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  1. The only benefit we like is their diamond lounge. Much better than Celebity’s Elite HH. That said, we get free laundry, 2 dry cleaning items and 240 internet minutes each with Celebrity. And...pretty much kids free ships.
  2. Hank - No worries. I appreciate knowing the cons, along with the pros. ☺️
  3. Thanks Hank. We have plenty of time to make a decision. If we wind up cancelling, we’d lose our $200 deposit...part of the promotion, but save the cost of the trip which will exceed $8000. There are many sea days on this trip, and the thought of lots of crowded space, since most people won’t be headed to the pool, is also disheartening . It’s a lot to think about, but no rush.
  4. Hank - I wish I knew this before we booked, especially because we have no status with Princess that would get us priority tender tickets. Oceania does go there, but at more than double the price.
  5. All your posts are really getting us excited. Thanks to all.
  6. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for all the feedback. You’re all wonderful.
  7. What a great reply! You gave us a great idea with the chocolates. We usually tell our stateroom steward not to give us them but we will collect and bring to town. It really sounds like a delightful experience. What did you do at the Canadian ports?
  8. That’s hysterical! Shopping! I live in NYC. You want diamonds, go to 46th St which is the Diamond District! I am on our roll call already but needed to hear from others who already went. 😉
  9. We’re good. We have a balcony and we usually sit out, read and enjoy the views. We’ve never done HAL. We stick to Celebrity, but they haven’t started an itinerary that includes Greenland.
  10. Thank you. We’ll be following your lead in the first 2 ports. Might just book with Nuuk River taxi for a 6 passenger fiord tour there. Unfortunately we ARE on Caribbean Princess. Choices are limited if you want to visit Greenland. Oceania was more than double the price. At least we won’t have to fight the lounge chair hogs on this trip. 😱
  11. You’re both great with your replies. (I hope you won’t hold it against me that my grandson is a senior at U.Mich!). Did you cruise the fiords and see the icebergs from the ship or from a private or a ship excursion? In Nuuk I see a company called Nuuk water taxi which has lots of choices and if I find 4 others on my roll call to join us, they’re not expensive. We love just getting off the ship, exploring and meeting people, but we do want to get in a boat at some point and get to places Princess can’t.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I’ve had enough of Diamonds International etc. That’s why we’re going to Greenland. ☺️ Did you stop in Nuuk? There are several opportunities for private boating excursions. They all look wonderful.
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