on Vista. It did not require me to pre-pay. I got email back that time I wanted was not available and I did go back in later to see if I could pick a different time and it did look like it had to be prepaid. So I responded to the email they sent and worked out a new reservation time and did not prepay. I also reserved Cucina del Capitano and did not pre pay but if I go look now it does look like you would have to.
  5. I keep up with oil prices daily as we get royalties on mineral rights we hold and I have not been seeing crude prices going up at all, and actually are down significantly from what they were a year ago. There are times refined fuel will go up for various reason but usually only temporarily if it is not from rise in crude prices.
  6. I eat Gluten free and Rice is gluten free and the meat is not breaded so it will be gluten free as well. I heard they have corn tortillas if you ask but I always just did a bowl.
  7. Really It seems that every cruise I have been on ( always from Galveston) there has always been some country music here and there. Usually some trivia with C/W theme, and the different venues where there is live music there it is usually a variety that includes some country music mixed in. Same with karaoke, there is always a broad spectrum of music represented there. Country music is not really highlighted but isn't totally ignored either. I enjoy some of all genres and always find plenty of musical entertainment to my liking.
  8. If they play current country then I doubt the non country fans would even notice....there is really no difference in country and Pop these days...pretty much same beat and tune every song with snap and clap tracks, fiddle and steel guitar are rarely heard. I prefer classic rock and traditional country music over any new stuff, I guess I am getting old.
  9. We asked for table for two next to rail on Magic and wasn't available so we took what they offered and it was a table for two separated by about six inches from another table for two...so in reality we got stuck with another couple at a table for four.
  10. I can't think of a ship I wouldn't sail on again, but I also can't think of any vacation I would not do again all things considered. There may be some ships I won't sail on again but that has more to do with I like trying different ones than anything against another. I just don't notice or am bothered by a lot of things that have been mentioned.
  11. Last year in middle of October we arrive in Galveston Friday and it was upper 80s and steamy we were in tee shirts and shorts. Cold front come through that night and when we boarded the ship on Saturday we were wearing jeans and hoodies and it was mid 50s with strong north wind. November it could be the same... could be hot or could be chilly or both in same day.
  12. We used a PVP on our first cruise about 10 years ago, since then I have done it myself online. We never need anything special like adjoining rooms or certain room type or anything that makes it difficult to do.
  13. We have been having the same problem at home with brown water and get run around from the city about what causes it and they say the same thing it is safe. From sounds of it probably will be an issue till it goes to dry dock since probably some rust somewhere and they will have to find source and flush the system.
  14. All of the forecasters use computer models and information gathered by the C130 Hurricane Hunters to make their predictions and the models usually have a large variation of path so having your own meteorologist does not mean you have any more insight. All shipping companies including CCL have access to all of the latest information coming from all the different sources and they will make their decisions based on that information. Unless RCCL has their own satellite, data buoys, and hurricane hunter aircraft, van Fleet is not getting any information not available to the weather channel guys or any other meteorologist.
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