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  1. pabeachie

    “Secret “ areas

    Just off the Glory. We had a forward cabin on deck 7, right below the bridge. There was a bench on the outside of the cabins, but if you wanted to see anything, you had to stand. A great place to watch when coming in to ports.
  2. pabeachie

    Vivo Beach Club excursion

    We just were there on May 2nd. We paid $49 per person without lunch. It was a very nice beach, beautiful pool, nice place for lunch, friendly and helpful staff. We bought our lunch and it was very good. We could see the buffet, and it looked very nice, but I'm glad we didn't get it. Looked like mostly salads. I think there might have been something with rice and some seafood, but not sure. My husband would not have been happy with it. but it all looked fresh. the loungers were free, and we asked about an umbrella. they said they were free. So we asked for one, and they brought this thing that was like a tent that went over two loungers. Very nice. The pool had umbrellas around it. A real nice place. The only problem we had was with the transportation back. The buses kept getting filled up, and when we got to the last one, there weren't any seats left. The driver said we would have to wait on another bus, but I was worried. So I got on the bus until he called someone. Then he asked if there was anyone on there that was from the other cruise ship, and there were. So he made them get off so we could het on. Not the beach club's doing. It was the excursion's driver's that weren't doing their jobs. My son got on the bus we were told to go back on, and he said there were a bunch of empty seats.
  3. We'll be getting on when you get off. What was the last platinum gift you got? This will be our first gift!
  4. pabeachie

    Vivo Beach ?

    Anyone been there recently?
  5. I have only done a few M & G and they weren't very well attended, but I do like to chat with everyone. this last time we met a couple who were on the cruise with only the clothes they wore on to the ship. Their luggage was left on the bus. But I'll never forget their great attitude. They said they learned that you can do without all that extra stuff and still have fun. Carnival gave them all kinds of things to help get them through. So I'm glad I attended that one. I'll never forget them and their great outlook. Mostly I can talk with anyone, but I do like to have dinner with just my family. It's our time to connect and talk about the day and what's up for the next day. When on the ship, I like to find a spot to rest and read, maybe talk to my 'neighbor', but not really into joining activities. I will try to attend our meet in 2 weeks, hope to get some ideas about the ports that are new to us.
  6. pabeachie

    Bringing snacks onboard

    If you want potato chips, call room service. Just tell them it's for two. you don't get a lot. Pretzels, too.
  7. pabeachie

    New Breakfast Menus

    Anyone know if this is on the Glory yet? We go in 3 weeks.
  8. We love the Caribbean, beaches, sun, sand! I really hate the heat at home, but there's nothing like a Caribbean vacation.
  9. pabeachie

    Contests are Back! Contest for Week of March 5

    Our last cruise was September 2017 to Bermuda on the Carnival Pride. We love this ship and have sailed on her many times. We can drive to the port so it's so easy. The Pride is a great ship, and we like knowing the ship so we can relax. My favorite place is the Serenity deck. Bermuda was beautiful. Would like to go back there some day to do more.
  10. pabeachie

    Current platinum gift

    We turn platinum on our Glory cruise the end of April. Anyone know what the current gift is?
  11. pabeachie

    Things NOT to do while in Grand Turks?

    We walked to Jack's once, not too bad, but the walk back was hard for us, as it was very hot by then and we were tired. The next two times we did the taxi!
  12. pabeachie

    Vivo Beach Club excursion

    We're looking to book this for our cruise the end of April. If you did this excursion, we'd like to know how it was, and if you got the lunch. Thanks.
  13. pabeachie

    Pros and Cons of the Carnival Pride? Tips?

    We've sailed on the ride quite a few times. We love it. I really like the Serenity deck. I go out early and get a clam shell so I have shade for the day. It's a very easy ship to learn and get around. We've always had excellent service from wait staff and stewards. My only complaint is the smoke in the casino. Very easy to get on and off the ship.
  14. pabeachie

    SanJuan beaches

    Thank you. This is really helpful. Just what I was looking for.
  15. pabeachie

    SanJuan beaches

    Thanks for the info. We will probably have to do a tour.