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  1. Hi. Just an update on when we are now intending going on this cruise. October there is a Cook Islands and Tahiti cruise and am wondering how this would be for teens. It is school holidays in New Zealand. There are two days at sea and am wondering also how rough this stretch of water can be. Many thanks.
  2. Hi. We’re looking at booking this cruise that leaves San Francisco and goes to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ensenada. We would have four teenagers and I’m wondering if there would be other teens on Board. We’re from New Zealand so am not sure if American school holidays are at that time or would this cruise be all older people. In this case would our teens be bored or does the ship still cater for this age group. Also would it be possible to take the teens to Magic Mountain or Unicersal Studios on the day the ship is in LA. It arrives at 7 am doesn’t leave until 9 pm. Many thanks for any feedback.
  3. Thank you. Caribe deck sounds good. Are they normal balcony cabins or premium balcony. Many thanks.
  4. Hi. I'm trying to choose between a balcony stateroom, premium balcony stateroom, mini-suite or club mini-suite. We have four teenagers and 6 adults so will want 5 staterooms. I would appreciate any feedback. Many thanks. Cheryl
  5. Thank you for your replies. We have four teenagers and assume there is a teen centre and activities. I’m not bothered with a bit of rust! Some of the reviews have been terrible so really appreciate feedback.
  6. I’ve been reading bad reviews also and really want to book on the Star Princess on 28 September. Would appreciate any comments. Many thanks.
  7. Thank you so much for your replies. I won’t hesitate now on booking the cruise on Voyager. I do like the all inclusive option with Regent. We enjoyed the Navigator but at times the vibration wasn’t good. I guess there are many people who will criticise anything. We’ve been on about 20 cruises and enjoyed everyone with P & O Pacific ships around Nee Zealand and Australia being the lowest on our list!!
  8. I’ve been reading reviews for this ship which seem to be very critical and an overall rating of 3.5 on Cruisecritic. We spent 28 days on the Navigator last year and loved it. We’re looking at booking a cruise on the Voyager in the Mediterranean and would like to hear from anyone who has been on this ship as to what it is really like and if anyone knows how it compares to the Navigator. Many thanks. Cheryl
  9. Hi im trying to decide on a cruise around the British Isles. These two ships have a similar itinerary. Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Kind regards Cheryl
  10. We're looking to go on the 7 July cruise which is 11 nights. It's for a family holiday with 6 adults and four kids aged 11, 13, 13 abd 15. I've read about the Ambassadors of the Environment program and would be interested to hear from anyone whose teens have been on that. I have a few questions: Is the program interesting or does the marine theme get a bit boring? Does the Paul Gauguin have deck games? Is there an icecream bar? As there are two sea days is there enough for the teens to do - particularly without the Internet 😀😀. My four grandchildren are sporty kids and active. They've looked at other ships with all the bells and whistles. I'm hoping Paul Gauguin would be ok. Any information would be so appreciated, thank you.
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