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  1. We will be there in December when the weather is much cooler. Keep in mind that before we go to Egypt we are going to COLD Ukraine and Austria. We are trying to keep our luggage as light as possible, and jeans absolutely make sense for most of this trip. We'll each have a pair of lighter pants, but after wearing them all day we probably shouldn't wear them to dinner. I guess we'll each pack a second pair of lighter slacks and an appropriate top. Hopefully no one has a problem with seeing us in the same outfit night after night. We're not opposed to sending a few things out for laundry on
  2. So agree on the quote. I did know that there are numerous Cyrillic alphabets. I've noticed small but distinct differences between the Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Serbian, Uzbek, and Montenegrin alphabets as I've researched various trips--either taken/actively planning, or dreaming of. 🙂
  3. Interesting--I'll keep that in mind moving forward!
  4. We aren't! We have taken some amazing trips in the past 10 years. A three week trip including a two week cruise to Italy/Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece with time on the front and back in Rome and Athens; French Polynesia; and a dozen other European countries. Of course we've also done several Caribbean cruises. We've both been to every continental US state and a decent chunk of Canada--much of it for free due to our employers! We just don't feel ready to retire. We both love what we do for a living, and feel that it keeps us on our toes. And yes, the stock market has helped bolster t
  5. We start the trip in the Ukraine prior to a currently unknown country (hopefully Austria where we know the water/food are fine) before Egypt. The Ukraine is also an iffy place in terms of food and water sanitation, and we are spending some of our time there in a more rural area, so we are going prepared. 🙂
  6. We've also been very disciplined at saving. (We could retire now, but we'll work until we are 65 to max out the savings so we never need to worry about saying "we can't afford that" for something we'd like to do, that should be within our means. About 10 years ago when we were hitting 50, we took a look around at the people we knew, and realized that life comes at you fast. Sometimes very fast. Too many had died far too young, become disabled, or were facing life altering illnesses. We had a couple of personal medical scares. So we decided to begin traveling. We noted our bucket
  7. As part of our travels this year we are on a three day Nile cruise in December. We are trying to keep our packing as light as possible as we are going to the Ukraine and either Austria, Serbia, Greece, or Israel depending on borders being open prior to arrival in Egypt for our final week. We are planning on jeans and base layers/fleece tops depending on the climate the entire trip, but if we each need to bring a pair of slacks and a collared shirt or risk being turned away, we'll do so. Hopefully our tablemates won't care if we wear the same clothes three evenings in a row. 🤪 The ship we
  8. I'm late to this topic, but for anyone else looking for this information... We spoke to our PCP and she suggested being fully up-to-date on all the normal stuff (Covid, MMR, influenza, pneumonia, shingles depending on your age, DPT, etc.) and also wanted us to get Hep A and B. She also referred us to a travel medicine clinic who suggested Typhoid and rabies. We will definitely do Typhoid before we leave, we're still thinking about rabies, but leaning towards it as our travel plans for the next few years include a number of high risk regions. Our PCP also gave us prescriptions for Cipr
  9. This could all be avoided by a few steps. 1. The CDC could require anyone cruising from a US Port show either proof of being fully vaccinated OR proof that they have had COVID and have sufficient antibodies. 2. The CDC could require anyone cruising from a US port obtain travel insurance that covers a government ordered quarantine should the ship have COVID cases. 3. Due to #1, the risk of anyone on board contracting COVID are very slim. 4. Just like with airline passengers, the CDC can require a COVID test performed no more than 72 hours prior to returning to
  10. I don't believe shorts are allowed except at the beach BBQ. Otherwise what you suggest is fine. If you are talking about the evening event, you won't need a bathing suit. The daytime event happens while everyone is on the beach, and then yes, you'll want your bathing suit.
  11. Good God I hope not. I can't imagine any Windstar passenger being even remotely interested in ships that large. Most are 600-800 or so passengers, and with what I understand they are quite long in the tooth. I suspect that they will go to one of the Asian operators. They might be perfect for a Chinese line.
  12. We would not cruise if we had to take cruise line shore excursions. They are typically either drive by's or spend way too much time waiting for people who disrespect the time of others or at "special shopping locations." We were planning on exactly one ship sponsored shore excursion on the Baltic Cruise this past summer, and it was to the missile silos in Lithuania. Other options didn't make sense.
  13. We had booked a cruise for fall of 2020 which was cancelled due to dry dock issues (irate that the ship wasn't in dry dock and was redeployed for a different itinerary the same time frame). We rescheduled for a different cruise which was cancelled due to Covid. I get that. Rescheduled for a different cruise in the fall which was cancelled no reason given a week after we booked it and months before they cancelled the fall sailing season. We wanted to rebook a different cruise over the summer of 2021, but the amount that they wanted for a deposit was far more than I was willing to let them h
  14. Well, as someone who lives within driving distance of KW who has in the past and would continue to spend long weekends there, I can say we've avoided it due to the level of cruise ships dropping off thousands of day trippers. With the small ships we would never notice, so would be far more inclined to vist.
  15. Windstar also has itineraries from time to time that include a stop in Key West. Max passenger load is 350-ish.
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