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  1. We are all pretty desperate! Cruises were the carrot we hung out there to keep us moving, and looking forward. The loss of that carrot is discouraging....probably for all of us that love to cruise. We have rain galore here in northern Georgia, and I would send some your way if I could!
  2. I used to think the movie Groundhog Day was really funny, but now that we are kind of living it, not so much.
  3. Yes, I think NCL, Oceania and Regent are all part of the same company...applies to all three. Plus, as you note, select cruises to Canada and New England in October.
  4. Someone just posted On the Oceania board that Oceania has cancelled all August and September cruises.
  5. Two observations about insides. We have had them twice. The first was a cruise with my twin sister and her husband. We got up at our usual time, whatever that was back then. Left them a note under their door about where we were and the time. SIX notes later they finally woke up, and it was around 10:30. The total blackout of light is really conducive for deep sleep, so perhaps that’s a good thing. Our second inside was on the Summit to Bermuda. We hit weather and that is where I learned in no uncertain terms the very high value of being able to access fresh air and a view of
  6. What he said. Totally agree. We have also done both on Celebrity.
  7. We feel the same. We have refunds now from Celebrity and Oceania. Crickets from Cunard, even after calling and being reassured that our refund was sent to “Finance”. Very unimpressed.
  8. Thanks, pinotlover for responding! Hoopster, you are my hero, for finding those photos and posting them. So kind. I showed them to my husband and we are both very happy we changed. That overhang would drive me nuts. So thankful to all you generous souls for responding so we could make an informed choice!
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