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  1. We are on the Edge in November and your review is so helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time to post in so much detail. Appreciate you!
  2. Cricketgirl, Looking forward to your review. We are on the Edge November 1 so I am eager to read every review that appears. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Regarding getting sick from planes.... I NEVER get on a plane without antibacterial wipes. I wipe the tray, the screen, the buckle, the window shade raiser thingy, the armrests, and the air vent where you touch it. When I get to the hotel room I wipe the handles of everything, the REMOTE, the phone. You get the idea. Got sick heading out on a trip once and learned my lesson. I don‘t care what people think. I dont get sick when we travel. You can buy boxes of the wipe packets on Amazon. BTW, i I also use them to clean hands after touching and holding menus. We go to restaurants and wash our hands before sitting down, then touch those nasty menus that are never cleaned and covered with germs. So now we order and then everyone inconspicuously uses a wipe to clean our hands again. I promise I’m not a germophobe! Just trying to not get sick while traveling. Joanie
  3. Thanks, vtcruising! If anyone would know, it would be you! I’m very happy to see that they have kept the lunch menu. It looks wonderful, and if you say the words lobster bisque to my husband his head snaps around like a dog who sees a squirrel! We we will be in an IV and will report back on your room tracker when we return. Thanks for responding! Joanie
  4. We will be on the Edge for the TA November 1. We were looking forward to the Bistro...the menu for both breakfast and lunch was very appealing. But I just read a link posted by vtcruising that said they were doing away with the two original menus and now offering a brunch for $39 pp twice each sailing. Apparently the previous menus didn’t appeal to people. so, does anyone know what the Bistro will now offer other than the brunch? I know it is the location for Petit Chef in the evenings. The brunch sounds very unappealing to me...you can get the same stuff in various places all over the ship. Same old, same old. It would seem that they would offer something other than just two brunches...can’t believe they would let the venue just sit, but I can’t find the new menu anywhere, so far. The website seems to show the same French-based menu as before....but no breakfast menu. We are really excited about the Edge. First time on a new-to-us ship in about 10 years. Like many of you, we know the X ships as well as our own houses! It will be fun to be wowed when we board. I promise to report back on our thoughts. Joanie
  5. Thanks, AtSea, for the correction. You are right. Makes a difference when the start day occurs since you’ve got a year to maximize it. We did the same, used it in a year we had a lot of travel. Our policy lapsed in June, and we are starting again in October for an Italy, Barcelona trip, then using it again next August/September for a trip to Scotland. I agree that it is reasonable. We haven’t had to use it yet, thankfully, but the reviews are good. Joanie
  6. Hi, Rumpymuffin. We had one of the Trekker plans. I’m not at home to look it up. I believe it was $250,000 med evac...which was and is our primary reason for GeoBlue. It covers travel for a year, starting from date of purchase, so it covers multiple trips. You have to have primary medical insurance. Joanie
  7. For what it’s worth we pay for all travel expenses with Our Chase Sapphire Visa. In our opinion it does a good job covering travel mishaps, cancellations, trip interruptions. Then we use Geo Blue to cover emergency medical.
  8. We have only booked Aqua once, and worried about the noise above on the pool deck. At the time there were a fair number of cabins to pick. So after studying the layout above us, I picked a cabin that had the hair salon above...how noisy could that possibly be, right? Every morning, oh dark early, BUMP! BUMP! BANG! BUMP! The seemingly endless parade of towel carts and who knows what other carts woke me every single morning...through earplugs. Lesson learned. 😬. Good luck. Hope you end up with something quiet. Joanie.
  9. Thanks, CorgiNole and King of Cool....we did go for it. Booked a regular veranda since the PHs are all booked. We are excited to try O, and we love the itinerary for this cruise...big fans of sea days. Hard to find a TA in September, so this cruise is perfect for our purposes. I will post to let you know what we think when we get back. Thanks again to all who posted! Joanie
  10. Vtcruising, I can’t thank you enough for all the helpful information you are providing to the CC community. It has been so long since we have been on anything other than a Celebrity S or M class that I had forgotten how much there is to learn and do and plan for with a new ship. Just want you to know that I really appreciate you! Joanie
  11. 😊. Sorry! FYI to all who responded, we have booked a regular veranda cabin and for sure, if Oceania passes that litmus test for us, the next booking will be on a larger ship and in a PH! I’ll let you know our thoughts after the cruise. Thanks for your help! Hope to meet some of you some sunny day! Joanie
  12. Well, after all this, according to our TA every PH in every category is waitlisted. Not sure of our next step...but disappointed. Thsnks for all the quick and helpful responses! Joanie
  13. Hi, all, I used the laborious search function and found the info below from Dr. Hemlock: “On the other hand, PH3 8000 is on the opposite side of the ship from the above noisy 8001. Crew do not use that corridor to go forward; only officers. Above your head is the computer and/or games room, neither of which involves noise or foot-traffic.  We've sailed in 8000 twice out of eleven cruises, and it's our favorite location of all. 8002 next door is also nice, but then you do have other guests on both sides of you which doubles the potential for late-night loud TV entertaining you through the wall. 8004 is about as far aft as you can go before you're underneath the pool deck with its attendant scraping of lounges, etc.” Perhaps that will help others who have reservations re the pool deck. We are waiting for a return call from our TA to see what is available. I’m startled that two categories of the PH are already waitlisted for this cruise! Speaks to the popularity of the PH over the balcony cabins, I assume. The cruise is 14:months out! Sent from my iPad
  14. Thanks, Classiccruiser. That’s quite a vote of confidence! Do you by any chance have input re the deck 8 PHs and noise from the pool deck above?
  15. Wow, thanks so much for the wonderful answers, and very insightful responses, too! Flyertalker, you are right...helps to know what I am nervous about! It’s not the seaworthiness of the ship, but the ability to walk and spread out...maybe a good description would be fear of cabin fever! Really, each response helped my husband and I to evaluate, so you really have helped. We are going to go for it, looking at PH2....PH1 and 3 are already waitlisted! That brings one more question. The PHs are on deck 8 and above is the pool deck. We have always booked on ships with cabins above and below in order to alleviate overhead noise. The one time we didn’t we had the hair salon above and I thought we’d be good. Nope. Every morning brought the towel carts bumping and slamming oh dark early. Ugh. so how much racket can be heard on deck 8 with the pool area and Terraces above? That worries me much more than cabin fever! That said, we are really excited to try Oceania! Lovely people on this board! Joanie
  16. Hi, first time posting on this board. We are Elite on Celebrity, and our last cruise was in a sky suite. We will next be on the Edge in November in an infinity balcony. We are contemplating an Insignia cruise Sept. 11, 2020 from Southampton to NYC. But, I’m nervous about the size of the ship. For a first time Oceania cruise do you think sailing on the Insignia is a smart move for people who have never been on such a small ship, and are not bothered by the numbers of passengers on larger ships? There are five sea days on the cruise, and we love those...so lack of entertainment is not an issue for us. We enjoyed the size of the suite on Celebrity and felt that the food in Luminae was very good. But we can’t find a bank to rob in order to afford another suite on X! It is our understanding that the food on Oceania is significantly better, and that is what attracts us to Oceania (Husband loves lobster above any and all other foods, and he wants to check it out)....and a TA in early September is hard to find! My instinct is just go with it, maybe we will fall in love with Oceania, but I’m curious if others have any input that will help us stop dithering! Thanks in advance if you have thoughts to share, Joanie
  17. Thanks, Catherine. I’ll pass this on and we might use it for all four of us for one night. Appreciate you responding! joanie
  18. Cruisemom42, they decided to try Quadri, and made a reservation. Thanks for your input! Joanie
  19. Thanks so much, Cruisemom, Langoustine and cajinyank for taking the time to post. Very helpful in narrowing the field a bit. Appreciate you, one and all! joanie
  20. 😄Scubadoobie2! Thanks but I’m happy with the kids I have. 🤗 The daughter and SIL have had a very tough couple of years, so we’re happy to be able to treat them. Actually, not a single reply, other than yours so, we are still guessing on romantic restaurants in Venice.
  21. We are taking our daughter and son in law to Italy in October and we will be in Venice on their tenth anniversary. Does anyone have suggestions for a special place to suggest to them? We will be in the Santa Croce section, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some travel in order to have a memorable evening. We have both been reading reviews and are a little befuddled due to the amount of apparently good choices. Thanks in advance if you don’t mind sharing a favorite place. Joanie
  22. TeeRick and VTCruising, thanks so much for all the great info. I did use the search function but find myself frustrated by it....especially having to weed through all the answers that apply to other cruise lines. I don’t remember it being so aggravating before...but perhaps that is my own user inefficiency. At any rate, it didn’t pull up VTCruising’s info. Very interesting reading the pros and cons. We really loved Luminae on this past cruise. A little disconcerting to see that there is a lack of bathrooms around the adjacent area. 😐😕 Strange! Joanie
  23. One caution...my sister and husband were traveling with his elderly mother and her elderly friend, who was in a wheelchair. For reasons I don’t know, they had to self disembark, only to be confronted with a very steep downward ramp. It was very challenging and no one could help. It took all they had to get everyone and their luggage down safely. We have done self disembark several times and found it easy and quick. No long lines.
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