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  1. I did see CroisiEurope were docking at least one vessel in Paris to house health workers to help them isolate from home.
  2. Just seen a facebook post from CroisiEurope regarding their cancelations. If the translation is correct they seem to be offering customers a refund plus €150 voucher per person for a future cruise.
  3. I know it’s not passenger related but there was an excellent documentary on the building of the new super sewer under and along the Thames here in London. As they wanted to take a serious amount of spoil down stream by barge they needed to train up new tug skippers to cope with the increased work load. They partly followed a first mate in his training which not only included taking charge of the tug pulling barges under supervision of an experienced captain but also at a land location further upstream. This was some sort of nautical training college and included a simulator similar to those used in the airline industry where they could programme in a variety of situations. It would be interesting if this is done for passenger captains on the european rivers.
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