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  1. The military $250.00 is for your wife only. The. $150.00 OBC per per with your booking is just what it says. Therefore your wife has $400 and you have $150. That not a problem just have her use it more.
  2. We would book through EZAIR, so if for some slim chance your cruise is cancelled by Princess your air cost is covered.
  3. Tiki Dave and his wife used to entertain on Hawaian Cruises out of LA on the Star Princess. Now that the Hawian Cruise out of LA will be on the Grand. Does anyone know if Tiki Dave will entertain?
  4. Next cruise is Nov 20th La to Hawaii. Yes we always book through Princess. Great service and prices are equal to or less than airline agents
  5. Anyone booked for this cruise date
  6. Any Military Brothers booked on this cruise?
  7. Emerald Deck (Deck 😎 have cover mini suites aft only
  8. We cruised the Island a few years ago. If you go to the princess web site you can compare the deck plans between the Island and the Coral princess her sister ship. You will see significant differences. The Coral is the original deck plan, the Island was significantly change and IMHO not for the better.
  9. Emerald Deck (deck 8 ) mini suites fully covered and private. Dolphin Deck ( deck 9 ) are fully exposed to deck above. That means the Caribe deck 10 can look directly down on deck 9 balconies. Caribe Deck is partly covered.
  10. I agree no all change is for the better. The new format change the print size. While I'm not blind, the print is much harder the read.
  11. The Ruby Princess sails from San Fran. Sailings from LA are still up in the air. But I'm sure when cruising starts up again LA will have sailings.
  12. Sapphire Princess 15 Day round trip LA Rudy Princess 15 day round trip SF Not sure what Princess Ship does 15 day round trip Vancouver We have done Hawaii twice 1. From SF on the Grand Princess Nov 2015 1. From LA on the Star Princess Nov 2017 Our third trip to Hawaii was scheduled for Nov 2020 on the Star Princess but has been Cancelled. So we rebooked our third on for Oct 2021 on the Sapphire Princess. They a great cruises and we enjoy the sea days to and from Hawaii.
  13. I will return to Princess in 2021. I have booked a 15 day Hawaii cruise from LA on 27 Oct 2021
  14. Thanks for the correction and update.
  15. Princess doesn't use Star Bucks. I believe it's green Mountain, but not sure. I stopped cruising RCCL because all they serve is Star Bucks and I just don't like that coffee.
  16. That's a shame, I'm not a fan of the Majestic Class ships either.
  17. The Cruise atlas issued in Oct 2019 only listed one Caribbean Cruise. Sky Princess Dec 13 2021. Not sure why no Caribbean cruise in 2021. It doesn't have anything to do with the current situation though, because 2021 cruises were listed way before COVID19.
  18. Interaction with our Stateroon Stewart and our dinning Wait Staff. These crew members make the cruises memorable.
  19. Only cover mini suite cabins are emerald deck (deck 😎 aft.
  20. Lotus Spa is a definite visit for us. We usually do couple massages, either hot stone or hot bamboo. We usually do 75 minutes.
  21. You don't need to purchase insurance at the time you book. You have up to the final payment date to purchase cruise protection insurance.
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