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  1. Hi. Cruising out of Miami. Has anyone used one of the off site parking lots? They're about half price. We have used them for off site airport parking and been satisfied. Love to hear from you. :)
  2. Our flight leaves at 3. Means a long wait at the airport, but not much choice. :eek:
  3. Whew! Great to hear that we can just catch a taxi. We pack light. It will be easy.
  4. Hi - Booked on Pride of America in March. Our "package" brings us to our hotel from the airport, to the ship from the hotel, but not back to the airport. How much would a taxi cost? Really don't love the ships transportation bus. No idea how far the pier is from the airport. Thanks. :o
  5. We have stayed here twice. Great hotel. Land taxi brings you there from airport and you can walk, with help of the people mover, right to your cruise ship. Lovely hotel, great service, included breakfast and very helpful front desk. It's just 1 bridge from Piazza Roma. :)
  6. We have used lowcostaxi twice and they were great both times. They took us from the airport to our hotel, near the cruise port and after the cruise they picked us up at the hotel and brought us back to the airport. They are really great. (Note the spelling...only 1 t ):)
  7. We just returned from our 9 day Celebrity cruise to the Med. The cruise started in Barcelona where we overnighted. We arranged for Barcelona Day Tours to pick us up at 8:30 a.m. on our 2nd day since we knew we would be jet lagged the first day. We had an amazing day. Since we were a group of 14 strangers, we had a guide and driver. 14 friends ended the tour at 12:30. Our guide Elena, couldn't be more delightful, informative and experienced. Our driver, Fran, was professional and did a fantastic job safely delivering us to all the sites. It was a really great day. We were picked up on time and returned on time. Couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend them. :)
  8. Thanks again for your answers. Seems I brought up a contraversal subject. :eek: As I said before, it wasn't the drink policy we were questioning, it was if she could travel with us, her grandparents, as an adult and not have a problem checking in at the pier. Even though she is an adult at 18, a notarized permission note will be in our carryon in case it's needed. Problem solved. :D
  9. Hi - We are not asking or concerned with our 18 year old granddaughter drinking onboard. The policy is described on Celebrity's website. We're only concerned with checking in at the pier. I think I will just have my dUghter write a permission note, as you need for a "minor", have it notarized and bring it. Maybe we will not need it, but better safe than sorry. :o
  10. Just checking...taking 18 year of granddaughter on Med cruise next week. 18 is an adult, right? No need for notarized letter allowing us to take her??? (Normal last minute jitters. ;))
  11. Thanks again. We will definitely do the taxi route to Horseshoe Beach for our beach time. Ferry to Hamilton also sounds perfect. I will read back. I usually plan over a year in advance, but this was spur of the moment. Just looking for shortcuts! :D. Any other suggestions? Went to Bermuda on our honeymoon years ago. Crashed on a moped. Won't do that again. :D
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. So we get the ferry at Kings Wharf? Thanks. 😉
  13. Hi - Just booked a Bermuda cruise that sails in about 3 weeks. Did it while on Anthem since we fell in love with the ship. The itinerary says it docks in Kings Wharf. Is that "the dockyard" that I see posts about? We will be 2 couples and we are interested in exploring on our own. Naturally want to get to Hamilton and a beach. Will be docked for 2 days. Are there taxis available like in the Caribbean? Would love to hear from you. Thanks. :o
  14. Sailing at end of April from New Orleans. When we get off ship, will we find a taxi that fits 5 of us plus our luggage to get to the airport for our flight home? Approximate cost? Carnival transfers too much money :eek:
  15. Thanks. Hoping to still hear from someone who has stayed there. ;);)
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