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  1. Darn, wish I saw this before now. Only booked in the past 48 hours.
  2. It's rather confusing for sure. You can call to have someone explain it to you.
  3. Didn't see the pressed coffee on the menu. 😞
  4. I thought the only pools were the infinity, nice to see that top deck space.
  5. How does one not get their legs or butt stuck in the slide? Does it maybe have gunny sacks or something? NCL "Ready to slide this fast? Dare to experience The Drop, the first free-fall dry slide in the world."
  6. I agree. Unless I'm in the shade, I'm not a fan of laying by the pool, I just like to people watch.
  7. As a new class, Epic started with Blue Man Group, Legends in Concert, Cirque Dinner as well as several others.
  8. Hypothetically, if these ships are smaller, for accessing more ports, what do you think of "Bella" replacing the Star or Dawn in Northern Europe?
  9. I would love to see a Piano bar that starts around 6 pm like on the Spirit. String trio or something would be nice too, saw that on hal but the early piano bar would be great.
  10. I've been under the impression the Haven pool had many kids and there are many sun bathers.
  11. Do they still give out ship pins, or is it something like this? Been awhile for me.
  12. The pools and hot tubs "More total pool space than any other ship..." might be my perspective but between the two areas, it doesn't look as large as a center pool area. Will be cool to see this.
  13. I haven't been on others since Epic but I would never share a room with someone with those frosted glass toilets and shower. ugh.
  14. Ditto, the STAR has awesome ports, but umm... so I hope a LEO picks up those ports.
  15. My guess would be, the mega ships are limited to what ports they can visit. So Leonard should be small enough to go to most if not all ports.
  16. Some of the specialty restaurants are complimentary for lunch but not dinner correct? I'm really looking forward to Nudls and on a TA .. plenty of time to try them all 😝
  17. I'm loyal to NCL, so far. Been Anxious to sail so have scoped out some of the other lines. Carnival's newer ships (Panorama for example) have a lot of similar designs. Not sure who came up with what first but it's great to see newer concepts incorporated all around. One thing about NCL that has kept my attention, is the "free" beverage, dining, I'm sure it is built into the price, but it is one less thing to think about when you love your Mimosas and mushroom bisque. 🙃
  18. Oh boy! Topic change, any news if there will be a buffet or only the quick food places in Indulge. The entire concept, end of the ship, ocean blvd, and so on seems so small... but I could be wrong. I love that they moved the engine into the middle - smart.
  19. Had no clue there was a new ship until the announcing email a few days before. For those that keep track for the rest of us, when should we start watching for the next one.. oh and where? I thought I was on NCLs emails.
  20. Good point! Plus, when the bed is near the balcony, there is more bathroom privacy 🙃
  21. Wondering. I prefer my balcony sofa to be next to the balcony to watch out the window, vs on the other side of the bed. The image shows the later. Any information if cabins layouts will be every other like past ships?
  22. Looks like there could be one on the right side too, just not installed yet, looks like it is upright?
  23. I'd love to see future studios have balconies or windows. These sound cool with the faux windows but a balcony would be great.. because of the studio lounge for solos.
  24. I'm catching up on the posts. Would you share what you are referencing or where I can read about it. Thank you.
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