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  1. Before you do that you might want to look up the definition of the word "loiter."
  2. I would have gotten up and walked away. I don't mind a short prayer, but don't expect me to join in, keep it short, and don't EVER just grab my hand.
  3. I took four years of Latin in high school. I'm not sure it's even taught anymore. And yes, in loco parentis when necessary to protect health and safety of myself and others.
  4. Talk to people and find out how and where they travel to. When you find one who does outside the norm mass market cruises/trips, ask who they use. Call that person and interview them, ask a few questions to get an idea of their knowledge. One thing I'd ask is, "where have you traveled to." IMHO, a good travel agent has traveled extensively to different parts of the world--at least 3-4 continents.
  5. You should probably change travel agents--find one who specializes in luxury and luxury light as well as expedition cruises.
  6. The only vacations I've ever regretted were a Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean and a Bahamas cruise on DCL. On the latter, just say no to Nassau, the ship was fine--too big for my tastes though.
  7. I always wash my hands thoroughly. If I"m in a situation where there is no water for clean up, I use several wipes and copious sanitizer--and avoid touching other people or anything for that matter.
  8. Eventually the market will become over-saturated with the mass market ships and the bottom will fall out. The number of ports is finite and the growth at it's current rate is unsustainable.
  9. I wouldn't know, I don't ask for their travel documents. Tirade is a rather strong term for reminding someone that they forgot something. That their parents should have taught them and they should have had the good manners and personal hygiene to take care of to begin with.
  10. That assumes that only those lines sail the Caribbean. There are a dozen or so others that you aren't thinking of. Regent, Windstar, Crystal, Seabourn, Silversea, Oceania, Azamara, Costa, HAL, Viking Sea, Cunard, NatGeo/Lindblad, and I'm sure I"m missing a few add in over 20 combined ships each winter into the Caribbean. That makes a measurable impact on your numbers.
  11. Tells me everything I would ever need to know about that cruise line and it's guests.
  12. There's a craft store, I can't recall the name, but it's on Queen St in Belfast next to Belfast Underground Records that should have what you are looking for at reasonable (local) prices.
  13. Windstar has Greek Island cruises as well. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Small ships, and I believe it's the sailing yachts that usually do Greek Isles. There's nothing like being on the open water under wind power!
  14. One way or the other it should all be over in a couple of weeks, so unless your cruise is imminent, I wouldn't worry. That said, I'm not sure what they are doing about cruises departing from PR right now--if there are any.
  15. I think it's rude to block stairs or have your bags tipping over on people or blocking lines because you can't manage your belongings. I do everything possible to not be "that person" while traveling. Unfortunately others don't always have that same level of courtesy.
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