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  1. When we board, we ask the cabin attendant to bring us the 16-24 oz bottles of water and take the soda and beer out. If you want a bowl of fruit they will bring you some or you can call room service and get it on demand. I do think you might be mixing up Regent/Oceania - No fruit in the cabins. They stopped it years ago.
  2. There is no need to rush. Boarding is quite civilized. Most of the time. Maybe we have waited 30-45 minutes and only because3 there was some delay in being cleared for boarding and then we did not hear our number called. One of our first cruises a lady (from Florida) was trying to get onboard. She was haranguing the port staff and telling them how important she was. She came up with the brilliant idea that she was too sick to wait. This was not on Crystal. They denied her boarding!
  3. I still have my ipod and a set of small blue tooth speakers just for this. I should move my library to my ipad but that's a different subject.
  4. Dress Jeans are allowed although you will find that there are a few people who might give him the side eye.
  5. We have a nice group on Serenity and there is a meet up in Grand Turk. Hope we have a chance to meet.
  6. They are real people. I am pretty sure I have met them both in person. That calls for a cocktail in the cove one evening next week.
  7. The sign is usually not too conspicuous Some Meetups are not the official meet up and there may not be a sign. It's a good reason to use a real picture for your avatar. On my first Crystal Cruise, we arrived at the airport and there was someone from the CC Board who saw us deplaning while they were waiting to board their plane. To be recognized and then greeting was lovely
  8. When you board the ship, you have the option of leaving your carry on in a secure spot so you do not have to roll it or carry it while you wait for your cabin to be ready. It's tagged and you get a claim check. I might not check jewelry or high value electronics, but the majority of carry on is nice to leave behind while you go to Waterside or Trident for lunch
  9. I thought the founder of O came from Renaissance.....
  10. That is one of our favorite itineraries. You dock in distance of a great walk to somewhere and it's pretty low key with all the benefits of a sea day even when there is only one.
  11. Thank you! I love the Thanksgiving Cruises and seeing the ships come alive with the holiday decorations.
  12. 🎂🎂🎂Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Arlene!
  13. One reason I doubt I will return to Oceania is at the end of a 28 day crossing as we were sailing into Miami, I witnessed a a berating of the stateroom attendant for our cabin. The ship was going to be inspected arriving in Miami. It was the last contract for our attendant. She and her husband worked for 20 years on ships and had enough money to retire. The door to the service room where the housekeeping staff does whatever they need to do was open. The supervisor was yelling at her while she was on her knees with a scrub brush. She looked up at me totally demoralized. The terror in her eyes was all I needed to see.
  14. Yes, there is ONE show in the theater and a pianist in Martini's Lounge on the O Ships. In the daytime, there might be a class or lecture or bingo or trivia. Lots of shopping talks that are veiled sales pitches. On Crystal they have continual entertainment from about 5pm. In the Crystal Cove and the Atrium, in the Starlight Theater, In Palm Court, the Movie Theater, Pulse Night Club. And Avenue Saloon. In the daytime, there is Bridge every day, a few lectures, an art class, a knitting class, a photography/technology class. Excel/Word/Powerpoint and Photoshop. Golf Clinic, Exercise classes Wine tasting. There are several choices at the same time. Or you can do......nothing!
  15. Last time we disembarked at the Port of Miami on Oceania - the cab line was crazy, The porter found a van to the airport for $25 for two of us. We took the Crystal Transfer in Miami. Very easy. It was our first Crystal Cruise and very civilized.
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